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Dragon Age: Origins goes Ultimate with mammoth amount of DLC

Gamers who haven't yet had the pleasure of playing through developer Bioware's dark RPG Dragon Age have more incentive than ever to try it out. A new Ultimate Edition package includes the game and all of Bioware's nickel-and-diming DLC for a flat, discounted retail bundle.

According to the press release sent out from publisher EA today, the total cost of everything that Dragon Age early adopters have had to pay is an awkward $114. In addition to demonstrating how easy it is to ratchet up the cost of a game with a $40 sticker price, this shows just how odd the prices for DLC are.

Regardless, anyone who hasn%26rsquo;t picked up Dragon Age yet can get all the exact same content that everyone else paid $114 for, for only $60. The upcoming Ultimate Edition package includes the Dragon Age: Origins game, the Dragon Age: Origins Awakening expansion pack, and six pieces of premium DLC all included.

This is EA's way of getting as many people into the Dragon Age series as possible before the anticipated Dragon Age II launches next March. But then again, maybe you should all wait to buy Dragon Age II until after EA releases a substantially discounted bundle for that game as well. Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition will go on sale October 26, so basically no one should buy a copy of the game for the next 25 days.

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