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Dead good games get a Wii-run

November 19, 2007

Forget the clean shooting of Time Crisis and friends - brazenly blasting the faces off zombies with a shotgun is where it's at and now we get to do it on Wii for a second time. Yup, The House of the Dead 2 %26amp; 3 Return is on its way, hoping to give the similarly-themed Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles a run for its money.

As the name implies, the game will feature both The House of the Dead 2 and 3, which previously appeared on Dreamcast and Xbox respectively after successful arcade outings. This is especially good news for retro fans with new TVs, as the old home console guns don't work on LCD or 100hz sets, leaving many old lightgun favouritesredundant in the cupboard. But Wii-Zappers work with anything, so all is well.

As before, there will be innocent people to save, impressive bosses to best, selectable routes through levels and multiple hit-zones for zombies. Choosing a weak gun and picking apart an undead monstrosity limb by limb is brilliant fun. And seeing eyeballs go flying is funny in an 'eww, that's gross' kind of way.

Hit theimages tab for the first screenshots.

Above: The game is good clean fun. Apart from the brains,blood and rotten entrails, of course