;;; ;;###; +o-------------------------------o+ ;;###!!## | -+=Resident Evil 5=+- | ;;;##!!!###; | -+=Survival Handbook=+- | ;;###!###;; | | ;;;##!!##;; | Time to ready your right hook, | ;;;;##!!!#;; | uppercut, grab a soda (or a | ;;####!!####; | few), and enjoy the ride. | ;;;;###!!!####; | | ;;;####!!!####;; +o-------------------------------o+ ;;;####!!!####;; ;;;;;;;;;;;####!!####;;;; ;;############!!!###;;; ;####!!!!!!!!!!!#####;; ;######!!!!!###;;;;; ;;###!!!!###;;; ;;###!!!!###;;; ;;###!!!!###;; ;;###!!!!###;; ;;###!!!!##;;; ;;###!!!!###;;; ;;##!!!!!!!###;;;;; `__ _ _ __ _ `___##!####!!!!!#####;;;; ` _ _ _ _ | )`| ' `( '`| | `\` | ' |\` | | ###;;;####!!!!!!#####;; |`' \ ` / | |` `|-- |- ` `\ | |` ) |-` | \`| `| ;; ;;##!!!!!!!!!##;;|- `\ /` | |` `| `\`|_' '_ )`|`|_ /` |_' |` \| |` ;;###!!!!!!!!##;;|_' `V` |`|_|` ;; ;;###!!!!!!###;; ` ` S u r v i v a l G u i d e ;;###;; ;;##!!!!!!###;P l a y s t a t i o n 3 B y C h a o s D e m o n ;;##!##;;;###!!!!!###;;; G a m e F A Q s ;##!!!####!!!!####;; ;;##!!!!!!!!###;;; G a m e T i t l e ;;##!!!!!!!##;; Resident Evil 5 P l a t f o r m ;;##!!!!!!###;; Playstation 3 ;;###!!!!!###;; G u i d e T y p e ;;##!!!!#;; FAQ/Walkthrough A u t h o r ;;##!!###;; ChaosDemon C o n t a c t ;;###!!#;; chaosdemonN[at]gmail[dot]com ;####!##; V e r s i o n ;;####;; 1.15 L a s t U p d a t e ;;;;;; March 27, 2009 +--------+ ________) | ____/ | (, / | || | / | ||_ | ) / a b l e o f C o n t e n t s | |/\\ |+---/---------------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | (_/ -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- | | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | +--------+ 1] - Introduction......................................[IN00] 2] - Version History...................................[VH00] 3] - Game Basics.......................................[GB00] 4] - Walkthrough.......................................[WK00] 4.01] Chapter 1-1.................................[WK11] 4.02] Chapter 1-2.................................[WK12] - Boss Battle #1............................[BB01] 4.03] Chapter 2-1.................................[WK21] 4.04] Chapter 2-2.................................[WK22] - Boss Battle #2............................[BB02] 4.05] Chapter 2-3.................................[WK23] - Boss Battle #3............................[BB03] 4.06] Chapter 3-1.................................[WK31] 4.07] Chapter 3-2.................................[WK32] 4.08] Chapter 3-3.................................[WK33] - Boss Battle #4............................[BB04] 4.09] Chapter 4-1.................................[WK41] 4.10] Chapter 4-2.................................[WK42] 4.11] Chapter 5-1.................................[WK51] - Boss Battle #5............................[BB05] 4.12] Chapter 5-2.................................[WK52] - Boss Battle #6............................[BB06] 4.13] Chapter 5-3.................................[WK53] 4.15] - Boss Battle #7[1].......................[BBZY] 4.16] Chapter 6-1.................................[WK61] 4.17] Chapter 6-2.................................[WK62] - Boss Battle #8...........................[BB08] 4.18] Chapter 6-3.................................[WK63] - Final Battle.............................[BB09] 4.19] New Game+...................................[WKNG] - Infinite Ammo.............................[WKIF] 5] - Weapons...........................................[WP00] 6] - BSAA Emblem Locations.............................[BE00] 7] - Treasure Locations................................[TL00] 8] - Trophies..........................................[TR00] 9] - Merceneries In-Depth..............................[MR00]* 10] - Contact & Closing.................................[CC00] 11] - Credits...........................................[CR00] 12] - Legal Disclaimer..................................[LD00] ________________ 1. The Boss' name in this chapter is a MAJOR plot spoiler. If you have not made it to this point in the game do NOT read ahead to it. I have also changed the shortcut code pattern so you cannot stumble on to it by accident. *: Brand new section with ASCII maps. +--------+ ______) | ____/ | (, / | || | / | ||_ | / n t r o d u c t i o n | |/\\ |+--/----------------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | (______ -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [IN00]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| |Welcome to my Resident Evil 5 FAQ/Walkthrough, everyone. If you have +--------+seen one of my FAQs before, then you will know exactly what you are getting into. You are going to find a complete walkthrough here, of course, and most importantly, this is going to be 100% Spoiler Free. Because of the element of shock in the Resident Evil games, I feel it would be unwise to ruin these pleasant surprises for you. So if I come across an enemy/surprise, I will not point it out in the walkthrough. This is the only case where an enemy will be intentionally left out so any enemy that was intended to scare you will hopefully still do so! I also want to quickly point out this FAQ's general philosophy, and that is "detail where necessary." The walkthrough will be focused on getting you through the game, and not finding every single item possible. I have left enough for you to explore so your playing experience doesn't turn into one of robotic read and follow. Conversely, I will still stress the utmost of detail where it is required, such a couple of the complex puzzles in the game. The year 2008 was a pretty big FAQing year for me, and I am starting off 2009 similarly with Resident Evil 5. I wouldn't bet on having another year like last year, but I'm here now, so let's hope this is going to be a good one! -- ChaosDemon +--------+ __ __) | ____/ | (, ) / | || | | / | ||_ | | / e r s i o n H i s t o r y | |/\\ |+---|/--------------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | ' -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [VH00]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | [ Version 0.20, March 5, 2009 ] - Added the walkthrough for Chapter +--------+ 1-1. Also added some Game Basics and some Weapons. Big thanks to my buddy Jeremy for picking this game up for me on his last day of vacation. I also want to inform you that updates will be coming pretty slowly because I have a few school projects that are due in the coming days. I'm thinking this file will be done around the North American release of the game, or most likely a few days after, which works out well because that's when the majority of the readers will be getting their games, I think. [ Version 0.21, March 13, 2009 ] - Well, here's an update. No walkthrough progress to report, or much of anything. I figured that since I wasn't going to get the walkthrough finished in the limited time that I have, I might as well do something useful and add all the 50 treasure locations. So that's the only content to report. Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone -- I literally got done all my school work at about 10 or 11pm on March 12. That's out of the way now, and I'm finally ready to focus on this FAQ (and not a moment too soon I might add). [ Version 0.56, March 16, 2009 ] - I spent most of this weekend plowing through as much of the walkthrough as I could. It's currently up to and including parts of Chapter 4-1. I'm starting to wonder whether I'm too old for this FAQ nonsense now, man, sitting here and slaving away on a basic text program isn't as glamorous as it seems. [ Version 0.57, March 17, 2009 ] - Finished the walkthrough to Chapter 5-1. There's really nothing else to report. [ Version 1.00, March 18, 2009 ] - The main walkthrough is finished (finally). This will finally allow me to work on some of the other stuff, and take a bit of a breather. Also note that I updated my instructions for the elusive Diamond (Marquis) in Chapter 6-3, as well as the Topaz (Oval) in Chapter 6-1 in the Treasure Locations. Check them out! [ Version 1.01, March 20, 2009 ] - Refined the Treasure Locations section. Everything should be as detailed as can be, and you should have no problem finding anything. Also added a bit about Infinite Ammo, and the New Game+. More to come! [ Version 1.10, March 23, 2009 ] - Added lots of new info. BSAA Emblem Locations are up with images where required, touched up on treasures, and started adding many strategies to the Trophy section. Also added some stuff on Infinite Ammo. Check them out. [Version 1.15, March 27, 2009 ] - Started the Mercenaries section. Added some maps and some general strategy for now. Unfortunately, I'm going to be pretty busy with some school work again, so we are going to slow down a bit with the updates. They will still come though. +--------+ _____) | ____/ | / | || | / | ||_ | / ___ a m e B a s i c s | |/\\ |+-/------/-)--------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | (_____/ -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [GB00]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | +--------+ +----+ | 1. | Controls +----+------------------------------------+ I only included the default controls because I would assume that's what most people are using. For the purposes of this FAQ, I will be using this setup. It shouldn't get in the way of your comprehension if you're using another control type though, because my instructions will be "control neutral"; i.e. I'll say "Run up to the door and hit the Action Button." The same applies to any of our Xbox 360 readers as well. _,.--.,_ _,.--.,_ | _____ | | _____ | |-' `'.--------------------------,'` `-| ,' __ `. S O N Y ,' .,. `. / | | \ / (/_\) \ ! __ \/ __ | SELECT START ! ,-. `-' ,-. | | |__ > ) equip your Sniper Rifle and look upwards, to the left. You should see a Majini standing by a big torch. If you blast him in the head, it will shut off one of the beams. Go back to where the checkpoint was, and explore the alternative path up ahead. You should notice that the sunbeam is still active here. Equip your Sniper Rifle and you should also see some shielded Majini approaching you. You don't have to blast them, because they will destroyed by the beam. As soon as that happens, make a full sprint across the path and don't bother turning until you reach the next Checkpoint. There's an Assisted Jump here, and Sheva will also be greeted with a few Majini immediately. Provide some support with your Sniper Rifle from this side and she will soon grab the Sky Emblem--the final piece of the puzzle. Before you start celebrating though, turn your attention to the large pots to the right. Soon a pretty angry Giant Majini will drop down to attack you for stealing his emblem. If you took care of the other Majini though, it should be just the lone Giant Majini now so it shouldn't be too difficult. Dispose of him and pick up the Blue Enigma. Quick Turn now make your way back to the sunbeam path. You should know how to handle it by now. Sprint straight ahead until you see the opening to the right. Go down the stairs but don't jump the gun. Wait at the bottom of the stairs a bit for another sunbeam. Now run straight ahead and turn left when you can. Once again, wait for the sunbeam. Once it appears, take a right and sprint to the stairs on the left. Go up and insert the final Emblem on to the door. Sprint straight up the long staircase. When you see the door, shoot the shiny object directly above for the Diamond (Trilliant). Open the door to the next area. Sprint straight down the stairs to the door and walk into your first mirror puzzle. It's not really a puzzle though. Pull up your map and begin by sprinting to the right and circling around to the marker. Go behind the closest mirror and turn it to the left, directly on to the mirror to solve this one quickly. Get on the target platform now and hit the Partner Action Button to head downstairs. Begin by sprinting towards the marker and taking a left towards the pillar. Hit the Action Button close by to kick it down. Now make your way to the mirror directly across from the target (diagonally). Grab it and turn it left so it's facing the mirror in the centre. Make your way to said mirror in the centre and turn it right, so it's facing the light. Now kick down the pillar to solve this puzzle. Go on to the marker and hit the Partner Action button. ___________________________ | | | | This final puzzle is a little difficult, so I | s | felt a diagram would be most helpful here. It's | 2 3 | pretty self explanatory for the most part, but do | | note that "a" is the stationery beam, which is | t | not movable. Point "t" is the treasure chest, but |- -| don't bother opening it because it's a trap, and |y x| will it just release a bunch of Bui Kichwa. |- 5 -| Points "y" and "x" are the two rooms that contain | | a bunch of treasure. Point "s" is the statue with | 1 4 | the ball in its mouth. Here's how to solve: | a | | start | All right, begin by going to mirror number 1, and |___________|end|___________| turning it right so it faces the treasure chest. Go now to mirror 2, and turn it right so it faces the mirror in the centre. The next point is to goto mirror 3, and turn this to the right so the beam is directed at mirror 2. This should cause the beam to be directed at the statue and points x and y to open. Go inside to find the Beetle (Gold) in point y and an Idol (Gold) in point x. In the room with the bunch of pots, watch out for the snakes. I would recommend standing clear of them and blasting a bunch of them at the same time with a single Shotgun Shell. Note that there's a Emerald (Pear) to the left of the Idol, on the ground. It's easy to miss it. Anyway, back to the puzzle. Go to mirror 1 and turn it left so the beam is facing the wall. Go to mirror 5 and turn it left so it's facing point a. Now go back to mirror 1 and turn it to the right so the beam is facing mirror 5 to solve the puzzle. Make your way to the end-point, but make sure that you don't touch the beam because that's an instant death. Just walk slowly to the marker and hit the Partner Action button to conclude the chapter. +--------+ __ __) | ____/ | (, ) | / | || | | /| / | ||_ | | / |/ a l k t h r o u g h | |/\\ |+----|/--|----------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | ' -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [WK51]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | C h a p t e r 5 - 1 | Begin by heading up the stairs in the +--------+------------------------' middle of the area and circling to the | Handgun Ammo............... [ ] | stairs that leads to the opening. Move | Red Herb................... [ ] | straight through this opening and to the | Handgun Ammo............... [ ] | door to the next area. Open the door to the | Lion Heart................. [ ] | left to find some Handgun Ammo, and other | AK-47 (MG)................. [ ] | things. Pick up whatever is inside, and | Gold Bars.................. [ ] | leave to continue down the central hallway. | Machine Gun Ammo........... [ ] | | Shotgun Shells............. [ ] | You should notice a brief cut scene. Forget | Handgun Ammo............... [ ] | about it for now. You'll find a Red Herb at | N100 Gold.................. [ ] | the end of the hallway. Turn into the | N200 Gold.................. [ ] | nearby door when you're ready. More of the | Machine Gun Ammo........... [ ] | flowers, HM. If you'd like, you can slash | Handgun Ammo x 2........... [ ] | the tubes the flowers in to break them. | Green Herb................. [ ] | Either way, circle to the right where | N100 Gold.................. [ ] | you'll find the door to leave. | Handgun Ammo............... [ ] | | N100 Gold.................. [ ] | Just sprint down this hallway for a bit and '---------------------------------' check out the wooden crate you come across. Bust it open for some Handgun Ammo. Continue down the hallway to the door that requires you to turn the wheel. Go inside and pull the lever directly ahead. After the brief sequence, go to