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E3 2011: Far Cry 3 live demo impressions

“You are Jason Brody. You're boat's been destroyed and your girlfriend is missing. You're trapped on an island,” Ubisoft Montreal's representative told the audience during Ubisoft's press conference. “Good luck, you're gonna need it.” With no introduction other than this, the live demo for what we came to find out was Far Cry 3 began.

The live demo began with Brody awakening on the island. Equipping his DSLR camera, he zooms in on a dire scene: bad guys dressed like modern day rebels murdering innocents in a village. Suddenly, Brody's attacked, bound and comes face to face with the supposed leader of the outfit – a mohawked man asking if he ever taught us the definition of insanity.

After pushing a cinder block with Brody's feet tied to it off a cliff, the demoer wiggled free of the restraints and swam towards the surface, by dozens of other hostages who met the terrible fate. The rest of the demo included Brody skulking around the village with a machete and rifle, showing off melee kills. Brody dove off a cliff and rammed the blade into an enemy's chest and stabbed another guy right in the heart.

The demoer engaged the village – a usual Far Cry no-no – and had the whole platoon of rebels on his ass. He made his way to a helicopter and jammed a gun into the pilot's skull demanding they take off. As they did, a surprise rocket took down the bird and Brody woke to the Mohawked jerk asking us if we knew the definition of insanity. Snap to title: FAR CRY 3.

All we know is that FC3 is coming next year and appears as its going back to the deserted island atmosphere that FC2 strayed from several years ago. Far Cry 3 is playable on the floor, so we'll get your more deets as E3 continues.

June 6, 2011