Guide Type - Final Fantasy IV DS Namingway FAQ Game Title - Final Fantasy IV DS Platform - Nintendo DS Date submitted - 8-19-08 Version - 1.2 By - obishawn The most up to date version of this guide can always be found at __________________________________________________________ Table of Contents __________________________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions I - Introduction II - Quick Reference Map III - Map Completion Rewards IV - Event Theater List V - Music Box List VI - Namingway Encounter Dialogue VII - Credits and Thanks VIII - Version History IX - Contact Info __________________________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions __________________________________________________________ -------- Question - -------- You don't mention anything about Whyt! This guide sucks! Answer - This isn't a Fat Chocobo or Whyt guide. This guide does lead you to every purpose of the Fat Chocobo except for Whyt. -------- Question - -------- What happens if I try to rename Cecil? Answer - It doesn't matter if you attempt to rename him or keep his default name, the dialogue from Namingway will remain the same. -------- Question - -------- Will the enemies I already have logged in the bestiary carry over to New Game+? Answer - Yes, they do carry over. And playing through the game multiple times on the same file is the only way to complete the bestiary because some enemies cannot be found in the first play through. -------- Question - -------- Campingway just took all of my tents for a measly 300 Gil! What would have happened if I didn't sell him any tents? Answer - Nothing happens if you refuse to sell Campingway a tent. -------- Question - -------- I didn't bother going into the weapon shop in Baron and now I'm in the Underground. What will happen? Answer - I honestly don't know, but it is something that I will find out and add to this guide for the people that may have missed a Namingway encounter. -------- Question - -------- How do I find the Rainbow Pudding? Answer - Rainbow Pudding is a rare item drop from any of the Flan-type enemies. Each of the enemy types have a 0.4% chance of dropping the pudding. But the easiest method of obtaining the pudding would be from the Yellow Jellies found in the Antlion's Den - B2. -------- Question - -------- After hours/days of grinding for Rainbow Pudding, I gave up. What will happen now? Answer - The only thing that will make this easier is to use the Treasure Hunter augment, which doubles the chance of a rare item drop. As for what will happen if you give up, Namingway will wait for you to bring it to him. I do not yet know if preceeding story elements will cause you to miss this opportunity. -------- Question - -------- What name do I use for ????"s Love? Answer - Use any five character name you'd like. If you can't think of a name, use either Rosa or Rydia. -------- Question - -------- I have been trying to find Going-my-way for hours! Where is he? Answer - He is in one of the locations I have listed in this guide. Be sure to check them all, especially the chcobo forest southwest of Troia and north of Mist in the center of the ocean since they seem to be the more easily overlooked chocobo forests. And beware of resetting your game. Doing so will cause Going-my-way to move to a new location and you will then have to begin your search for him all over again. __________________________________________________________ I - Introduction __________________________________________________________ Due to the addition of voice acting in FFIV DS, the character's names are now spoken and we can no longer change the names of the party members, so the character of Namingway serves a completely new purpose. This guide is to help you keep up with this little bugger so that you won't miss the proper sequence of his appearance and thus, miss out on what he has to offer. Do you want to know what happens when you miss an encounter with him? This guide is designed to help you to NOT miss an encounter with him. But in the case that you do, that is information that will be added to this guide in a future update. I ask that you be patient with me concerning this because it will take another play through the game and a lot of saving, restarting, and double checking. Through your adventures of chasing Namingway, you will obtain: - Wayfarer's Map - For caves, dungeons and other areas, it will draw itself as you walk around. There are bonuses and the Treasure Hunter augment to be gained for successfully revealing all maps. See the Map Completion Rewards