the glass and slash it open with your knife. Go into the hallway and turn left to find the next passage. Keep going in this direction and turn left again to activate a sequence. Here is the Licker Beta. These guys are TOUGH man. They can eat some serious damage before going down. Your best chance is to use the Shotgun (I hope you've been upgrading). Blast it a few times and pick up the Lion Heart. Then, continue down the hallway to the door. Turn it open and procure the wooden crate inside. Next, head through the hallway. Before going up the stairs, look for the room with a shiny briefcase. Inside is the AK-47 and also a safe with Gold Bars. Head up the stairs and check out the wooden crate at the top for a Machine Gun Ammo. Pull the lever to the right of that and open the door at the end of the hallway. Sheva comments that they probably don't hear you. Your instincts probably tell you to proceed slowly. Let me tell you right now that your instincts are sorely mistaken. Sprint STRAIGHT ahead down the next few hallways. Do not stop. Keep going until you find the elevator to Investigate. You'll see that the elevator is stalling. Don't worry. Turn around and have some Grenades ready if you have them. Once the Lickers start pouring in, start with Grenades (but be absolutely sure that you have a few for the upcoming boss battle) and follow them with Sniper Rifle fire. It won't take long until the elevator gets here. Turn around and spam the Partner Action button to conclude this phase. Go towards those little shelves to find various Ammo in there. Then, turn right to activate a scene, and at the conclusion of that is another boss battle. __ __) (, / / / /+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ / / 8 /---------------------------------------' +--(___(_--------------------------+/ B o s s B a t t l e # 5 [BB05] | Chapter 5-1 | All right, begin right away by hitting L1 + R1 for a dodge. '---------------' It's a pretty standard energy so let's not waste any time. Take out the strongest weapon you have start firing at the little pouch on one of its arms. Do so and it be stunned. Now move towards its mouth with a Grenade and activate the "Toss-in" action when it prompts. If you don't have any Grenades, blast it with your weapon. After that, reset the process and open fire on the pouch. Once you stun it again, toss in another Grenade. Repeat the process a few more times and this will be history. If you don't have any Grenades this battle is a lot tougher, so it is strongly advised that you save some Grenades for the fight. Anyway, watch the remaining scenes to conclude the chapter. +--------+ __ __) | ____/ | (, ) | / | || | | /| / | ||_ | | / |/ a l k t h r o u g h | |/\\ |+----|/--|----------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | ' -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [WK52]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | C h a p t e r 5 - 2 | Let us begin by sprinting straight down the +--------+------------------------' catwalk ahead. Go up to the door and head | Handgun Ammo x 3........... [ ] | through to the next area. Go down the | Rifle Ammo................. [ ] | hallway and turn right to find a bunch of | Green Herb................. [ ] | crates plus a variety of ammo. Head through | N100 Gold x 2.............. [ ] | the door at the end of the hallway when | Wooden Crate x 2........... [ ] | you see it. Proceed and you should see a | Green Herb................. [ ] | brief cinematic. | Wooden Crate............... [ ] | | Rifle Ammo................. [ ] | Head downstairs to where the Majini are | N100 Gold.................. [ ] | throw a Grenade at them. A well-placed | Rifle Ammo................. [ ] | throw should bring them all down. A few | N100 Gold.................. [ ] | more Majini will start spilling in so take | SIG 556 (MG)............... [ ] | care of them and continue down the hallway. | Green Herb................. [ ] | There's a Green Herb tucked away on the | Power Stone................ [ ] | crates to the right. Take care of the | Wooden Crate............... [ ] | enemies and pick that one up. | Green Herb................. [ ] | | Dead Bride's Necklace...... [ ] | Go on through the door and take cover '---------------------------------' behind the big tank to the left. You can do so by using the "Against the Wall" action when you are at the corner. Equip your Sniper Rifle and begin picking off the guy at the crates. Now emerge from the tank and open fire on the Majini. You can also use your Grenades if you have any to speed up the process a bit. Either way, defeat each of them and make your way to the door. Before heading through, you might want to turn into the little room to the left of it to find a couple of crates. Procure whatever is inside and head through the door. Proceed down the hallway and check out the two wooden crates. Continue on and into the next room. You are immediately greeted by some Majini. Fight your way up the stairs and don't forget about the four crates at the foot of each flight of stairs. When you make up the stairs, some reinforcements will spill into the room. There's a gas tank to the right of them, so blast it for a quick remedy. Take cover at the wooden crates and begin the fight with the enemies in the next room. There's another gas tank there, so look for it. Proceed to the catwalk on the left and look for the elevator to goto the next area. Grab the Green Herb and procure the wooden crate. Proceed down the hallway to the left and you should see a few Licker Beta shortly. Try to see if you can get by without getting noticed. If that fails, the worst case scenario is just you filling their craniums with shotgun shells. Anyway, turn right at the end of _this_ hallway to find another passage. You won't be able to avoid the Licker Beta this time around, so start blasting away. Proceed to the end of this hallway and turn to the left to the next door. This next room is immediately dangerous so sprint down this catwalk and quickly check out the two crates before jumping down below. Turn to your left and dispatch of the Majini here. Print straight ahead and turn right to climb up the ladder when you see it. Fast-equip to your Sniper Rifle and pick off the Majini up ahead. Turn to the right and dispatch of the two to the left of the conveyor belt's end. There's another guy on the ground to the left of them, too. The next Majini to attack is the one at the catwalk above you. Now proceed to the end of your own catwalk and jump down. Proceed to the yellow railing and procure the Wooden Crates nearby. If you are still getting attacked, chances are it's from some guy standing near the light at the end of the conveyor belt. Speaking of which, you should head over there now. Go up the small stairs, and jump down on to the conveyor belt through the little opening to the right. Now you'll have to run against the conveyor's belt motion, and jump up the catwalk to the right when you are able. Head up the stairs and open the door above to the next area. Some more enemies are here. Begin with the Majini at the catwalk above. Now jump on to the conveyor belt with your Sniper Rifle handy. Look to the catwalk above and you should see a gas tank. Blast it with your rifle to dispatch of the Majini up there. Proceed along the conveyor belt, but check with your Sniper Rifle every few steps for some Majini. When they drop down to the belt, fire a bullet at a nearby gas tank to kill them instantly. Also check for the Majini that will enter to the catwalk above. Anyway, jump up the catwalk to the left at the end of the conveyor belt when you get there. Just head down the nearby stairs and open up the large briefcase on the table ahead. Inside, you will find the SIG 556, a machine gun. It's not quite as good as the AK-47 in my view, so you might want Sheva to pick this one up. Don't forget about the crates to the left of the dumpsters. Head up the small stairs near the SIG 556 and continue up the next flight. Go straight ahead until you see the next set of stairs going downwards to the right. Proceed along this catwalk for a bit and past the egg on the wall. Turn left and you should soon see some Machine Gun Ammo on the crate. Proceed along the catwalk to the stairs ahead. Turn right at the top to find a bunch of crates on the table, along with a Green Herb. Now proceed to the marker and pull the lever. Turn around and follow the arrow downstairs. Continue on this catwalk, and go right this time. Soon a Reaper will drop from above. Nothing some Shotgun Shells can't handle, though. Dispose of it and pick up the Power Stone. Now run up the stairs behind it, and proceed down the small set of stairs after to the marker. Pull the lever to get the conveyor belt going. Drop down on to the belt and just go towards the fire at the end at first, and switch to the conveyor belt to the right when you are able. Run on the black strip between the two conveyor belts until you get the prompt to pick up the Dead Bride's Necklace. Keep running against the conveyor belt until you see the opening to the right, to get back on to the other belt. Do so and climb up the nearby catwalk. Proceed to the crates on the crates (lol) and check them out. Now head up the nearby stairs and to the marker to the next area. Follow the hallway and jump down the ledge at the bottom. Be sure to check out the crates to the right. When you're ready, take a deep breath, and prepare for the rematch against Uroboros. __ __) (, / / / / / /+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ (___(_ r o b o r o s (rematch) /-------------------------------------' +----------------------------------+/ B o s s B a t t l e # 6 [BB06] | Chapter 5-2 | This battle is completely different than the last one, and it '---------------' will be treated as such. The only thing in common as last time is the fact that fire is still your main weapon against him. This time, however, the flames will come in the form of a flamethrower. When the fight begins, immediately Quick Turn and sprint straight forward to the wall. This is where the flamethrower is, so take note of it. You won't be able to use it yet, because it's charging. This is something else of note--even after it finishes charging initially, once you deplete the flames in the tank (IE the flamethrower "ammo" goes from 100 to 0), you have to put the flamethrower back to allow it to charge again. For the actual strategy, take note of the three gas tanks around the area. There's one on the centre pillar, and there's two more to the left and the right. We aren't going to be able to strategize with the tanks this time around, so just make sure that you damage the Urobros with them. Take some time to deal some damage with the gas tanks while the flamethrower charge. When the flamethrower is ready, you will get a little cut scene. Go grab the flamethrower (if you're done blowing up the gas tanks), get right in front of the Uroboros and start firing away. You might take a tentacle attack for your troubles, but it's worth it if you can get hit once for emptying half of your tank. Speaking of the Uroboros attacks, watch for the Dodge prompt (Action Button + Run Button). Also, watch for the Uroboros to do a little "degenerating" attack, where it will dissipate completely, and suddenly rebuild itself close to you. Don't get caught off-guard by this. If you get in trouble, note that there's a First Aid Spray near the surgical chair, and another one in the cabinet to the left of the flamethrower. If you start this battle with full health, you should have no problem winning. I do want to note that while your flamethrower is charging, switch to your shotgun or Sniper Rifle and start blasting the yellow bulbs on its arms to deal damage. Just keep charging your flamethrower, blasting it with flames, and shooting its yellow bulbs until it goes down to conclude the chapter. +--------+ __ __) | ____/ | (, ) | / | || | | /| / | ||_ | | / |/ a l k t h r o u g h | |/\\ |+----|/--|----------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | ' -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [WK53]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | C h a p t e r 5 - 3 | All right, make your way to the newly +--------+------------------------' opened door to the right. Turn to the left | Sapphire (Marquise)........ [ ] | and climb up the ladder. Make another left | Shotgun Shells............. [ ] | and go straight down the hallway to the | Machine Gun Ammo........... [ ] | area where Excella was standing. Once | Handgun Ammo............... [ ] | inside, immediately turn to the left to the | Shotgun Shells............. [ ] | safe. Open it up to find the treasure | N100 Gold.................. [ ] | Sapphire (Marquise). | Machine Gun Ammo x 2....... [ ] | | Power Stone................ [ ] | Now make your way to the right of the x-ray | PSG-1 (Rifle).............. [ ] | to grab the Shotgun Shells and Machine Gun | Green Herb................. [ ] | Ammo. Time to turn around and head through | Green Herb................. [ ] | the hallway again. Turn left once you see | Ruby (Brilliant)........... [ ] | the opening. Continue deeper into this | Chalice (Gold)............. [ ] | room and go all the way up the stairs. | First Aid Spray............ [ ] | There's a door at the top here, so hit the | Magnum Rounds.............. [ ] | Partner Action button to head through the | L. Hawk (Magnum)........... [ ] | next area. | Sapphire (Brilliant)....... [ ] | | Emerald (Oval)............. [ ] | Continue down the hallway and turn right to '---------------------------------' the crates when you see them. Turn around and go down this hallway here for a bit and you'll soon find a door. Help yourself through and take out your Sniper Rifle. Look to the catwalk across and you'll see an incoming wave of three Majini. Take cover behind the metal covers if you need to. There are also some crates in the short side to the right. After disposing of the Majini, continue down the catwalk and explore the room to the left for some items. Whenever you're ready, make your way further down the catwalk and soon a Reaper will descend on you. Equip your Shotgun and open fire on the glowing bulb on its chest to deal the most damage. After taking care of it, make a jump across the gap in the catwalk. Follow the catwalk for a bit and another one will attack, so be ready with your Shotgun. A Majini armed with a Stun Rod is advancing from the left, so take care of it and sprint down that direction to the door. Two more Majini will stand in your way towards the door, but they should be nothing new. Procure the various Wooden Crates in here, as well as all the items on the shelf. Most importantly though, don't forget about the PSG-1 Sniper Rifle. It's has semi-automatic capabilities, but it's not quite as powerful as the Dragonuv. Leave the room when you're ready and make your way down to the catwalk. Another Reaper will attack, and you know how to take care of it. Now make your way to the lever (marker) and pull on it. Two Majini will appear on the sliding elevator, so open fire on them with your Sniper Rifle. When the elevator gets here, get on it and Sheva will pull on the lever to get you across. Aim to the right to rout the enemy to the right. When you arrive on the catwalk, you will be greeted by a couple of Cephalo. Take care of them and wait for Sheva to get on the elevator you came from. Once she does, pull the lever to tell her to GET OVER HERE. When the elevator arrives, circle to the right on the catwalk to activate a brief cinematic. Immediately after the scene's conclusion, get out your sniper rifle and aim to the Majini to the left of the door, holding the rocket launcher. Pick him off and look way to the left of the catwalk to see another Majini, who turns out to be a Cephalo. Continue along the catwalk to the left, and a few more basic Majini will attack. Once you make up the small stairs, you'll see yet another