Dragon Age: Witch Hunt – first look at the last expansion

Above: Finn (far right) has left the Circle of Magi for his first proper adventure. His snarky one-liners remind us a bit of Allistair

Since this DLC adventure will only last about 2 hours, we don’t want to spoil anything for Dragon Age fans by giving away too many details. But we will say that the ending in this final chapter will vary greatly depending on how your relationship with Morrigan at the end of Dragon Age: Origins. You’ll also get lots of suggested hints about how some characters from the original game might impact the main plot in Dragon Age II.

Witch Hunt is scheduled to release on September 7th for the 360, PS3, and PC. If you’re a fan of Morrigan, we highly suggest that you consider downloading this final chapter. In the meantime, you can check out the teaser for Witch Hunt below.

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