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Doctor Who Nabs Eight Million Viewers

Updated: The new Doctor’s return seen by eight million over BBC1 and BBC HD

Matt Smith‘s first full episode as Doctor Who was watched by 8 million viewers, based on overnight viewing figures. That comprised 7.7 million watching on BBC1 and a further 0.338 million watching on BBC HD. It was the highest rated show of the days by miles.

Previous season opening episodes overnights rated as follows:

  • “Rose”: 9.9 million
  • “New Earth”: 8 million
  • “Smith And Jones”: 8.2 million
  • “Partners In Crimes”: 8.4 million

In other words, pretty much business as usual. But usual for Doctor Who being… pretty amazing. In case it needs emphasising again, eight million viewers for a British drama is a stunningly high figure ( Casualty only managed 5.5 million viewers). And the figure will rise when the final figures come in – the ones that include peiople who have recorded to the show to watch it.

The episode is currently also number one on the BBC iPlayer.