one with a rocket launcher. You'll also see a door, but don't go in just yet. Follow the catwalk until you see the large window. Take cover under it (you can lean against the wall), and ready your Grenade. Throw a couple in there to immediately rout the Majini. Go through the nearby door when the coast is clear. Grab the Green Herb sitting on the controls, and don't forget about the rest of the items on the desks, crates etc. Now kick open the door leading inside, and follow the hallway to the next door. Hit the Partner Action button and head to the next area. Sprint straight ahead and don't forget about the Green Herb on the floor. Turn your attention to the bunch of crates to see what you can find. Then, sprint directly on the catwalk to get into the room with all the body cases again. Continue downwards and make your way to the controls on the big circle on the bottom. Make your way to the control panel and hit the Partner Action button. The elevator will start spinning now. Turn your attention to the various Majini positioned on the balconies. Aiming is a little tough, but you should still be able to get the hang of it. The only real adjustment you have to make is to initially direct the scope a little bit to the left of the Majini. It might take a few practice shots before you get them all, so don't be shy to take a few to get the timing down. Once the elevator reaches the top, turn your attention first to the Majini standing at the top of the catwalk. Blast them and proceed on to that long catwalk yourself. Make your way into the hallway and to the interesting looking door to the next area. Look towards the ceiling as you make your way down this hallway. As you approach the exit, you should see a sparkly object near the final light. This is the Ruby (Brilliant). Continue into the next room and take note of the wooden crates close to the door on the right. Still staying close to this door/building, circle around to the back and you will find a lever. Pull on it to power the lift operator. Turn around and run forward/left and you will soon find the machine. Don't forget about the crates to the left of that. It's important to stock up on some stuff, because a pretty tough sequence is coming up. Pull on the lever to bring down the lift. Sheva might insist, but it is important for you to be the one to go up instead; so hit the "Command Partner" action on the lever to get her there. Hop on to the lift and have your strongest weapon ready for the incoming onslaught of Licker Beta. When the first one appears, take a few steps back and open fire on it. The second one is coming shortly after that, so be ready to take him out. Sprint forward on the catwalk and wait for the next scene telling you that some more are on the way. Retreat back to where the lift was and wait there-- do not fire. With any luck, Sheva will be blasting away, and the Lickers will crawl down towards her (they are blind, and are sensitive to sound). Switch to your Sniper Rifle, and sprint to where the Lickers crawled down. You should also see the Jump Down prompt there, but don't take it. Instead, start picking off the Lickers from here. Sheva will have to tank a few shots, but it's all for a good cause. After disposing of these two, make your way down the catwalk to the other side. Cut up the wooden crate for some Flame Rounds. Make your way to the catwalk with the fence and take aim at the wall below the platform you were just on. You should see some incoming Lickers, so pick them off with your Sniper Rifle. Keep watching until the coast is clear, then push the junk blocking your way. Jump down to the platform below when you're finished. Drop down into the building and pull the lever to lower the bridge. Now open up the door and let Sheva through. Go first to the lockers and open them for three very valuable items: Chalice (Gold), First Aid Spray, and Magnum Rounds. Be sure to pick up the Magnum Rounds because they will come in handy later. Now leave this room and cross that bridge. Be sure to blast the Topaz (Brilliant) sparkling above the doorway before leaving to initiate the boss battle. __ __) (, ) | / | /| /+-----------------------------------------------------------------+ |/ |/ e s k e r /--------------------------------------' +-----/--|--------------------------+/ B o s s B a t t l e # 6.5 [BBYY] | Chapter 5-3 | Watch the scene and you will come to a shocking revelation. '---------------' Jill will be supporting Wesker with machine gun fire. Don't attack her, because if she dies, you will be taken to the Your Partner is Dead screen. All right, let us begin this battle. If you want to skip this whole first phase, turn around and Investigate the door to activate the cut scene and go to the third paragraph. If you want to experience it, read on to the second. Wesker will tell you that he only has seven minutes, and this translates into real time. This first phase will only last 7 minutes. You basically just need to run around for now, and survive. Try to minimize the damage that you take from Jill's machine gun, and be sure to watch for the Dodge prompt to avoid Wesker's gun shots. Finally, when you see that Wesker is dashing towards you, repeatedly tap the Action Button, and you should soon see the "Counterattack" prompt. If you tap the button face enough, you will indeed counter Wesker. Don't bother shooting at him, just try to avoid Jill's attacks and counter Wesker whenever possible. After 7 minutes pass, you will witness a brief cinematic, and Chris will be kicked through the door. Turn around, sprint up the stairs and just keep going down the hallway. Keep to the right hand side and go through the opening when you see it. Go into the room after that and push open the coffin to find the L. Hawk (Magnum), a very powerful weapon, Sapphire (Brilliant), and Emerald (Oval). Now turn around and leave these rooms. Pull up your map and look for the big moving blip, which is Wesker. As it looks like he is getting close, lean against the wall and get your shotgun ready. As soon as you see him, open fire on him immediately. Stay in front of him for a while, but don't bother shooting. If you see that he dashes towards you (as opposed to walking), keep tapping the Action button to counter attack him. You can just run around for another five minutes or so, and this battle will be over. Watch the next scene and come back for the battle that we have all been waiting for. _____ (, / / ___/_+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ / / i l l V a l e n t i n e /--------------------------------------' +-(__ /-----------------------------+/ B o s s B a t t l e # 7 [BBZY] | Chapter 5-3 | You won't need any guns for this battle, so don't worry about '---------------' those. The key to victory for you is the Action Button. Begin by sprinting down the stairs to the larger battlefield below. Run close to Jill and keep tapping the Action Button to have Chris call out to her. If you do this enough, it will cause her to stop in her tracks and hold her hands to her ears. Once that happens, run up behind her and Grab her. Sheva will now go to grab the object out of her chest while you have to keep tapping the Run Button. The first time won't be enough, and after she breaks free be quick to activate the Dodge prompt to avoid getting attacked. Sheva will also get the best of Jill here and there, where she will perform her leg-scissor takedown. At which point sprint to Jill's body and keep tapping the Action Button to sit down on her chest and begin the grabbing process (this is sounding kind of wrong). Immediately after a failed attempt of grabbing, be ready for the Dodge prompt. If you get into trouble, there are two Green Herbs at the foot of both stairs. Just keep repeating the process to pick up the victory and conclude the chapter. +--------+ __ __) | ____/ | (, ) | / | || | | /| / | ||_ | | / |/ a l k t h r o u g h | |/\\ |+----|/--|----------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | ' -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [WK61]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | C h a p t e r 6 - 1 | Begin by jumping down to the platform +--------+------------------------' below. Run up the stairs pick off the | Wooden Crate............... [ ] | Majini here. A few more Majini will spill | Machine Gun Ammo........... [ ] | in, so take care of them with your Shotgun | Green Herb................. [ ] | or whichever. Continue up the stairs and | N100 Gold x2............... [ ] | climb up the ladder to the left. Circle | N300 Gold.................. [ ] | around the platform above and climb up the | Jewel Bangle............... [ ] | long ladder here. | Wooden Crate x2............ [ ] | | N100 Gold x2............... [ ] | Take note of the wooden crate. Cut it up | Wooden Crate............... [ ] | and see what you find. Equip your Sniper | Green Herb................. [ ] | Rifle and look to the distance (behind the | Rifle Ammo................. [ ] | wooden crate), to find some Majini. Pick | Machine Gun Ammo........... [ ] | off each of them. The guy to keep an eye | Green Herb................. [ ] | out for is the one who is standing on the | Wooden Crate............... [ ] | highest level to the right. This will make | Jail Breaker (Shotgun)..... [ ] | sense soon. | Tanker Keycard A........... [ ] | | Tanker Keycard B........... [ ] | Anyway, jump down the two platforms now '---------------------------------' and rout the two dogs. Climb up the ladder to the left and you will find a bunch of Wooden Crates. There are a few more crates on the catwalk you are standing on. Procure everything and jump down to the level below and go up the small stairs up ahead. Head down the stairs at the end of the short catwalk and stick to the left. A few more dogs will peak out so blast them with your Shotgun. Immediately after disposing of the dogs, make a Quick Turn and you should see the Big Man Majini coming (it'll probably be too late). Start by taking him out and grabbing the Jewel Bangle. Continue along the path now and stick to the left. Move past the flag and jump down to the area below. Check out the two wooden crates. Take the path to the right now and take another right when you can. Keep going in this direction and then take a left. Go up to the big tank looking thing, and press the Action Button on the button to the left. Run through for a checkpoint. Go over to the wooden crates and procure the two N100 Gold. Climb up the ladder hit the Partner Action button push the junk up ahead. Now jump down towards the left. Turn to the right and climb up the ladder. Slash the Wooden Crate to the right and pick up the N100 Gold. Don't forget about the Green Herb. After procuring it, turn to the right for a Checkpoint. Immediately make another right and another Big Man Majini will attack. Quick dispose of it and also help Sheva take out the other one. Move on to the green ground and wait there. Sheva will shoot the switch soon, allowing you to ascend. Shoot the switch to the left of the lift for Sheva as well. Proceed to the path to the right and jump down to the area below. Drop down to below and look for the path to the left to jump down once more. Watch out for the jumping dog. Proceed up the nearby stairs and hit the Partner Action Button to the next area. Begin by grabbing the Machine Gun Ammo and Green Herb on the shelf. Now go down the stairs to the right, behind the shelf. Keep going down the stairs until you reach the very bottom. Slash the Wooden Crate and most importantly don't forget about the briefcase for the Jail Breaker shotgun. Now go to the marker to initiate a cut scene. After the scene, begin by kicking down the door in front. Turn to the left into the opening and have your Sniper Rifle ready. Start blasting away at the Majini. Take a quick scan of the whole room and pick them off. After that, continue down the catwalk and drop down to the area below. Proceed along and take cover behind the crates. As you fight to the middle of the crates, a brief cut scene will initiate. A Gatling Gun Majini will approach from the stairs to the right. Have your Shotgun ready, and don't be afraid to get nasty and get right in his grill. Shoot him with your weapon and go for the melee attack. Some really cool ones like the Haymaker and the Backhand can be used, so check them out! After taking him out, pick up the Tanker Keycard A. You're likely going to be on the stairs where the Gatling Gun Majini was, so move across to the stairs on the side of the marker (check your map), and move across the catwalk to the safe. Open it up for the second keycard. Go over to your marker and use the keycards to conclude the chapter. ______________ * Notes 1. If you come across a Majini that, after dying, has its whole body taken over by a parasite that doesn't resemble the Cephalo, you need to shoot the parasite on its leg to damage it. After a few shots, it will drop to its knees and reveal its head, at which point you must shoot its face. It's called a Duvalia, by the way. 2. If you are looking for the elusive Topaz (Oval) treasure, you must kill the Majini operating the crane (that eventually drops the cage on Sheva) at the very beginning the level and pick it up on the ground later. Check the Treasure Locations for details. +--------+ __ __) | ____/ | (, ) | / | || | | /| / | ||_ | | / |/ a l k t h r o u g h | |/\\ |+----|/--|----------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | ' -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [WK62]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | C h a p t e r 6 - 2 | This is going to be a pretty short chapter. +--------+------------------------' Begin by going down the stairs and taking | Green Herb................. [ ] | a right. Go towards the pile who knows what | Rifle Ammo................. [ ] | to activate a cut scene. | Chalice (Gold)............. [ ] | | Bridge Keycard............. [ ] | You're going to get one of those | Wooden Crate x 2........... [ ] | interactive sequences, but it's pretty '---------------------------------' simple. Begin by watching for the first Dodge (which will be the Action Button), almost immediately after that is the Partner Action Button. Then, Action Button again, and quickly Partner Action once more. After that, you'll have to hit the L1+R1 Buttons, before repeatedly tapping the Run Button to complete the sequence. Once inside, just sprint straight down the hallway, but be ready to hit the Duck Button when it's prompted. It will happen right before the Green Herb. Next, turn into the door immediately to the right and look for the opening to the left shortly after. Take the hallway for a bit, and another Duck sequence is coming up. Shortly after that, make your way through the door to the left. Inspect the two lockers for Rifle Ammo (you will soon need all the ammo you can get). After that, kick open the door to your right to emerge back into the hallways. Turn left and head towards the stairs while tapping the Action Button because one more Duck sequence will happen. Run up the stairs and turn left into the room. Look for the lockers; the one in the middle holds a Chalice (Gold). Grab the Green Herb on the table and leave the room. You should notice a Majini on the ground up above. If you have learned anything from this game, it should be that never believe a zombie on the ground is dead for a moment. Indeed, that Majini will spring to life, so blast it and continue down the hallway. Great-- more of them. If you have a few Grenades, this would be a good time to do something really, really cool. Either way, the Duvalia will drop a Bridge Keycard, so pick it up and head through the door at the end of the hallway. Use the Keycard on the door to the right and proceed up the stairs in this next room. Turn left up one more set of stairs and hit the Partner Action Button to emerge back outside. Procure the two nearby Wooden Crates, and head up the stairs and through the gate for a boss battle. _____) / )__+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ / x c e l l a G i o n n e /--------------------------------------' +--(_____)--------------------------+/ B o s s B a t t l e # 8 [BB08] | Chapter 6-2 | Am I the only one who was just a bit disappointed we don't '---------------' get to see that hot piece of ass anymore? Anyway... this fight will be fairly simple. It will help if you have some high powered weapons like an upgraded Shotgun or L.Hawk at your disposal. Begin by turning around and using the Bridge Keycard to grab the Stinger Missile. Now lock on to one of the four orange bulbs (you have to follow the bulb with your Right Analog stick as it moves to ensure it locks on), and fire a missile at the bulb to take one down instantly. Drop the Stinger temporarily and open fire on another bulb with one of your high-powered weapons. Try to see which bulb Sheva is attacking, so you can concentrate on one together to bring it down faster. Also keep an eye out for the little parasites she spits on to the deck. They will go down from even a single M92F shot, so save the heavy mustard for Excella. Work down the 4 orange bulbs and eventually she will show one giant bulb (you'll know when you see it). Pick up the Stinger Missile, lock-on, and fire a missile at it. She will now have this phase where all of her bulbs will be raised to the sky (and will change colour, to pink I think). At this point it is absolutely crucial that you shoot down one of them, otherwise it will be game over. After you shoot one of them down, the fight will reset, and you will have to shoot at the orange bulbs until she shows the big bulb again. At this point, you might find it useful to climb up the ladder, because all those parasites are probably filling up the bottom deck by now. You just need to repeat the process until this fight ends, and thus concluding the chapter. +--------+ __ __) | ____/ | (, ) | / | || | | /| / | ||_ | | / |/ a l k t h r o u g h | |/\\ |+----|/--|----------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | ' -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [WK61]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | C h a p t e r 6 - 3 | Kick open the gate and head down the stairs +--------+------------------------' below. Circle around to the ship door and | Power Stone x 2............ [ ] | hit the Partner Action button to initiate | Proximity Mine x 2......... [ ] | a cut scene. After watching it, run | First Aid Spray............ [ ] | straight ahead and take a right up the | Hangar Card A.............. [ ] | small stairs. Go to the elevator and take | Hangar Card B.............. [ ] | it to the floor below. Equip your Sniper | Diamond (Marquise)......... [ ] | Rifle and picck off the Majini below, to '---------------------------------' right and near the lever. Turn to the left and pick off the guy with the Stun Rod. across the room. Next, move to the left on the catwalk for a bit and rout the Majini below. Look to the right for another one between the two structures. Now continue to the catwalk on the left and jump down to the floor below. Go to the opening to the left that allows you to jump down. Before doing so, pick off the Majini down there, by the water. Jump down now and climb up the ladder. Go up the stairs to the right, and follow the path left. Pull the lever at the end to open the bulkhead. Turn around now, and go down the stairs and turn right. Two Majini will immediately charge. Go back to where the lever was, and have your weapon in aim mode for the incoming Cephalo--there should be two of them. Go down the stairs and take cover at the middle (of the three) structures and pick off the Majini up ahead. After jumping across to the other platform, watch out for the rocket launcher yielding Majini to the left. Clean up the rest of them and go pull on the lever to open another bulkhead. Make a Quick Turn and get ready for the incoming Reaper. As soon as it appears, open fire on its belly with your Shotgun to make quick work them. Pick up the Power Stones and just stay put right near the newly opened bulkhead door for now. Wait a bit until the Gatling Gun Majini appear from the ground on the platform across. If you have any Grenades, it's a good time to spam them all here, because they are pretty much useless for the final parts of the game. If you are getting in a lot of trouble, look for the ladder to go up to the catwalk above. There are two doors here, if you goto the one on the left, you will find two Proximity Mines on a table and a First Aid Spray. If you set the Proximity Mines at the foot of the door, as soon as the Gatling Gun Majini come in they will be dealt heavy damage. Follow with all the Grenades that you have with Shotgun Fire immediately behind it. I would also strongly recommend having your L.Hawk here, because it helps a lot. If you need Ammo, upgrade its capacity. __ __) (, ) | / | /| /+-----------------------------------------------------------------+ |/ |/ e s k e r /--------------------------------------' +-----/--|--------------------------+/ F i n a l B a t t l e [BB09] | Chapter 6-3 | All I can say is, here we go. Begin by immediately turning '---------------' to the right and running to this corner to find a lever. Pulling on it will turn off the light in this section. Run to each of the corners to shut off the lights, because this will help conceal you to be able to attack Wesker without him seeing and blinking away. After you have shut off all the lights, return to your starting point and you'll find a glass container holding a Rocket Launcher. You'll need to slash the glass with your knife, of course. Pick up the Rocket Launcher and pull up your map. Watch for the big blip again, which is Wesker. Get pretty close to him, but stay hidden. Use the structures in the middle to your advantage. When it looks like he's close enough for you to land a rocket, fire it at him and if you did it correctly, there will be a brief cinematic where he grabs the rocket with his hands and hold it off. Immediately sprint closer to him, and fire a shotgun shell (because it has splash damage) on the rocket--note that Sheva might have also fired at the rocket. Either way, it will blow up Wesker's face, and you need to immediately run up to him and hit the Action Button to Restrain him. If Sheva is nearby, and she should be, she will inject Wesker with the syringe, and finish him off. If Sheva wasn't close enough, Wesker will break free. If that's the case, return to the starting point and climb up the ladders. You'll find a glass case (similar to the one containing the Rocket Launcher) with a bunch of extra rockets in there, so go up there to grab another one and try again. After you pull it off successfully, you will initiate a cut scene. Don't get too comfortable watching this scene, because Wesker will eventually charge at Chris (it happens on the ship as immediately after he says "complete global saturation"). You should just be constantly tapping the Action Button (for Dodge) if you are not sure what I'm talking about. After that, follow the on-screen prompts that consist mostly of the Action Button, but the final action is L1+R1 to "save". When this scene concludes, it's time for the absolute final battle. +----+ | 1. | Volcano Stage +----+------------------------------------+ Begin by turning to the left and procuring the Wooden Crates. You will find some much-needed ammo here. After you've gotten everything, advance along the path to initiate a cut scene. +-------------------+ | Diamond (Marquis) | +-------------------+ If you want the Diamond (Marquis), turn around and go towards the bridge, but don't walk on it. Shoot the rock that appears to be the same type of rock as the bridge, and it sticks out to the right. Hit it a few times, and if you've done it correctly, the rock should collapse. Now walk on to the bridge, and let it collapse. Once you are on the bottom, turn to the left and jump along the rocks here. You should see it the Diamond now. Retrieve it and jump back to where you were when you dropped. +------------------+ | Battle continued | +------------------+ Whether you grabbed the Diamond (Marquis) or not, you still have Wesker to deal with. Begin by walking on to the bridge and allowing it to collapse. Move up the nearby hill and grab the Green Herb if you'd like. You will see Wesker approaching. Move to the ledge right next to the small hill so you can get a glimpse of his back as he moves up. After you see the sequence showing the glowing bulb behind his back, blast it and you will see some yellow fluid spill out. Hit him a few more times, and he will jump over to the ledge where Sheva is standing. Eventually she will be forced off the cliff and is in danger. Don't bother going to her, because you won't be able to. Instead, aim at Wesker and blast him a few times to get his attention to you. You will now have to hit the Square Button to dodge a few of his attacks to allow Sheva to get to safety. After that, drop down to the ledge below on the right, and begin pushing the boulder. Follow the on-screen sequences to push the boulder over. When Sheva gets to safety, spend the next little bit retreating to where you were when you dropped. This will initiate the final phase of the fight. When he does the thing where he sticks up his arm, you have to run behind him and blast his orange bulb. The best way to do this is to run past him and make a Quick Turn when you are behind (L.Hawk is invaluable in this fight). There are a couple of attacks you need to watch out for. One is when he sticks his arm into the ground. When he does this, he's trying to attack you with one of his tentacles, so just run around the arena and you should be fine. The next is a tentacle swing, it is usually accompanied with an on-screen prompt, so keep an eye out for that. You just need to repeat the process until you see the orange bulb in the front. At which point, when he sticks his arm up in the air, you must run up to him and press the Action Button to restrain him, while the other partner goes gangsta style on him. Alternatively, you can also defeat him by constantly blasting his orange bulb. Whichever method you choose, after you defeat him, there's one more on-screen prompt to do in the cut scene that follows, and the game is over. Sit back after that and watch the final cut scenes. Congrats! +--------+ __ __) | ____/ | (, /| / | || | / | / | ||_ | ) / |/ e w G a m e + | |/\\ |+--(_/---'----------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [WKNG]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | After you've cleared the game once, the next time you goto start a +--------+ new playthrough, you will see the option "New Game+" instead of "New Game." Playing a New Game+ will allow you to keep your entire Inventory, which you will receive when the Informant opens his briefcase of weapons in Chapter 1-1. Clearing the game once also opens the door to a bunch of goodies. In the Bonus Features menu, you will find Costumes, and the like, which you can purchase for 0 pints. They really are just rewards for shooting all 30 BSAA Emblems. You will also be allowed to play through the Mercenaries Mode, which you should be familiar with if you've played Resident Evil 4. You can unlock characters for that mode, and also accumulate points for spending in the Bonus Features menu. Finally, you will also have the Infinite Ammo option, which I want to go into some detail about because there will likely be questions about it. _____ (, / /+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ ___/__ n f i n i t e A m m o /----------------------------------' +--(__ /---------------------------------+/ H o w - t o & M o r e [WKIF] | New Game+ | You've probably noticed the Infinite Ammo option if you ever '------------' decided to re-play a chapter. The only problem is, it doesn't seem to do anything, you're wondering. I'm not sure why Capcom made this process with so many steps, but here is the breakdown on how to get the Infinite Ammo working: 1. Upgrade the gun you want Infinite Ammo for completely. IE, Damage, Capacity, Piercing, etc. Basically, this first step means that it will not be possible to upgrade the gun further in any way. 2. Go into the Bonus Features and you will find a list of things you can purchase with points. Note: these are points you accumulate by achieving ranks (S-Rank, B-Rank, etc), and shooting BSAA Emblems in the missions. Scroll down the list until you find the option buy Infinite Ammo for your weapon. The price will be heftier as the gun gets better. If you need more points, you can replay some easy chapters to accumulate them. 3. Go into the "Special Settings" menu now, and goto Infinite Ammo. Turn this on. 4. Start your game/the chapter of your choice, and change the Infinite Ammo Option to Yes. 5. If you've done it correctly, the weapon will have the infinite symbol in place of the amount of ammo remaining, and you do not have to reload. Having the infinite ammo is very helpful when you're going after Emblems or treasures because you can dispose of the enemies quickly and focus on the task at hand. Table of Infinite Ammo Prices ,--------------------------------------. | Weapon Name | Price | |---------------------------------------| | M92F [Handguns] | 6,000 pts | | H&K P8 | 10,000 pts | | SIG P226 | 10,000 pts | | M93R | 20,000 pts | | | | | Ithacha M37 [Shotguns]| 8,000 pts | | M3 | 12,000 pts | | Jail Breaker | 12,000 pts | | Hydra | 20,000 pts | | | | | Vz.61 [Machine Guns] | 6,000 pts | | AK-47 | 15,000 pts | | H&K MP5 | 10,000 pts | | SIG 556 | 15,000 pts | | | | | S75 [Sniper Rifles] | 15,000 pts | | Dragunov SVD | 15,000 pts | | H&K PSG-1 | 15,000 pts | | | | | S&W M29 [Magnums] | 15,000 pts | | L. Hawk | 15,000 pts | | S&W M500 | 20,000 pts | '---------------------------------------' ________________ *Notes 1. The Infinite Ammo does not work on Mercenaries Mode. 2. The Rocket Launcher requires a separate process completely to unlock unlimited ammo. You have to beat the game under 5 hours. 3. Gatling Gun and Longbow have infinite ammo the moment they are unlocked. Just be sure to turn on the option under Special Settings. 