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Dragon Age: Origins - romance and recruitment guide

How to recruit: In Lotherin, stop by the Dane’s Refuge and talk to her after clearing the room of thugs. You only get one chance to do this, so make sure not to miss her!

Hailing originally from Orlais, Leliana escaped to the Chantry with a mysterious past and eventually found the Maker. She holds many of the Chantry’s views, especially with regards to the humane treatment of innocents. She’s got many stories to tell – being a good listener will net you a great deal of approval points. It is possible to sleep with her as either a male or female character, and you can unlock the Bard specialization by talking to her about her former life.

Leliana loves any gift associated with the Chantry and Andraste, and is particularly fond of Andraste’s Grace. You can find it in a Flower at Redcliffe Village (near the mill), at the West Brecilian Forest, or in the Elven Alienage (near the giant tree). It’ll only trigger her special conversation once, but she’ll still appreciate additional Andraste’s Graces afterwards as preferred gifts.

She also loves fancy shoes and Nugs, the rodents found in Orzammar. An Idle Dwarf in the Dust Town will find a Cute Nug for you. Give it to Leliana. She’ll love it.

Optional quest: If you’ve been talking to Leliana about her past, you may find yourself attacked while traveling on the world map by assassins sent by Leliana’s old friend, Marjolaine. You’ll get info about a house in the western portion of Denerim’s market district, where Marjolaine is waiting for you. You can let Marjolaine go or fight her and her guards. Either way, Leliana won’t be pleased with how things play out, but talking to her about it at camp will boost your approval rating a bit.

BOSS: Marjolaine
Marjolaine isn’t easy, thanks mostly to the number of guards at her disposal. However, this encounter becomes a piece of cake if you guide your party through the door you came through and hit Marjolaine and her guards with everything you’ve got as they’re choked through the door.


Be warned that there are a few things you can say that will completely remove the option to sleep with Leliana. We found that once you’ve defeated Marjolaine and spoken with Leliana about it, the best course of action is to not talk to Leliana at all until her approval rating is at 100%. If you talk to her, you run the risk of becoming “just friends,” even at 100%. But here’s your payoff for sticking it out.

Above: Girl-on-girl love with Leliana

Above: Straight sex with Leliana