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Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke sneaks into Dragon Age 2

Clearly there's more than a little mutual appreciation going on between Dead Space 2 developers Visceral Games and the Dragon Age 2 crew at Bioware. Players of the latter, EA promises, will hear bards' tales recounting the exploits of demon-slaying knight Ser Isaac of Clarke. However, if that's not a cheeky enough in-joke for you, Ser Isaac's distinctly familiar-looking armor will be available to players themselves.

Dragon Age 2 players whose taste for fantasy-horror transcends any one game might well pick up Dead Space 2 as well, what with the two sequels both due for impending release. Rather than divide audiences between “dark fantasy with sword-dismemberment” and “dark sci-fi with plasma-dismemberment,” publisher EA will reward players for spreading their efforts between the two titles. Players who pick up Dead Space 2 will receive a one-time activation code to unlock Ser Isaac's armor within Dragon Age 2 as well.

We've got our doubts as to whether it'll go so far as to display your character's health within the faithfully-recreated back-panel – Dragon Age has its own HUD, after all – but hey, you offer a cool thing for free, we set to work finding its shortcomings. Welcome to the Internet!

Jan 20, 2011

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