4. Having Infinite Ammo on would not stop you from earning trophies. IE if you need to complete the game on Professional, and you have Infinite Ammo on, you will still get the trophy. Whether you _should_ be doing it is another question altogether. +--------+ __ __) | ____/ | (, ) | / | || | | /| / | ||_ | | / |/ e a p o n s | |/\\ |+----|/--|----------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | ' -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [WP00]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | +--------+ +----+ | 1. | M92F Handgun +----+------------------------------------+ This is your primary handgun for the game. It is about as standard as they come, with a mediocre firing rate and damage done. However, it does come fully equipped with a laser sight, so it will make aiming a lot easier. You should of course take advantage of the accuracy of this weapon, and look to mix in some melee attacks whenever possible. The ammo of choice is of course the Handgun Ammo (what else). +----+ | 2. | .375 Rifle +----+------------------------------------+ The .375 is a weapon of range and power. There isn't much of a firing rate to speak of here. It is your standard Sniper Rifle, so it comes with an adjustable scope. Its shells are very powerful, so whenever you're taking on a heavy duty opponent, don't be afraid to break it out, even in close range. It will take a little more practice to be able to manuever it effectively from close range, but it's not something that should overwhelm you. You should get used to using it in short range because you will find that most of the time, you won't have too many opportunities to pick off the Majini from afar. That's just the nature of the game-- the enemies appear when you get there. As you can probably guess, you'll need the Rifle Ammo for the bullets. +----+ | 3. | Ithaca M37 +----+------------------------------------+ The M37 is your shotgun. It packs some serious heat in the shots, so it is absolutely your boss/mini-boss weapon. It also comes with some splash capabilities, so be sure to take advantage of that whenever you can. Whenever you feel like an enemy isn't taking damage from you, or a little overwhelmed from the number of opponents, the M37 is usually a nice remedy. +----+ | 4. | Vz.61 +----+------------------------------------+ Here is your submachine gun. Its power is nothing to get totally excited about, and neither is its effectiveness in my view. Resident Evil 5 seems to place some emphasis on power and accuracy (so you can use your melee attacks), and the Vz.61 doesn't seem to help you very much in that department. It is all right when you are facing a bunch of the Majini, and need to start spraying some shots at them. Other than that though, I would say it's a pretty average weapon. That could change when I get deeper into the game though. +--------+ ______ | ____/ | (, / ) | || | /---( | ||_ | ) / ____) S A A E m b l e m s | |/\\ |+--(_/-(------------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [BE00]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | All right, here are the 30 BSAA Emblem locations in the game. Again, +--------+ I have stressed the detail where necessary idea, because I felt adding 30+ links to the section kind of clogs it up. The instructions themselves are very detailed already so you should have no problem finding most of them. +---C h a p t e r 1 - 2---+ +----+ | 1. | BSAA Emblem #01 (1/3) +----+------------------------------------+ Go down the alley with the Majini who jumps out of the boxes. Turn right when you can and turn into the building that is locked from the inside through the door under the stairs. Go up the stairs and head out into the balcony immediately to the left. Go to the far end of the balcony and look across. Just beyond the sacks of flour, on the wall and immediately to the left of the pillar separating the two sides is the Emblem +----+ | 2. | BSAA Emblem #02 (2/3) +----+------------------------------------+ Right after defeating the blond woman, you have to make your way into the broken down building to continue the chapter. After navigating the basement level, you will come to some stairs leading upwards. Go up the stairs and turn right to find a dead BSAA soldier who is just about to collapse. Continue past him to find a ladder. As soon as you climb up the ladder look upwards towards the water tank. You will see it in the middle, between the wood crossings +----+ | 3. | BSAA Emblem #03 (3/3) +----+------------------------------------+ After the boss battle, you will have to go through the final hallway leading to the elevator and the conclusion of the chapter. If you turn to the right in the hallway, you can look through the fence and see the Emblem next to the left of the fan. It will be very easy to spot. +---C h a p t e r 2 - 1---+ +----+ | 4. | BSAA Emblem #04 (1/5) +----+------------------------------------+ You probably grabbed this one already. It's in the very first room of the chapter. You will see to the right of the door to leave, and to the left of the window with bars. +----+ | 5. | BSAA Emblem #05 (2/5) +----+------------------------------------+ After crossing the bridge with the truck, turn down the stairs to the left. As you go down the stairs though, look towards the structure with the white cloth and you will find the Emblem on the bottom right corner of the structure. +----+ | 6. | BSAA Emblem #06 (3/5) +----+------------------------------------+ After going through the tunnel with the dogs and you make your way to the market area with the Port Key (and the treasure chest in the centre of the stands), if you immediately turn right upon entering the market place, you will see a small stand. Go to the side with the window and the flames decoration at the bottom. Go right up to the window and aim up, you should see a slither of the Emblem here so blast it. +----+ | 7. | BSAA Emblem #07 (4/5) +----+------------------------------------+ Recall that after opening the gate with the Port Key, you can explore some boats before climbing up a small ladder to the next area. Immediately after climbing up the ladder, climb up another ladder to the right to get on top of a small house. Turn left to where the tire is and look across to the building across. In the second opening from the right, you will find the Emblem. +----+ | 8. | BSAA Emblem #086 (5/5) +----+------------------------------------+ Near the end of the chapter you will have to perform an Assisted Jump with Sheva and throw her to the roof of the building across the street. Before doing so, turn around and look to the roof, to the right. You will see that the Emblem is right in front of a little chimney with metal rods sticking out of it. +---C h a p t e r 2 - 2---+ +----+ | 9. | BSAA Emblem #09 (1/3) +----+------------------------------------+ Right in the beginning of the chapter, after dealing with the dogs and the traps for the first time, you will have to climb up a ladder to get on the top of the train cars. Jump to the train car immediately to the right. Now turn to the left and aim your Sniper Rifle to the electrical pole and look to the top, on the right to find this one. +-----+ | 10. | BSAA Emblem #10 (2/3) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Near the end of the pitch black tunnel, you'll find come to an area with waterfalls on both sides. Near the middle of the bridge, turn to the right and look towards the water here to spot the Emblem. +-----+ | 11. | BSAA Emblem #11 (3/3) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Near the end of the chapter, after climbing up the long ladder, if you turn to the left there's a Majini and a rock. Instead of going over to the rock, stay near the top of the ladder, and look towards the several buildings in the distance. You should see a set of buildings that look kind of like a staircase. Well, on the "step" on the very bottom, you will find the Emblem there, against the wall of the second "step". Images: http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2604/62/122/1605201501/n1605201501 _30131203_1185856.jpg http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2604/62/122/1605201501/n1605201501 _30131223_5342578.jpg +---C h a p t e r 3 - 1---+ +-----+ | 12. | BSAA Emblem #12 (1/4) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Right at the beginning of the chapter, turn left with your Sniper Rifle and look far across to the electrical pole and aim towards the middle to blast this. It will take a few tries. Images: http://photos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2604/62/122/1605201501/n1605201501 _30131205_3790502.jpg http://photos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2604/62/122/1605201501/n1605201501 _30131206_1981356.jpg +-----+ | 13. | BSAA Emblem #13 (2/4) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Drive your boat to the top-left tip of the map to find a secret hideout. Go to the hut and look up inside, you will find the Emblem in the very middle. +-----+ | 14. | BSAA Emblem #14 (3/4) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Drive your boat to the very middle of the map to find the chicken farm. Get off your boat and don't move too much. The BSAA Emblem is under the hut on this island. Get out your Sniper Rifle and look under the hut from the wooden catwalk. You'll have to look a little bit to the right to get a good shot. You can get a good glimpse of the emblem if you drive your boat to the back of the hut. +-----+ | 15. | BSAA Emblem #15 (4/4) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Secure all of the ancient artefacts from the islands in the beginning so you can open the door at the marker. Jump into the swamp and turn to the right. You will see the Emblem in a little window if you look towards the wall of the wooden walk you just jumped down from. +---C h a p t e r 3 - 2---+ +-----+ | 16. | BSAA Emblem #16 (1/2) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Make your way to the area with the Tricell tents. Head into the first tent to the right and leave through the back. Once outside, turn left and look to the space between the two tents. You will see the Emblem tucked away here. +-----+ | 17. | BSAA Emblem #17 (2/2) +-----+-----------------------------------+ When Captain Joseph secures the boat on the other side of the dock and the timer starts, make a Quick Turn and turn into the little building to the right. You will find the emblem in the corner of the wall to the right. +---C h a p t e r 3 - 3---+ +-----+ | 18. | BSAA Emblem #18 (1/1) +-----+-----------------------------------+ When the boat stops for the first time, jump on to the catwalk to the left. Fight your way up the catwalk and face the opening that your boat came from. Notice the elevated platform above. Look just under that platform and you will see just a sliver of the Emblem peeking out. Images: http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2604/62/122/1605201501/n1605201501 _30131207_1995137.jpg http://photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2604/62/122/1605201501/n1605201501 _30131208_2379447.jpg +---C h a p t e r 4 - 1---+ +-----+ | 19. | BSAA Emblem #19 (1/3) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Make your way through the opening and you should soon come to the scene showing the entrance of the Bui Kichwa (spider enemies). Dispose of them and move past the ladder, sticking to the right. Turn right again and look for the waterfall in the distance. Go up to the wooden railing and look for the Emblem in the corner to the right of the waterfall. +-----+ | 20. | BSAA Emblem #20 (2/3) +-----+-----------------------------------+ After navigating the opening cave involving the spiders (see Emblem #18), it will take you to a door. Head through the door and you will be standing on a balcony in an ancient ruins area. Look towards the left at the object reflecting the sunlight. Look below it with your Sniper Rifle to see the Emblem in the middle. +-----+ | 21. | BSAA Emblem #21 (3/3) +-----+-----------------------------------+ After pulling on the chains to reveal the large staircase, head on through. As soon as you descend this first set of stairs, turn to the left and look above with your Sniper Rifle. You will find the Emblem on the wall. Images: http://photos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2604/62/122/1605201501/n1605201501 _30131209_1895548.jpg http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2604/62/122/1605201501/n1605201501 _30131223_5342578.jpg +---C h a p t e r 4 - 2---+ +-----+ | 22. | BSAA Emblem #22 (1/1) +-----+-----------------------------------+ You will find this one in the final puzzle room of the chapter. After descending on your elevator, run across the room behind the statue. Dispose of the Bui Kichwa (spiders) and turn around facing the opening you came from. Look above the opening and you should see it. +---C h a p t e r 5 - 1---+ +-----+ | 23. | BSAA Emblem #23 (1/1) +-----+-----------------------------------+ This one is found in the very first room of the chapter. Identify the catwalk that will allow you to cross to the next area. Instead of taking it though, circle around ground below until you are blocked by some pipes. Look under the catwalk and you will find this one hovering above the stream. +---C h a p t e r 5 - 2---+ +-----+ | 24. | BSAA Emblem #24 (1/1) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Make your way to the room that has the briefcase containing the SIG-556. To the left of the SIG-556 are a couple of dumpsters. One of them has its lid open, peek inside here to find the emblem. +---C h a p t e r 5 - 3---+ +-----+ | 25. | BSAA Emblem #25 (1/3) +-----+-----------------------------------+ At the very first room of the chapter, head through the newly opened door into the next room. The emblem is here. You will see a couple of huge fans on the wall in here. Go right up against the barricades blocking the fans and look at the fan on the right. Keep looking at a few spots left of that fan on the right and you should see the Emblem peek through as the fan is doing its rotations. +-----+ | 26. | BSAA Emblem #26 (2/3) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Make your way to the room with the rotating elevator, but doing activate it just yet. Instead, go up to the control console, look above, and slowly look left (so you are slowly looking behind you). The first balcony you see is where the Emblem is. The Emblem is attached to the bottom of the balcony so look there. +-----+ | 27. | BSAA Emblem #27 (3/3) +-----+-----------------------------------+ This is probably the easiest of the three in this chapter. Make your way to the final room before the boss battle, the one with the bridge and the massive Licker Beta (frog) attacks. As soon as you enter the room, turn to the elevator on the left, and circle around the squared-hole until you are stopped by a wooden palette. Aim towards the hole under the elevator and it will be right there. +---C h a p t e r 6 - 1---+ +-----+ | 28. | BSAA Emblem #28 (1/3) +-----+-----------------------------------+ This one is completely hidden. Near the start of the chapter, make your way to the platform where you can climb up the long ladder, but don't climb up. Instead, face the side opposite of the flag and take note of the twin exhaust pipes directly ahead. Look between them with your Sniper Rifle to see a very long pillar in the distance. Aim to the very top of that pillar and you should see the BSAA Emblem glinting. Blast it to lock up this elusive emblem. Images: http://photos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2604/62/122/1605201501/n1605201501 _30131237_7805691.jpg http://photos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2604/62/122/1605201501/n1605201501 _30131238_5170003.jpg +-----+ | 29. | BSAA Emblem #29 (2/3) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Make your way to the area where Sheva gets captured by the cage. Turn to the left of the Sheva's cage and you will find some Majini pour out of the storage crate above. Have a Hand Grenade handy and throw it into the storage crate to procure this elusive emblem. +-----+ | 30. | BSAA Emblem #30 (3/3) +-----+-----------------------------------+ As soon as the scene with Excella is over, turn to the right and look above into those cabinets on the wall. You will find the Emblem here. Blast it for the final gem of this glorified witch hunt. +--------+ ________) | ____/ | (, / | || | / | ||_ | ) / r e a s u r e L o c a t i o n s | |/\\ |+---/---------------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | (_/ -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [TL00]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| |This is the first section I've worked on since my stupid school work +--------+hiatus. Everything might seem a little rushed, because it's like 1 AM in the morning here (just a few hours away from the NA release!) I hope you understand enough of them to find these instructions useful. A better version is coming soon, I promise! (Update: I have since updated all the instructions). Note that this section will help you obtain the silver trophy "They Belong in a Museum". Remember that you do NOT have to keep the treasures after finding them. You can sell them and still obtain the trophy! +----+ | 1. | Gold Ring +----+------------------------------------+ I've run into this one on multiple occasions, but this location is to take out the Executioner. Taking him out within the 5 minute window or so might be difficult at first, but try to throw everything you have at him--Grenades, Sniper Rifle, etc. The more powerful the weapon the better. +----+ | 2. | Ivory Relief +----+------------------------------------+ Take care of the blond woman (turns out to be a Cephalo) who initially asks for help in Chapter 1-2 and she will drop this. +----+ | 3. | Dead Bride's Necklace +----+------------------------------------+ After restoring the power of the conveyor belt in Chapter 5-2, if you run on the black strip between the conveyor belts farthest from the lever (IE, not the conveyor belt you initially drop down on), you should be able to pick this one up. Also in Chapter 5-2, recall that there are some Majini with Rocket Launchers blocking the hallway leading to the Tricell elevator to the end of the chapter. The Majini in this room will drop this one. +----+ | 4. | Royal Necklace +----+------------------------------------+ About halfway through Chapter 5-3, you will encounter some Majini with Rocket Launchers guarding the control room. You will find the Royal Necklace on the desk and in a briefcase, in addition to a Green Herb. +----+ | 5. | Jewel Bangle +----+------------------------------------+ This one is dropped by chance by a Big Man Majini. If you don't know which one that is, it's the really fat one who attacks with punches. +----+ | 6. | Venom Fang +----+------------------------------------+ This one is dropped by any Chainsaw Majini after the first one you encounter. I picked mine up in Chapter 3-2. +----+ | 7. | Antique Clock +----+------------------------------------+ In Chapter 2-1, recall that there's an alley where a Majini jumps out from the boxes. Also recall that there's a building that's locked from the inside. If you continue down this alley, and turn right, you will be able to enter the building through the door under the stairs. Once inside, go up the stairs, turn right past the television and to the balcony. Open the treasure chest to the left to the left to find it. +----+ | 8. | Chalice (Silver) +----+------------------------------------+ In Chapter 3-1, drive your boat to the very top-left tip of your map. You will find a little island with a hut. Climb the ladder and you will find this one in a treasure chest. +----+ | 9. | Chalice (Gold) +----+------------------------------------+ You'll find this one in Chapter 5-3, in the lockers in the room right before the boss battle. You will also find the Topaz (Brilliant) right above the exit to the boss battle. +-----+ | 10. | Idol (Silver) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Recall in Chapter 3-1 there are two assisted jumps for Sheva. The first jump is to the left, which holds the Idol (Silver) you are seeking, and the second is one of the slates needed to open the door. All of this takes place in the island at the very top of the map. +-----+ | 11. | Idol (Gold) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Recall the mirror puzzles in Chapter 4-2. If you direct the beam of light to the statue instead of turning the mirror to solve the puzzle, this will unlock a bunch of treasure chambers. You will find the Idol (Gold) in one of those. If you forgot how to work the puzzle, goto the walkthrough. +-----+ | 12. | Ceremonial Mask +-----+-----------------------------------+ At the end of Chapter 3-1, recall that there is a tunnel near the conclusion of the chapter, just before the trolley. You will find a treasure chest inside containing this one. +-----+ | 13. | Jewel Beetle +-----+-----------------------------------+ You'll find this one in Chapter 3-2. It's by the water pipe in the area with the two Tricell tents. +-----+ | 14. | Beetle (Brown) +-----+-----------------------------------+ You'll find this one on the abandoned ship in Chapter 3-1. You can reach the ship by driving to the top left of the map. It's right before the secret hideout that hides the Chalice (Silver) and the BSAA Emblem. +-----+ | 15. | Beetle (Gold) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Recall the mirror puzzles in Chapter 4-2. If you direct the beam of light to the statue instead of turning the mirror to solve the puzzle, this will unlock a bunch of treasure chambers. You will find the Beetle (Gold) in one of those. +-----+ | 16. | Topaz (Pear) +-----+-----------------------------------+ There are a bunch of these lying around. First one to note is in Chapter 2-1. You find this one in one of the corners by the boat. +-----+ | 17. | Ruby (Pear) +-----+-----------------------------------+ There are a lot of these ones as well. You'll find one right at the very beginning of Chapter 3-1, if you slash the skull with your knife. +-----+ | 18. | Sapphire (Pear) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Just in case you need help finding this one, you'll find one in Chapter 4-1, near the boss fight. Recall that there are some chains near the end of the chapter. If you pull on them, they will trigger a set of stairs to appear. You'll find the Sapphire (pear) in the upper level. +-----+ | 19. | Emerald (Pear) +-----+-----------------------------------+ These are all over the place. After defeating the Chainsaw Majini in Chapter 2- 1, and you grab the Guard's Key from it, you'll find a treasure chest at the corner of the alley. The treasure is in there. +-----+ | 20. | Diamond (Pear) +-----+-----------------------------------+ In Chapter 2-2, recall that there's a stationary machine gun for your use. If you make your way to the long ladder behind it, you should be able to see a shiny object on top. Blast it, and that's the Diamond (Pear). Go directly to Diamond (Square). +-----+ | 21. | Topaz (Square) +-----+-----------------------------------+ You'll find one at the beginning of Chapter 4-1, among other places. Shortly after entering the village at the beginning, you'll have to eventually drop down a ledge, before dropping down again. You should be able to identify a shiny object here, so blast it for the Topaz. +-----+ | 22. | Ruby (Square) +-----+-----------------------------------+ You'll find it in the treasure chest after defeating the Chainsaw Majini for the first time in Chapter 2-1. +-----+ | 23. | Sapphire (Square) +-----+-----------------------------------+ You'll find one right at the beginning of Chapter 4-2. Look for in a torch in one of the various alcoves in the beginning of the chapter. +-----+ | 24. | Emerald (Square) +-----+-----------------------------------+ You'll find one of these as you complete the statue puzzle in Chapter 4-1. Lots of these lying around. +-----+ | 25. | Diamond (Square) +-----+-----------------------------------+ In Chapter 2-2, recall that there is a series of two Assisted Jumps. Circle up the hill and drop down on to the ledge that you helped Sheva jumped on. Look on the mountain wall to the top-left. You will see a shiny object here so blast it and the treasure will conveniently drop on to the ledge you are standing on. +-----+ | 26. | Topaz (Oval) +-----+-----------------------------------+ In Chapter 6-1, recall that Sheva will caught by a cage near the start, by some Majini operating a crane. Your goal is to prevent this from actually happening, and here's how: When you go for the Topaz, begin the chapter and work your way up the stairs to the right and climb up the initial ladder. Climb up the long ladder on this platform so you can get all the way to the top. Go to the railing where the wooden crates are, and look outwards with your Sniper Rifle. There's a Majini on the right, near the bottom. Pick him off and keep looking above him until you see another Majini at the very top. Blast him, and he's the one who drops the Topaz. Also look for the Crane Operator so you don't have to waste time to lift it yourself. This step is optional though. After that, make your way to the area that requires the Keycard, and do the sequence where you have to push the junk. After pushing it, drop down to the left and climb up the ladder directly in front. The Topaz (Oval) should be around where that lone Green Herb is. +-----+ | 27. | Ruby (Oval) +-----+-----------------------------------+ You'll find it right at the end of Chapter 4-1, before the boss battle. Go to the final (red) statue, and you'll find the treasure after pulling on the chains. +-----+ | 28. | Sapphire (Oval) +-----+-----------------------------------+ During the first encounter with Wesker and ____ in Chapter 5-3, there's the sequence where Wesker kicks you through the door. Turn around and sprint through the corridor into the room containing the coffins. You'll find it in a pot on a shelf to the right, shortly after entering the first room with the coffins. +-----+ | 29. | Emerald (Oval) +-----+-----------------------------------+ During the first encounter with Wesker and ____ in Chapter 5-3, there's the sequence where Wesker kicks you through the door. Turn around and sprint through the corridor into the room containing the coffins. Search through the coffins that require an assist to open before you find it. +-----+ | 30. | Diamond (Oval) +-----+-----------------------------------+ This one is in the Mines of Chapter 2-2. As you make your way through the mines, and begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, keep looking for a path to the left that will lead you to the treasure chest containing this one. +-----+ | 31. | Topaz (Trilliant) +-----+-----------------------------------+ You'll find it in Chapter 4-1, right at the beginning. Recall that there's a ladder right at the start of the chapter. Instead of climbing up, explore the area on the ground first. You should be able to see a single pot after going left for a while. Turn to the left of _that_ to find a secret ledge leading to the treasure chest. +-----+ | 32. | Ruby (Trilliant) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Recall that in Chapter 4-1 there are a series of sarcophaguses (or coffins). After you find the last one, it'll drop you down to a tomb where you are ambushed by enemies. There's treasure chest down here that holds this one. Don't leave until you find it. +-----+ | 33. | Sapphire (Trilliant) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Same as above, except it's in another treasure chest in one of the paths down in Chapter 4-1. +-----+ | 34. | Emerald (Trilliant) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Same as above, except it's in another treasure chest in one of the paths down in Chapter 4-1. +-----+ | 35. | Diamond (Trilliant) +-----+-----------------------------------+ After inserting the final Emblem in Chapter 4-2, shoot this one above the doorway before you leave. +-----+ | 36. | Topaz (Brilliant) +-----+-----------------------------------+ You'll find it in Chapter 5-3, right after lowering the bridge by pulling the lever inside the locked room, look for it above the doorway before entering the door. +-----+ | 37. | Ruby (Brilliant) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Recall that there's a room with a rotating elevator in Chapter 5-3. Leave this room on the catwalk and goto the door. Open it, and keep looking towards the ceiling as you move through this area. You will see the treasure glinting near the final light of the exit of the tunnel, in the sand area. +-----+ | 38. | Sapphire (Brilliant) +-----+-----------------------------------+ During the first encounter with Wesker and ____ in Chapter 5-3, there's the sequence where Wesker kicks you through the door. Turn around and sprint through the corridor into the room containing the coffins. Search through the coffins and you'll soon find one that's similar to what you opened in Chapter 4. You'll need Sheva to help you out. +-----+ | 39. | Emerald (Brilliant) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Right at the beginning of the boss fight with _____ (without Wesker), sprint up the staircase to the right. Keep following the path right until you see a bunch of pots. You'll find it in there. +-----+ | 40. | Diamond (Brilliant) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Recall in Chapter 2-2 that there's a machine gun the Majini attack you with. After you dispose of the guy using the machine gun, make your way outside and towards the gun. Look for a small ladder to the left, shortly before the platform where the machine gun is, and you'll find the treasure chest to the left of that. +-----+ | 41. | Topaz (Marquise) +-----+-----------------------------------+ In Chapter 1-1, recall that there's a point where you have to jump through a window, before getting attacked by a swarm of Majini. Instead of running like usual, stay put and open fire on them. After you have defeated all of them, you will get the Topaz. It really helps if you have a weapon with Infinite Ammo here. If you want to learn how, read the Infinite Ammo section. +-----+ | 42. | Ruby (Marquise) +-----+-----------------------------------+ In Chapter 2-1, recall that you have to shoot the Port Key from a dead body. Shortly before that, there is a market stand with a treasure chest in it. The only way to grab it is to throw a grenade at the stand and destroy it. +-----+ | 43. | Sapphire (Marquise) +-----+-----------------------------------+ You'll find this one in the beginning of Chapter 5-3. Head through the opening and go up the stairs. Take the path to the left to the room with the x-rays. You'll find this one in the safe to the left when you come in. +-----+ | 44. | Emerald (Marquise) +-----+-----------------------------------+ This one is in the beginning of Chapter 3-3. Make your way to the machine guns, and find the ladder above the gate that leads to the next area. There's a little house between the two machine guns and you'll find the treasure in there. +-----+ | 45. | Diamond (Marquise) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Recall that in Chapter 6-3, Wesker will eventually take you to the volcano. Also recall that there's a bridge that collapses in the beginning. Begin the search for this one right BEFORE stepping on to the bridge and collapsing it: Turn around and go towards the bridge, but don't walk on it. Shoot the rock that appears to be the same type of rock as the bridge, and it sticks out to the right. Hit it a few times, and if you've done it correctly, the rock should collapse. Now walk on to the bridge, and let it collapse. Once you are on the bottom, turn to the left and jump along the rocks here. You should see it the Diamond now. Retrieve it and jump back to where you were when you dropped. +-----+ | 46. | Power Stone +-----+-----------------------------------+ You'll have to kill a Reaper to pick this one up. The Reaper is that large insect that's capable of creating a duplicate of itself. They make their first appearance in Chapter 5-2, so look there. +-----+ | 47. | Lion Heart +-----+-----------------------------------+ These are dropped by Licker Betas. They are blind, and you will find them in the beginning of Chapter 5-1. +-----+ | 48. | Blue Enigma +-----+-----------------------------------+ These are dropped by the Giant Majini. You'll find them at the end of Chapter 3-1. +-----+ | 49. | Soul Gem +-----+-----------------------------------+ Kill the boss in Chapter 4-1 without going up stairs. Instead, you will need to do so by wearing it down with your guns and grenades. +-----+ | 50. | Heart of Africa +-----+-----------------------------------+ You will find this one in the fight against Wesker and ____. I highly recommend purchasing a Rocket Launcher for this. If you can't afford it, you can find one on the abandoned ship in Chapter 3-1 (the ship can be found by driving to the top-left of the map). After the battle begins, Investigate that door to the right, and Wesker will kick you through. Go into hiding, and when Wesker isn't looking, shoot him with the rocket. He will catch it, so blast the rocket to create a huge explosion. Go up to him with your Shotgun, or L.Hawk, and start blasting away. If you've done it correctly, the fight will end immediately. It's now time to battle with ____, go down the stairs and you will find the Heart of Africa between the two set of stairs. This should also earn you the Bad Blood trophy. +--------+ ________) | ____/ | (, / | || | / | ||_ | ) / r o p h i e s | |/\\ |+---/---------------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | (_/ -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [TR00]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| |Here is the list of Trophies, just for your reference. I will +--------+have some strategies to get each of these as the FAQ progresses. For now, I have just listed them so you don't have to keep pausing the game to check the PSN while playing. