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Dragon Age 2 romance guide


Above: She’s seen bigger

Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Specialization: Swashbuckler
Role: Dual-wielding scrapper
Personality: Aggressive, Outgoing, Whoreish

Surprise surprise, the character that looks like a cross between a pirate and a concubine is the most promiscuous companion you’ll have throughout Dragon Age 2. Can you blame her though? No matter how many years pass during your campaign, she’s literally unable to find less slutty “armor.”

Above: Cleavage +255

You may (but probably not) recognize Isabela from Origins. She was the character you could have a threesome with in the brothel - yeah, now you remember. Her attitude implies she’s definitely been around the block a few times, so she’s more inclined to appreciate your sarcastic, less conservative dialogue choices. She’s not a fan of those who play the part of the benevolent saint, and you’ll find that some righteous decisions can actually hurt your friendship score. Of all your other party members, she’s most likely to clash with Aveline.

Above: Proactiv - before and after

Act 1

- In order to recruit Isabela, you’ll need to make sure and take on “Fools Rush In” secondary quest after completing the “Tranquility” quest but BEFORE entering the Deep Roads in Act 1.

Above: Isabela makes a good first impression

Act 2

- To officially begin your romance with Isabela, make sure to flirt with her at the start of “Isabela’s Ongoing Search” once Act 2 begins. During this conversation, be sarcastic for the first option, then flirt for the second. The result is a hefty +25 to your friendship score.

- If you've reached at least 50% friendship with Isabela, you can talk to her again right away to initiate the "Questioning Beliefs" quest. You’ll nab another +20 friendship points here as long as you don’t go out of your way to insult her, and you’ll get the same amount of points whether you’re nice or sarcastic.

- Next time you enter your estate at night, Isabela will approach you inside. Flirt with her once more to initiate some mid-game sexy time.

Above: We assume they eventually start taking off their clothes…

- After the scene, make sure to select “why not?” when Isabela asks you about bringing feelings into this. You must explore all three of the “investigate’ options to learn a little more about her.

Gift #1 – Ship in a bottle (Act 2)

- During the “Blackpowder Courtesy” quest in Act 2, make sure to look for the Ship in a Bottle item in a chest by the exit leading to the Wilderness in Smuggler’s Cut. Once you have it, visit Isabela in The Hanged Man to give her the gift. In return you’ll gain another +10 to your friendship.

- The next step takes place after you complete the quest “Following the Qun” near the end of Act 2. A new quest, “To Catch a Thief,” will become active. Go to Hawke’s estate to trigger the quest and choose to help Isabela. Not doing so will cause her to leave your party permanently. During the quest, Isabela will still leave, but she will return during the “Demands of the Qun” mission at the end of the act. During said mission, make sure to stay on her side and not let her be taken.

Act 3

- At the start of Act 3, visit Isabela in The Hanged Man to complete the quick “Isabela’s Regret” quest and bring her back into your party.

Gift #2 – Rivaini Talisman (Act 3)

Above - The talisman is in a storage box at the center-left portion of the map.

- Isabela requires one more gift before true love can blossom. The Rivaini Talisman gift can be tricky to find. You’ll need to enter the Disused Passage via the Docks at night to find it. There are two spots where you can enter; here’s one of them –

- Bring the talisman to Isabela (who if you haven’t guessed yet, lives in the pub) and a fairly entertaining conversation will take place.

Above: Awkward…

- One more companion quest to go, and that’s “No Rest For The Wicked.” You’ll need to have completed at least part of “On The Loose” first to access it. Go to your mansion and speak to Isabela, who should be near the writing desk. When the choice arises, pick “We can use you as bait” to further gain her favor. This should give you a good friendship boost if you aren’t already at 100%.

Above: The most entertaining way to uncover Castillon’s location

- If you decide to kill Castillon at the end of the quest, you’ll lose a lot of friendship points. Let her do what she wants. After all you love her, right? Well, it’s too late to turn back now.

-If you have 100% friendship, given Isabela both her gifts, and have completed all of the above quests, you’ll now have access to Isabella’s second “Questioning Beliefs” quest. Meet her at The Hanged Man, and make sure to be as romantic as possible.

- Finally, speak to Isabela during “The Last Straw” (the last quest of the game) when your party is gathered in the Gallows Prison or the Gallows Courtyard, depending on your campaign decisions. This will officially complete the romance, and give you the achievement/trophy.

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