section in this guide for more information. - Bestiary - Lists every enemy you've encountered and provides additional information. Visit the Fat Chocobo in the game to access it. Also, completing the Bestiary will win you a new suit for Whyt. The name of the suit is hidden in the spoiler block below. Ignore it if you don't want to know. SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS SPOILERSSPOILERSZEROMUSSUITSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOIL SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS See the Bestiary Guide I made, originally posted at, for the complete bestiary and other good information. Link to the Bestiary Guide: - Event Theater - This displays the cut scenes from the game for you to watch at your liesure. Only the scenes with voice acting will appear in the Event Theater. Visit Fat Chocobo to access it. - Music Box - This allows you to listen to the game's soundtrack. Visit Fat Chocobo to access it. - Augments - These are rewarded to you if you meet certain requirements, the most complicated of which is the aquisition of Rainbow Pudding. You don't get the Treasure Hunter Augment directly from Namingway, but it is indirectly related to him. He gives you the Wayfarer's Map and once you map out all of the required areas, you will get the Treasure Hunter augment. - Eye Gouge - Inflict blind status on all enemies - ????'s Love - Recieve the boons of ????'s love - Safe Travel - Avoid enemy encounters - Treasure Hunter - Boost chances of enemies dropping rare items _________________________________________________________| II - Quick Reference Map __________________________________________________________ Following this chart/map will allow you to find Namingway in his earliest locations in comparison to where you are in the story. They are listed in chronological order. _________________________________________________________ | | | Area | New Name | Location | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | Baron Castle | Namingway | West tower, first floor | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | Mist Cave | Mappingway | Cave entrance | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | Kaipo | Livingway | Northeast house | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | Fabul | Recordingway | In the Inn | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | Chocobo Forest | Campingway | Forest, center | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | Baron Town | Jammingway | Weapon shop | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | Troia Town | Cheatingway | Behind the Inn | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | Agart | Puddingway | House behind the well | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | Lali-ho pub, between the | Dwarven Castle | Mopingway | weapon and armor shop | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | The Feymarch | Lovingway | West of Whyt's house | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | Mysidia | Weddingway | House of Prayer | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | Hummingway | Hummingway | Hummingway Abode | Abode | | | _______________|______________|__________________________| | | | Random | Going-my-way | See list below chart | _______________|______________|__________________________| Possible Going-my-way locations - - Any Chocobo Forest Chocobo forest locations: - West of Baron - Northeast of Fabul - South of Mount Ordeals - North of Troia - South and slightly west of Troia - Center of the ocean, north of Mist - Underground Lake B1 (Enter from Damcyan side) - Mount Hobs Summit - Troia (north part of town where the woman is sunbathing) - Sylph Cave B2 (center-north most area) - Lair of the Father B1, northeast corner (by the chest with the Genji shield) __________________________________________________________ III - Map Completion Rewards __________________________________________________________ Map Completion Rewards - Below are listed all of the areas that you can map out and the rewards you obtain for getting 100% map completion for each area. NOTE - Not every area in each dungeon is listed, only the area that can be mapped out. Some areas are already mapped out for you. NOTE 2 - You don't get anything for mapping out the Overworld, Underworld, or Moon maps. ________________________________________________________ | | Area Name | Map Completion | | Reward | _________________________________|______________________| | | Mist Cave | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Mist Cave | 5 