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Completion Trophies (21 Total) ,----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | T r o p h y N a m e | R e q u i r e m e n t s | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Resident Evil 5 Platinum Trophy | Obtain all trophies in the game. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 1-1 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 1-1 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 1-2 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 1-2 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 2-1 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 2-1 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 2-2 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 2-2 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 2-3 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 2-3 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 3-1 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 3-1 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 3-2 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 3-1 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 3-3 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 3-3 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 4-1 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 4-1 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 4-1 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 4-2 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 5-1 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 5-1 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 5-2 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 5-2 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 5-3 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 5-3 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 6-1 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 6-1 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 6-2 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 6-2 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Completed Chapter 6-3 (Bronze) | Complete Chapter 6-3 on any difficulty. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Recruit (Bronze) | Complete all chapters on Amateur.* | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Soldier (Bronze) | Complete all chapters on Normal.* | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Veteran (Silver) | Complete all chapters on Veteran. | |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Secret Trophy - War Hero (Gold) | Complete all chapters on Professional. | '-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' * You can also get these trophies playing on the higher difficulty. E.g. if you complete the game on Normal, you will get the Recruit trophy as well. +-----+ | 22. | Egg Hunt (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Find all 4 types of eggs (equip all 4 in your inventory to receive this trophy). The four types of eggs are: 1)White, 2)Brown, 3)Rotten, and 4)Gold. Rotten eggs are predominately dropped by the Majini, you will find a bunch of them in Chapter 4-1 and 4-2. So begin by doing a play through of the chapter until you pick one up. The next place to be is the Chicken Farm in Chapter 3-1. The Chicken farm is in the middle of the map when you are in the boat, so drive there. If you haven't already, you can secure the White Egg to the right of the hut, outside. Now wait for about a minute and look for one of the chickens to lay a Gold egg. After a minute has passed and there are no eggs, get back on your boat and get right back to the chicken farm. Keep waiting for about a minute for the eggs and coming back when there's nothing. You can also find the Brown egg here. +-----+ | 23. | All Dressed Up (Silver) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Purchase all available alternative costumes in Bonus Features. - To get this one you have to first shoot all 30 Emblems so all the Bonus Features are available to you. All you have to do then is to into Bonus Features and "Purchase" all of the costumes for 0 pts each. Note that you will not receive the trophy until you do that last step. +-----+ | 24. | Stockpile (Silver) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Obtain all available weapons. - Self explanatory. There are some "secret" weapons that can only be obtained if you upgrade these weapons to the max: * M92F Pistol - Unlocks the [Beretta 83R] * S&W M29 Magnum - Unlocks the [S&W 500 Magnum] * Ithaca M93 Shotgun - Unlocks the [Hydra Triple Barrel Shotgun] * VZ61 Machine Gun - Unlocks the [Gatling Gun] (for Chris only) * S75 Rifle - Unlocks the [Longbow] (for Sheva only) Once you've unlocked each weapon you have to buy them from the Inventory. +-----+ | 25. | Take It to the Max (Silver) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Completely upgrade all weapons. - Pretty self-explanatory again. Upgrading weapons require Gold, so do a few treasure hunt runs (using the Treasure section of the FAQ) to assist you. +-----+ | 26. | They Belong in a Museum (Silver) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Obtain all treasures in the game. +-----+ | 27. | Badge of Honor (Silver) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Find all the BSAA emblems. +-----+ | 28. | They're ACTION Figures! (Silver) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Collect all the figurines. - Figurines can bought from the Bonus Features menu. You must first have shot all 30 Emblems so every figurine is available to you. Also, you need to clear the game on Veteran. Buying the figures will require points (by achieving ranks in the missions or Mercenaries). +-----+ | 29. | A Friend in Need (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Save partner 10 times when HELP is displayed. - You will probably get this one as you play through the game. There really isn't any trick to it. +-----+ | 30. | Lifeguard (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Save partner 10 times when DYING is displayed. - Same as above. +-----+ | 31. | Exploding Heads (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Pull off 20 headshots. - I'm not too sure on this but I think they have to be critical headshots. Either way you should probably have this by the time you beat the game. +-----+ | 32. | A Cut Above (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat 5 enemies with the Knife. - The best way to achieve this one is in Chapter 1-1. When you make it into the house in Public Assembly, and the Majini start pouring in, if you go up to the window you can keep slashing them as they try to climb in. You won't get hurt from the ones trying to come into the window, but watch out for the other guys who come in from the door. +-----+ | 33. | Cattle Prod (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat 30 enemies with the Stun rod. - The Stun Rod can be bought from the Inventory Menu after completing Chapter 2-3. +-----+ | 34. | Crowd Control (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat 30 enemies with the Gatling gun. - As mentioned above, the Gatling Gun is unlocked after you upgrade the Vz.61 to the max. You must then purchase it for 50,000 points. +-----+ | 35. | Bull's-eye (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat 30 enemies with the Longbow. - As mentioned above, the Longbow is unlocked after upgrading the S75 Rifle to the max. +-----+ | 36. | Get Physical (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat 20 enemies with physical attacks. - This is another trophy you will probably end up with during the course of your playthrough. Physical attacks mean melee attacks, of course. +-----+ | 37. | The Works (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Chain the maximum number of combos together in one go. Here's a very good strategy by ResidentGear31 of the GameFAQs Message Boards: 1. To start, you need a few Flash grenades, I took 5 in case, and a second controller. That's it! 2. Start a game on chapter 2-1 on Amateur. Press start on the second controller. 3. Go outside the starting room and clear the area with Chris until you get to the part where you have to drop down off a container into the large area with a few dogs and the fat man Majini. Stop with Chris and don't drop off the ledge yet. 4. Pick up the second controller and run Sheva to where Chris is standing on the container. Make Sheva drop off the ledge and then back her into the corner right behind you and have her face towards the opening. Place the controller right near you within reach. 5. Pick up the first controller and have Chris enter the area and start killing the dogs and everything else EXCEPT the fat man majini. 6. When the fatman is alone lure him into the narrow alley where Sheva is standing while backing Chris near Sheva. 7. As the fat man nears Chris and attempts an attack run behind him, he's very slow on Amateur, and throw a flash grenade. Feel free to throw other flash grenades too to set yourself up properly. You want to get it where the fat man is between Chris and Sheva with them both facing him. 8. As the fat man is stunned from the flash run up to him with Chris and press square to start the combo. Quickly pick up, or leave it on the couch next to you, the second controller for Sheva and press square for the second hit. Then press square on the first controller with Chris to finish the combo and get your trophy! - If you screwed up or messed up somehow just pause and restart. The check point is right before you drop down off the container so it's very fast to reload and try again. You can do this on any difficulty but Amateur is obviously the easiest. +-----+ | 38. | Lead Aspirin (Silver) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat a Majini with a headshot while it's jumping. - This can be a little difficult. You need to get a critical hit head shot (blast somebody's head off) while they are jumping either from above or towards you. It's probably easier to get this while they are jumping towards you. Equip your fully uploaded shotgun and go to Chapter 1-1. Recall when you are waiting for Kirk to blow open the gate that there's this little gap up the stairs and along the fence. This is also a Majini spawning point. If the Shotgun isn't working out, try a fully upgraded Critical M92F. +-----+ | 39. | Fireworks (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Shoot an enemy Molotov cocktail, dynamite stick, or hand grenade. - You will find many Majini who have explosives, predominately in the earlier chapters. Your goal is to shoot them when they are thrown at you, or when they are still holding on to them. Won't be too difficult to do. +-----+ | 40. | Be the Knife (Silver) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Deflect a bow gun arrow with your knife. +-----+ | 41. | Meat Shower (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat 3 Majini with one grenade or proximity bomb. +-----+ | 42. | Go into the Light (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat 2 enemies with one flash grenade. +-----+ | 43. | Ride the Lightning (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat a Majini using the electric current from a transformer. - The transformer are those electric boxes found on the floor. You will find one on the foot of the long stairs during the battle with the Chainsaw Majini. +-----+ | 44. | Stop, Drop, & Roll (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat 3 Majini at once by setting oil canisters on fire. - Oil canisters refer to the silver tanks in Chapter 3-3, so the best place to look is there. +-----+ | 45. | Baptism by Fire (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat 3 Majini at once with a drum or gas tank explosion. +-----+ | 46. | Masters of Removing (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Work together to save someone special. - You will get this one after completing Chapter 5-3. +-----+ | 47. | Secret Trophy - Bad Blood (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ During the first fight with Wesker, get kicked through the door. Then, damage him enough to end the fight immediately. The best way to do this is to use a Rocket Launcher, and blow it up, then blast him until it is over. +-----+ | 48. | Drive By (Silver) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Stop an armored truck by taking out the driver. - You will get this one on the long bridge in Chapter 2-2. +-----+ | 49. | Egg on Your Face (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat a Majini with a rotten egg. - Shoot the Majini a few times with a weapon, and finish it off by throwing the Rotten Egg. +-----+ | 50. | Heart Stopper (Bronze) +-----+-----------------------------------+ Defeat Licker Beta (the frog) by stabbing it in the heart. You first need to knock it on to its back by blasting it with a Shotgun. Then, stand over it and keep pressing the Action Button close. You will soon get the prompt to stab, which will earn you the trophy. +-----+ | 51. | Who Do You Trust? +-----+-----------------------------------+ Build up a high level of trust with your partner. - You can do this by "thanking" Sheva by hitting the Partner Action button. You can only thank her when she: 1. Gives Chris Ammo. 2. Heals Chris. 3. When Sheva gets a critical hit headshot. If you are having trouble, try starting a mission with Sheva having an empty inventory. Find a secluded spot and give her all of your items/weapons. Then, request for them back and keep thanking her. