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Double Fine opens up prototyping game jam with Humble Bundle

Double Fine is partnering with the Humble Bundle to expose its game prototyping process to the world. Players can pay what they want (in the normal Humble Bundle charity-split style) to vote on and download the results of this year's Amnesia Fortnight.

Amnesia Fortnight is an annual game jam where Double Fine comes up with many of its game ideas, such as Costume Quest, Stacking, and Iron Brigade. But according to the video pitch embedded below, it's also something far more sinister...

Buyers can choose from 23 video pitches, and the top four will be made into game prototypes over a two-week period. Current favorites include a space station simulator, a Zelda-like which encourages users to hack the game, and an ambient tower-climbing platformer.

Once the fortnight is complete, backers will be able to download the PC-compatible prototypes from Humble Bundle or activate them on Steam.

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