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Diego Maradona apparently taking legal action over his PES 2017 likeness

Non-Argentine football fans of a certain vintage are well used to having their hearts broken by Diego Maradona – but for Konami the aftermath might be a financial, rather than metaphysical, blow.

The thunder-tempered midfielder-turned-coach features in PES 2017 (opens in new tab)'s excellent MyClub mode, but has claimed on his Facebook page (opens in new tab) that he never gave permission for his likeness to be used. He's now threatening to sue.

"I heard yesterday that the Japanese company Konami uses my image for its game PES 2017," writes Maradona. "Unfortunately, my lawyer Matias Morla will initiate the corresponding legal actions. I hope this is not another scam."

Morla followed that up with the following tweet:

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Roughly translated, it states: "PES 2017 illegally used the figure and name #Maradona. We will action against #Konami with everything!"

GR+ has contacted a Konami spokesperson for comment. 

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