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Contact hands-on

If the strapline up there doesn't totally make sense to you, you're not alone - Contact constantly throws out weird little statements and references that barely register as logical, but it's those same quirks that make it one of the most unique action RPGs hitting the DS (or any platform, really) this year.

You control a boy named Terry. He's a pretty normal kid, except today he's witnessed an alien ship streak across the sky and shoot down a crazy, good-natured professor. Said professor scoops him up for help, then jets off, only to be blasted out of the sky one last time. Now the Professor (yes, that's his name) has hidden the remnants of his space ship inside a derelict pirate ship, and asks Terry to search the planet for power cells that can recharge the busted craft. Then your mom starts to call and alien cats want your attention... you know, everyday stuff.

Naturally, the world's filled with angry monsters and the unhappy undead, so Terry has to fight them off with clubs, bones, swords... anything you can swing. Adding to each weapon's power are the 10 costumes hidden throughout the game, each with their own list of moves - we had three after just a couple of hours. One gave Terry water-based powers, like an aqua blast that hoses down enemies, and another suit was made for earthy rock attacks. Finally, a cooking costume let us try our culinary skills in the pirate ship's kitchen - turns out throwing chicken, tomatoes and oranges in a skillet doesn't taste too hot.