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Dragon Age: Origins - romance and recruitment guide


How to recruit: You’ll find a sick dog in Ostagar. Put on his muzzle, and you’ll get a sidequest to find the healing flower that will save him. It’s in the Korcari Wilds. Return to the Kennel master, heal the Dog, and you’ll get a new pet after the battle of Ostagar. Not surprisingly, your dog likes bones. He’ll also sniff out items for you if you keep him in your party.

Note: if you start off as a human noble, the dog will be yours from the beginning.


How to Recruit: He joins your party during the “Paragon of Her Kind” quest.
Oghren is a dwarf, and as we all know, dwarves like one thing: booze. Any spirits you find lying around should go to him - everyone is more fun when they’re drunk, after all. By making decisions that jive with his personality, you’ll boost your approval rating - don’t, for instance, suggest that Branka and her companions died while he’s in your party. He won’t like that. You can unlock the Berzerker specialization from talking to him, if you’re willing to take the time.


How to Recruit: There’s a cage in Lotherin that he’s stuck in. You only have one chance to free him, so after you talk to him, you can do one of three things. If your lockpicking skills are up to snuff, pick the lock on his cage and set him free. If you’re playing a dark-aligned character, go intimidate the key out of the Reverend Mother. If you’re trying to make everyone happy (and get 100% completion), grab Leliana in Dane’s refuge and get her to talk to the Reverend Mother.

Sten likes paintings and will appreciate any you give him. Talk to him enough and he will tell you of his lost sword, prompting you to go on a quest to retrieve it. You’ll have to do a few trades to get the sword in question, but Sten will love you for finding it.


How to recruit: Get The Stone Prisoner DLC. She’ll be your new ally.
Like so many Stone Golems, Shale is preoccupied with rocks. If you want to keep her happy, give her any rock that has “Remarkable” in its title. They can be found all around Ferelden. She also hates birds. Who doesn’t?

So long as you don’t set Shale off by siding with Branka, you’ll unlock a sidequest with her at the end of A Paragon of her Kind. You can also unlock this quest by talking with her at camp – even if you sided with Caridin, just be honest about your decisions and she’ll still give you the quest. For your trouble, you’ll get some pretty sweet weapon and armor upgrades, not to mention the chance to up her approval by a lot. Can’t sleep with her, though. Sorry.


How to Recruit: After battling through a few corridors in the Magi Tower, you’ll meet up with Wynne. Agree to help her and she’ll join you. (Morrigan will disapprove, though.) So long as you don’t side with Cullen before fighting Uldred, she will stay in your party and help you on your quest.

Being an old sorcerer (and we mean old – it seems like it comes up in nearly every dialogue option with her), Wynne likes old stuff. Specifically old scrolls and books, but also the occasional bottle of wine. She’ll give you a quest to find Anerien, who waits in the East Brecillian Forest. You can’t sleep with Wynne, but… would you want to?


How to recruit: Wait, isn’t he the bad guy? Oh, that BioWare. Seeing the threat the Blight is sure to cause, Loghain will eventually put aside his plans to kill you and help in your quest. Provided, of course, that you spare his life.

Being the strategist that he is, Loghain likes maps. You’ll find a few to give him later in the game. There’s not a huge reason to focus on upping his approval rating so late in the game, but having a strong rating - as with all other characters - will improve their statistics in battle, due to “inspiration” from your character’s presence. See? Dragon Age isn’t all about gratuitous sex and violence. It’s about gratuitous sex and improved violence!

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