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +--------+ __ __) | ____/ | (, /| /| | || | / | / | | ||_ | ) / |/ |_ e r c e n a r i e s I n - d e p t h | |/\\ |+-(_/---'-----------------------------------------------------------+ | )) | -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+- [MR00]| | // |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | \| | Welcome to the Mercenaries section, everyone! Merceneries is +--------+ absolutely my favourite aspect of Resident Evil, and I play it whenever I can. Unfortunately, we are just about to head into finals season, so again, we're probably going to experience some delays in the progress department. However, I spent the last few days coming up with some maps and laying the ground work for you to succeed. I know I'm going to enjoy writing this section, so happy reading! Note that when this section is complete, it's going to follow the format of Public Assembly, detailing each time bonus, combo time, and chicken. But for now they will just be the maps as I work through them. +----+ | 1. | Important Ranks +----+------------------------------------+ Here are the two important ranks for Mercenaries. Everything below these two are kind of pointless: A Rank: 40,000 pts (Unlocks new character) B Rank: 20,000 pts (Unlocks new stage) +----+ | 2. | Basics (point form for now) +----+------------------------------------+ - The maps detail all the floors. So by default, you are not going to be able to identify each structure until you go up some stairs, or down some stairs. - ===, |||, etc represent stairs on the maps - # represents unwalkable terrain - The name of the game is to rout as many enemies as you can. Standard enemies will earn you 300-400 points per kill, while B.O.W's (Cephalo, Licker Beta, Big Man Majini) will earn you 800-1000 points and Bosses (Giant Majini, Chainsaw Majini) will earn you anywhere from 5000 to 10 000 pts. - It is ideal for you to "combo" the enemies as well. This means to kill each enemy within about a 10 second window to keep the combo going. - Combo Time markers (c on the maps), when activated, will add 1000 points to each combo kill. - If you discard a gun (ie your handgun) the enemies will no longer drop that ammo. This is ideal if you have a machine gun or a shotgun. - You can reload with the inventory by moving (Action Button) the ammo on to the weapon. You can do this at ANY time, whether you are climbing up ladders, getting attacked by enemies, etc - Don't pick up every grenade you see. Hand Grenades are good enough. Flash Grenades are also very useful, because they can bring down the B.O.W.'s with one explosion. - Be very mindful of Cephalo/Duvali. These guys can be really annoying because they are essentially "combo breakers". If you see a parasite exploding out of a Majini's head, either unload a Flash Grenade immediately, or take 1 shot at the B.O.W, then kill a basic Majini before going back to the B.O.W again to keep your combo going. - You get a 5 second bonus for killing an enemy with a melee attack - When you start, don't bother attacking any enemies at first. Instead, go around and find the Time Bonuses and punch them all. I started having much more success when I did this. - By now you should have a big group of enemies on you, lead them to a Combo Time and start racking them up. - Find the chicken and blast it for 2000 points right away. You can also use it to continue a combo. Note there are two chickens in The Mines. - Chris (BSAA) is awesome. Discard the M92F so you will have unlimited Shotgun Shells to pick up. Go up close to deal lots of damage (especially on the B.O.W). - Take time to play through a single map several times. Your scores will almost increase exponentially. - Before anyone asks, my favourite is Wesker (Midnight). --More to come! +---C h a r a c t e r O v e r v i e w----+ Item Setup __ __ __ | |a | | "a" represents the corresponding direction on your control pad, as |__|__|__| "b" the left direction, and so on. |b | |c | |__|__|__| | |d | | |__|__|__| +----+ | 1. | Chris (BSSA) +----+------------------------------------+ ,-----------------------. Chris is a very powerful starting character. As | a: Hand Grenade x5 | mentioned above, it is absolutely essential for you | b: M92F Handgun | to drop the M92F Handgun so you will have unlimited | c: Ithaca M37 Shotgun | Shotgun Shells to pick up. He also comes with a First | d: First Aid Spray | Aid Spray, so don't hesitate to use it if you get in '-----------------------' trouble. For Chris, the key is to get up close and personal with the Shotgun, to make sure the enemy takes the maximum damage possible. If you are close enough, most Majini will go down with a single shot. Not even the B.O.W's or bosses can take many shots from your shotgun. I firmly believe that Chris (BSAA) is among the most powerful characters in the game in the earlier stages, but as you venture deeper into the Mercenaries Mode you might want to consider switching up. +----+ | 2. | Albert Wesker (Midnight) +----+------------------------------------+ [Unlock with A Rank in The Mines] ,-----------------------. Wesker is a power, power, power kind of guy. You can | a: Hand Grenade x5 | play him in two different ways, each are equally | b: H&K P8 Handgun | effective. The first way is the standard--go around, | c: S&W M500 Magnum | procure all of the Time Bonuses, and picking off the | d: Proximity Mine x5 | Majini as they build up with your S&W M500 Magnum '-----------------------' (while discarding the Handgun). The second way is to take advantage of the extremely powerful "Cobra Strike" melee attack, which can be set up with a stunning blast to the face with the H&K P8, while accumulating a bunch of 5 second bonuses in the process. You should still hang on to the Magnum in this case, because you will need to it take down powerful enemies. Speaking of which, the Magnum is the most powerful weapon in the game, hands down. However, it's also very slow. When using the Magnum, make sure to take proper aim before firing. Its also got a very small clip (6) so it is ideal for you to use the Inventory Reload as much as possible. It is capable of bringing down even the Bosses with one or two shots, so always use it for heavy duty clean-up. The Proximity Mines are also very awesome. When you are getting chased by a big group of enemies, drop one on the ground to take them down instantly. You can also use it for bosses, but you have the Magnum for that, so I would say using it to rack up a bunch of kills is much more ideal. Finally, I want to take about Wesker's special attacks. He's the only one in the game who has them. They are as follows: 1. Dash: R3 Button (press down on the right analog stick) 2. Change Direction during Dash: Left Analog Stick + Run Button 3. Knee Attack: Action Button during Dash. (I'm not sure if the 360 has an equivalent of pressing down on the Right Analog Stick. Please let me know.) The Dash is very useful, but it will deplete some of Wesker's health when used. You can use it to escape when cornered. It is also very useful when say, you are running low on time, but you know there's a Time Bonus up ahead. Dash your way over there and knock it down. ...more to come! 1. P u b l i c A s s e m b l y ______ | |---, _____ | ____|__,-------------| 2 |-------, | |1 a\ _ ------ '-| |-' * | | --,- \ ._,' jump '-----| |---|-----' | _____l|l ,-' | |/ ,--------- ------| [Unlockables] | ________ | | A Rank: Jill (BSAA) | |xxxxxxxx| | | B Rank: The Mines | |xxxxxxxx| | | (stage) | |xxxxxxxx| |__ | | |xxxxxxxx| | | `, |3 '--------' | |_____ | | '------- | ||||||| | | [Legend] | , ---------- |----,_____ *: Chicken | | 6 | | _|||||| 1-8: Time Bonus | _| | | | |--| a-d: Combo Time | | | | |___--| l: Ladder | | ,--,---| | | | | 5 | __ -- ___ |4 | ------| / / ----| ,---| | |__| / / ____| '- | '---| ,---\ /7 / | |-| | |__|___, /b_/ | |----| | | | | | |______| | | |__ -, l| | , \ -, ' __ '-------' , _______,` \ '_ l| | ________/ | | '--| |-- | | __,-`. / | | | | \____/ / / |--|-' |---l--- , / / ,|__|c 8 | | , / -' | --| | | | | |----- |--- | \ | | house __ | \ --|l |d_____|xx|_| `___|,-'--' +----+ | 1. | Using this map +----+------------------------------------+ Most of the convoluted stuff on the bottom are structures on the 2nd floor. You will have to either climb a ladder or go up the stairs to reveal those parts of the map. The two buildings on the right (on top of each other) really don't have anything useful. You'll find some Grenades and stuff in there, but aside from that, going there really isn't required. The top portion should be pretty clear--this is where the that strip of sewage is, along with the small cabin to the right. +----+ | 2. | The Time Bonuses +----+------------------------------------+ Once you get the hang of the map, you should be able to find them (this applies to all maps). But just in case, here are some written instructiosn to compliment the map above: 1. This one is actually down where the sewers are, in the same strip as the Chicken. 2. This is the small cabin just above the sewers. There's a little ramp leading to it. 3. If you keep an eye out for this one, you can't miss it. 4. This is right outside the house to the side here. 5. This is INSIDE the house. 6. Go up the nearby stairs and turn left to find this one on the roof of the house of number 5. 7. This is on the bus. 8. Climb up the ladder to find this one immediately. You can't miss it. +----+ | 3. | Finding the Combo Time +----+------------------------------------+ a. This is right beside the ladder leading to the sewers below. b. This is inside the bus, so below the Time Bonus. c. It's tucked away in a corner to the right of the Time Bonus, in the shades on the same level. d. If you drop down from the hole on the roof of this house (or enter through the door/window) you will find it. Just note that it's inside. +----+ | 4. | The Chicken +----+------------------------------------+ The chicken is found in the sewers portion of the map, at the very top. To get down to the sewers, you can either take the ladder at the top left portion of the map, or you can jump down the platform/stairs labelled jump. 2. T h e M i n e s ___ ,-'----------, / / ,-' t * \/ / / .----------. / / ,-'############\ \ / _'################\ \ , ,####,-----,#######| | \ \##' '-,####| | \ ,-------, '##/ , /` ,-' c -,_ - / ,-' ,---------, `, ' , t / ,- l - \ \ / l/ -_ __ ____ `, , \ , | | ` __ |______\ | | \ \t `---- |__| t l, , \ \ |____`------| /p - \___\-`, l /_,'-` - ,-` [Legend] `, `-' [Unlockables] *: Chicken -. ( A Rank: Wesker (Midnight) t: Time Bonus | \ B Rank: The Village (stage) c: Combo Time | / l: Ladder / | p: Proximity Mine \ | #: Inexplorable terrain | | | | [Special Enemies] | / 1. Big Fat Majini , `, 2. Reaper | / 3. Cephalo _,_,--,_, / ,` t ,` . _ _' `, (_) / ,-` / / t /`, ` , ,` \ `-,_____ | , `._ ct| |* | `-. |-` | | /`,_ ,` \ | | ,` `_/ | \c_| | / \ ,--'-. _/ ` | , (_ ,` `-._.| \ \ p ` \ ,`._ t , `--- `----` +----+ | 1. | Using this map +----+------------------------------------+ This one is probably as straight forward as it gets. The two arcs at the top represent the upper levels of the stage. The design in the centre that makes the circle look like a Pokeball is also an elevated terrain. The bottom parts is obviously the actual caves. To reach the top arc, where the Time Bonus and the Chicken are, you must climb up the ladder in the middle circle (which is the ground) on the top, then circle around to the ladder on the right of the map. Note that the Time Bonus on the very left is a whopping 90 seconds bonus, which can be reached by climbing up the nearby ladder. Be very careful of the Reaper on this stage. It can really be a nightmare if you are not careful. When it appears, back away from it, and look for the emblem in its chest to reveal itself, then blast it. Carelessness when a Reaper is present is a quick way to die. Note that I have labelled where the proximity mines are, because they can be very useful in not only dealing with the special enemies, but also a large wave of Majini. 3. T h e V i l l a g e ____________ ,--._| ||||||| | [Unlockables] | t | '-----| | A Rank: Chris (Safari) '--, | | | B Rank: Ancient Ruins `-. | | | | | ,-----------|,__ __, ,-.,_ ,`---------,-` ,_____________ | '-,__ / ,_______ |###############|t |`----` , / t / |__|###############|_,|###/ c ,----__| `---' |c_|###############| |###|,__/####/ , | |###############| |##########' / \ `,_,-'-`---,####| |####|#| , --` [Legend] `._,_ . -.##| |####,-, `---`. *: Chicken \* ` `,_ ,#, `-'` \ t: Time Bonus | / _t) | ,----._ | c: Combo Time | | |_ | | ,-.t/ | l: Ladder | | | --' `|||| | \| __| / | ,----,_ | '--'__,-'` `__, --. ` ,` _|___________ | |` `--` \ [Special Enemies] |,---, | ||| ` `.t. `, 1. Giant Majini || | ||| \,____\ \ 2. Cephalo || |l | |-- `-, 3. Bui Kichwa ||_c_| t| | ,---_____ '-, |--------' | (#########`-. \ ,_ | \###########` \ `'-,__ -` __ `-----######) \ `'. ,' `. __ `---` | | ( ) |` `-,-,__________,` | `.___,` | | _, `._ t ,-' `-----` +----+ | 1. | Using this map +----+------------------------------------+ Note that the entire top portion, past the straight path is the upper level of the area. You can reach the upper level through the stairs at the very top of the map. Other than that, this map is pretty standard. 4. A n c i e n t R u i n s _____________ | l | | ,--- | ,-----. [Legend] |_ t__|###| | | c| ____ *: Chicken / /######| | '-, ,-' |####| t: Time Bonus / /#######| | | | |####'-.-. c: Combo Time | |########| | | | |######|t| l: Ladder | |########| | | | |######| | | |########| |____________________| |-------|######| | |_______) / ____ _______ |l_________ '--- `-------------| |=| |####| |########\ | _| |#| |####'-| |-'########\ | [Unlockables] |_ |#|t|######| ||#######,-- | A Rank: Sheva (Clubbin') _| |#| |######| ||######/___ |____ B Rank: Experimental |_ |#| |######| |####### t| _ | Facility _| |#| |####| t |####| |_| |#| | |_ ||| |||||-_ _,_|||c _| |#| | [Special Enemies] |_|=| |---- | |####### _| |#| | 1. Giant Majini |=| |######| |#####,# _| |#| | __ ,---. 2. Duvali | _|####| |#####|c |_| |#| ||| ,--/ t \ 3. Cephalo | |##| |####| |_| -----|| ||| c / | |##| |####| | |_ ___|||_/--,_____/ |- |==|___ __|#| | | ,---------, | ,#####|===|####| |t ___| / _____ / | \#####|=== |==|___| /c/ | | ______| \###'-===_-'-- |/ | -`______ _ \####| -| _______ | / / \ \ * t |_ | | | | '---' ------|c | | | | | |_____| | t | /==| |_______|,-'==, | -` /___/ +----+ | 1. | Using this map +----+------------------------------------+ Although the map may look very convuluted, this might actually be one of the simpler stages. The three islands on the top left, bottom left, and middle right are where you grabbed your Emblems during the Story Mode. Each of them holds valuable Time Bonuses. When you go for the Time Bonus at the top left, you can jump across the two platforms to go quickly, instead of opting for the ladder at the top. The island at the very top is where you would leave Chapter 4-1 if you were playing story mode. It's a pretty good spot to stand when you have a group of enemies incoming because you can see them all. 5. E x p e r i m e n t a l F a c i l i t y ,----------, | l | t | .----' |-- | | | | | | |_______ |---'--------, | | 2nd floor/ .----| |__|------ | 3rd floor l | | |l | .----------|----|c |_________ | | |c |----|____________| |t | [Legend] | | |----| |-----------' *: Chicken | |__|----| |*_| t: Time Bonus | |----| c: Combo Time | |----| l: ladder |----------|----| | stairs | t | '----------'----. ______________ | | | ,----- --- | | | | ___ [Unlockables] ,-----------' t | | | A Rank: Chris | ___ ______ | |___| (S.T.A.R.S) | |-------' | Basement/ B Rank: Missile '---' ----- |-------` ,---. 1st Floor Area | l | | | | | | | | | '---' __| |____ | |_ ___________ | | | \______ | | [Special Enemies]| _________|_ | | | | | 1. Leaper | | | | / | | | 2. RPG-7 Majini | |_l____ |_____| -' | | | 3. Duvali | | |stair| | | |_|t | |c_______| |_____| |_| |___________, | | | | |___| |--| | | | | t| |--| | | _| |__________| |--|_ | | | `---------' | | |_____| ______________| | | | | | | | | `---------' | | | |___|___|___| |_t_| +----+ | 1. | Using this map +----+------------------------------------+ The Experimental Facility consists is nice and small, making getting around and pounding the Time Bonuses an easy task to do. Note that the two maps are split up into the 2nd floor/3rd floor and Basement/1st floor. Watch out for the Rocket Launcher Majini here. Your friends, the Licker Beta will also make appearances, so be very careful of them. 6. M i s s i l e A r e a [Unlockables] A Rank: Sheva (Tribal) B Rank: Ship Deck (I skipped Missile Area because I felt like drawing the Ship Deck instead, sorry!) 7. S h i p D e c k ,--. [Legend] | t| *: Chicken ,-| *|-, t: Time Bonus _,-' '-,_ c: Combo Time / \ _.-------.c/ \ &: Rocket Launcher / `| l |` \ l: ladder / | | \ , | __l_ |-| , [Unlockables] / \/ \|-| \ A Rank: Jill (Battle Suit) , | _l | | , B Rank: Prison - | /t \ | | - / || || | \ , ',\__/ ,-| , , ______`---`'-'____ , [Special Enemies] | | _______________| | 1. Chainsaw Majini , | | | l| , 2. Cephalo , | | '--, t | , 3. Duvali - | | | |_____ - + | | |___ \ + / ____| |_ ___|___ \ \ . | |==|| | | | . `____| |==|| | l '__|_` || | |==|| | c \ | |_c_|l____ | | ___________\ . | | | | , / | t | | | \ | _______| '----------' '--------, | .---, |_______ ,---. ,-. ,-. ,-.---. . | | | l| | | | | | | | t | | | |_________|_____|___|_|_| |_|_|_| _|__ | | ||||||| | | | | | | |l | | | | t | | | | | | | | | | |---------' '-,-.-------' '-----'-' | | | | |l| | | | |l | | | |l______ ____| |_ | __| | ___|_____| | | || | | | | | | | | | | |l | | | || | | | | |l | | | |_| | | | | ||t|-'-' | ,--' | | | | ,-----. | | |l__||_| | | l| | | | | | | | | | |l_ c| |_|____ | |l|___|___|___| |_| | | _|t|__ t l| | | | l | | | | | __ |_| _|_ |_______| _| | '------' | |-------, | | | | _ |&|</p>