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Could Proper Doctor Who Computer Game Be Imminent?

Above: Could we be seeing Dreamland-style graphics on our consoles soon?

According to an article at , the BBC is taking a major step which makes the appearance of a Doctor Who video game in the near future a much more likely proposition.

While there have been on-off rumours about a Who video game ever since the Chris Eccleston season (it just seems like such an obvious idea!) the only game that has actually been released was a version of the Doctor Who Top Trumps, which hardly pushed the Wii, PlayStation 2 or players to their limits.

But now, apparently, "the Beeb is ready to help create games based on its biggest licences - after a long period of abstinence."

And the Corp’s licences don’t come much bigger – or gaming friendly - than Doctor Who. (Dear God, let's hope they're not actually thinking of turning Strictly Come Dancing into a Wii game.)

"We've been reactive to the market in the last few years," said Dave Anderson, head of multimedia development at BBC Worldwide. There were a few opportunistic licensing deals, but we were largely aggregating and holding onto our properties to wait and see how the market developed."