Doctor Who: Pest Control Podcast

Just received this heads-up from BBC Audio:

If you have a half hour-sized gap in your wall-to-wall entertainment schedule, you might be interested to hear the first of BBC Audiobooks’ new Behind the Mic podcast series, now available for free at iTunes. It’s hosted by Yours Truly and focuses on the audio original story Doctor Who: Pest Control, read by the brilliant David Tennant, with contributions from the writer, producer and music composer. There are plenty of clips, and it zips along quite merrily, so stick it on your MP3 player and take us wherever you travel! (Otherwise sit at your computer and fidget.)

To hear the podcast click here . It will take approx 10 mins to download. Once downloaded click on the ‘podcasts’ tab in the left-hand menu and it will be there ready to play. Future episodes will download upon opening iTunes.