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Date Night woos audiences

In perhaps the closest box office struggle for supremacy this year, Date Night beat last week’s top earner Clash Of The Titans to this week’s prized first place.

Taking $27.1m of our cousins’ hard earned cash on the other side of the pond, Date Night won by a hair’s breadth over Clash ’s $26.8m. The latter has now taken $110m despite an almost universal critical lashing.

Clash felt the hot breath of another 3D actioner coming up behind it at the box office this weekend as well, with How To Train Your Dragon holding firm in third place with $25.3m.

The rest of the week’s films were left without a hope, as Janet Jackson’s Why Did I Get Married Too? took a pitiful-by-comparison $11m, and Miley Cyrus’s Last Song followed closely behind in fifth place with not a dime more of less than $10m.

Audiences still piled in to see Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland , assuring that his 3D fantasy took sixth place with $5.6m (and a Stateside total of $319m) over Hot Tub Time Machine , which settled for seventh.

Meanwhile, The Bounty Hunter and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid both dropped one place to eighth and ninth, the former earning $4.3m (a dismal total of $56m), the latter $4.1m.

New entry Letters To God opened in tenth with a pitiful $1.1m – obviously all the kids really wanted to see gods clashing, instead of the more depressing sounding story of a young cancer-struck boy scribbling letters to Him up there.

Next week: Kick-Ass ! Something tells us that Matthew Vaughn’s ‘everybody can be a superhero’ flick is going to galvanise the competition, and make all those studios who initially turned him down weep into their bank statements. Bring. It.

What did you see this weekend?