Disabled but deadly: Gaming’s physically challenged killers

Deadly and disabled in: Gears of War

The female of the species is definitely more deadly than the male… and distinctly more homicidal, stupid and blind when it comes to Gears’ Locust. Shunned in the looks department, these crazed subterranean dames love nothing more than charging at people and ripping them to pieces. Although blind, their acute hearing makes them deadly foes that startle easily at the merest clump of a size 22 space marine boot.

Far from letting their ocular woes get them down, Berserkers’ blindness seems to further fuel their terrible rage. And really, who needs a Labrador and a white stick when you’ve got a near impenetrable hide and can run through brick walls? Their only weakness: a slight aversion to massive death rays of destruction (Gears’ Hammer of Dawn).

Zombie Crawlers

Deadly and disabled in: Call of Duty: World at War

When COD’s Nazi zombies attack you in able-bodied mode they’re goose-stepping, neck-chewing Third Reich thugs. So you’d think blasting them in half with a ray gun or other assorted ‘authentic’ WWII weaponry would be a good thing. Not so. Like a particularly vicious, bloodthirsty earthworm, Hitler’s finest undead henchmen can not only survive, but thrive when you split them in two with steaming bullets of justice.

Above: Seriously, next time you find yourself stuck in a Nazi zombie holocaust invest in shin pads

In their new ‘50% off’ state they’re just as ravenous as ever. Try boarding up your precious house when half a rotting SS officer is stealthily sneaking across the floor to nibble on your shins. They may look comical and pathetic, but as we’ve found out with tears in our eyes at wave 14, you can’t keep a good murdered man down… even when you’ve lopped off his legs.

Holly Summers

Disabled and deadly in: No More Heroes

Part of the United Assassins Association, Summers is the sixth highest ranked killer in the group. Part philosopher, part kick-ass Swedish assassin with a prosthetic limb that doubles up as a rocket launcher, Holly’s deadly from any range. Travis, the game’s lead, barely escapes with his life when they meet, with Holly hitting him with her huge shovel and pocketfuls of grenades.

Though definitely the violent type, Miss Summers isn’t above lavishing her targets with obscure fortune cookie-style one-liners while smacking them upside the head. Not one to let her disability get in the way, Holly’s lethal leg is one of gaming’s most innovative – and, erm… disturbingly sexy – weapons. Pity she goes all noble and eats one of her own grenades after losing to Travis. The severed cranium look just isn’t quite in this season.