Potions | _________________________________|______________________| | | Underground Waterway | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Waterway Entrance, South - B1 | 5 Eye Drops | Underground Waterway, South - B2 | 5 Antidotes | Underground waterway - B3 | 3 Tents | Underground Waterway, North - B2 | 3 Phoenix Downs | Waterway Entrance, North - B1 | 1 Ether | Undergroundlake - B2 | 3 Zeus's Wraths | Underground Lake - B1 | 5 Potions | _________________________________|______________________| | | Antlion's Den | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Antlion's Den - B1 | 5 Potions | Antlion's Den - B2 | 3 Phoenix Downs | _________________________________|______________________| | | Mount Hobs | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Mount Hobs - West Slope | 3 Hi-Potions | Mount Hobs - East Slope | 3 Bomb Cores | _________________________________|______________________| | | Mount Ordeals | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Mount Ordeals - Entrance | 5 Antidotes | Mount Ordeals - Trail | 3 Hi-Potions | Mount Ordeals - Crossing | 1 Ether | Mount Ordeals - Summit | 1 Red Fang | _________________________________|______________________| | | Ancient Waterway | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Ancient Waterway - B4 | 3 hi-Potions | Ancient Waterway - B3 | 1 Ether | Ancient Waterway - B2 | 3 Remedies | _________________________________|______________________| | | Loadstone Cavern | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Loadstone Cavern - B1 | 1 Ether | Loadstone Cavern - B2 | 3 Vampire Fangs | Loadstone Cavern - B3 | 3 Silent Bells | Loadstone Cavern - B4 | 1 Dry Ether | _________________________________|______________________| | | Tower of Zot | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Tower of Zot - 1F | 5 Zeus's Wrath | Tower of Zot - 2F | 3 Heavenly Wrath | Tower of Zot - 3F | 1 Blue Fang | Tower of Zot - 4F | 1 Elixir | Tower of Zot - 5F | 2 Bronze Hourglasses | _________________________________|______________________| | | Tower of Babil | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Tower of Babil - B13 | 5 Antarctic Winds | Tower of Babil - B12 | 3 Artic Winds | Tower of Babil - B11 | 1 White Fang | Tower of Babil - B10 | 5 Hi-Potions | Tower of Babil - B9 | 5 Remedies | Tower of Babil - B7 | 1 Elixir | _________________________________|______________________| | | Cave of Eblan | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Cave of Eblan - B1 | 3 Bacchus's Wine | Cave of Eblan - First Pasage | 3 Hermes Sandals | Cave of Eblan - Second Passage | 3 Decoys | _________________________________|______________________| | | Tower of Babil | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Tower of Babil - B1 | 5 Bomb Fragments | Tower of Babil - B2 | 3 Bomb Cranks | Tower of Babil - B3 | 1 Red Fang | Tower of Babil - B4 | 3 X-Potions | Tower of Babil - B5 | 1 Ekixir | Tower of Babil - B8 | 2 Ethers | _________________________________|______________________| | | Sylph Cave | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Sylph Cave - B1 | 1 Silver Apple | Sylph Cave - B2 | 1 Silver Apple | Sylph Cave - B3 | 1 Silver Apple | _________________________________|______________________| | | Passage of the Eidolons | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Passage of the Eidolons - B1 | 1 Soma Drop | Passage of the Eidolons - B2 | 1 Soma Drop | Passage of the Eidolons - B3 | 1 Soma Drop | _________________________________|______________________| | | Sealed Cave | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Sealed Cave - B1 | 3 Gaia Drums | Sealed Cave - B2 | 3 Red Fangs | Sealed Cave - B3 | 5 Blue Fangs | Sealed Cave - B4 | 3 White Fangs | Sealed Cave - B5 | 1 Megalixir | _________________________________|______________________| | | Lair of the Father | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Lair of the Father - B1 | 1 Golden Apple | Lair of the Father - B2 | 1 Golden Apple | Lair of the Father - B3 | 1 Golden Apple | _________________________________|______________________| | | Lunar Tunnel | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Lunar Tunnel - West | 3 Sirens | Lunar Tunnel - East | 3 Sirens | _________________________________|______________________| | | Giant of Babil | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Giant's Neck | 3 X-Potions | Giant's Chest | 5 Remedies | Giant's Stomach | 1 Dry Ether | Giant of Babil - Inner Passage | 1 Elixir | _________________________________|______________________| | | Lunar Subterrane | | _________________________________|______________________| | | Lunar Subterrane - B1 | 10 Hi-Potions | Lunar Subterrane - B2 | 5 Ethers | Lunar Subterrane - B3 | 5 X-Potions | Lunar Subterrane - B4 | 3 Dry Ethers | Lunar Subterrane - B5 | 3 Sirens | Lunar Subterrane - B6 | 1 Elixer | Lunar Subterrane - B7 | 3 Coeurl Whiskers | Lunar Subterrane - B8 | 3 Gold hourglasses | Lunar Subterrane - B9 | 3 Holy Curtains | Lunar Subterrane - B10 | 3 Stardusts | Lunar Subterrane - B11 | 3 Lunar Curtains | _________________________________|______________________| Once all of the above maps are completed, you will get the Treasure Hunter augment!!! Thanks to mystery500 (GFAQs member) for pointing out that I has the wrong augment posted as a reward. __________________________________________________________ IV - Event Theater List __________________________________________________________ After talking with Namingway in Fabul, you will have access to the voice-acted cut scenes in the game. After your visit with Namingway in Fabul, you will need to access the Event Theater by talking to Fat Chocobo. There has been a glitch found involving the Event Theater, though at the time of writing this, I'm not up to date on the details. I will find out the circumstances under which the glitch will ocurr and post it here. 01 - The Red Wings of Baron - Part One 02 - The Red Wings of Baron - Part Two 03 - Anxieties 04 - A New Dawn 05 - The Village of Mist - Part One 06 - The Village of Mist - Part Two 07 - The Ruins of Damcyan 08 - In the Kaipo Moonlight 09 - The Monk of Fabul 10 - Betrayal 11 - The Lord of All Waters - Part One 12 - The Lord of All Waters - Part Two 13 - Darkness and Light - Part One 14 - Darkness and Light - Part Two 15 - Palom and Porom 16 - Parley 17 - Meteor's Price 18 - Sun's Stone Returned 19 - Flight into Fire 20 - The Tower of Babil 21 - Escape From the Underworld 22 - Edge's Rage 23 - From Womb of Dragon's Maw 24 - The Giant of Babil 25 - The Four Fiends 26 - Golbez Awakens - Part One 27 - Golbez Awakens - Part Two 28 - The Giant Falls 29 - Affirmations - Part One 30 - Affirmations - Part Two 31 - To Whatever End 32 - The Lunarians 33 - Deepest Darkness 34 - Prayers 35 - Guided Forth Anew 36 - Epilogue __________________________________________________________ V - Music Box List __________________________________________________________ When you reach Baron after the events on Mount Ordeals, you can find Namingway in the weapon shop. Talking to him will allow you to access the Music Box, which plays the game's soundtrack. After you visit with Namingway in Baron, you can access the Music Box by talking with Fat Chocobo. 01 - The Prelude - The series staple - an incredibly difficult piece. 02 - Red Wings - The theme of Cecil's fleet. It carries a note of weighty destiny. 03 - The Kingdom of Baron - Baron's theme, blending austerity with a hint of valiance. 04 - Theme of Love - The melody of Ceil and Rosa's love. Oh, Anna... 05 - Prologue - The song that captures the essence of all that is FINAL FANTASY. 06 - Welcome to Our Town! - The melody of the towns. It calls to mind my time in Kaipo. 07 - FFIV Main Theme - A song we heard many times on our long journey. 08 - Battle Theme A - A song I dreaded to hear. At times, I even lost my wits and hid. 09 - Fanfare A - Am I the only one who feels relieved to hear this tune? 10 - Hello, Fat Chocobo! - The theme of the oversized bird who served many roles in this game. 11 - Chocobo Chocobo - They're probably off playing in some mysterious dungeon now. 12 - Into the Darkness - The mysterious and disquieting melody of the dungeons. 13 - Battle Theme B - The theme of intense battles. It reminds me of that fight in Fabul. 14 - The Ring - Boding of spreading conflict, this also played when Leviathan arose. 15 - Rydia - Rydia's theme, capturing her kind and gentle nature. 16 - Damcyan Castle - A song of Damcyan's tragedy, and that of losing Anna. 17 - Tears of Sorrow - A sorrowful arrangement of the main theme. Such pity it evokes! 18 - Harp Melody - This is my best piece, and was a particular favorite of Anna's. 19 - Mount Ordeals - This one played as we scaled the rugged slopes of Mount Hobs. 20 - Fabul - Fabul's theme. It exudes righ, stoic history of the kingdom. 21 - Run! - The song of dispair heard when our defense at Fabul had failed. 22 - Disbelief - Often called Kain's Betralal, this is in truth a song of disbelief. 23 - Golbez - Pipe organ - the hallmark of Golbez's theme. 24 - Hey, Cid! - A song that speaks of Cid's insurmountable spirit. 25 - Mystic Mysidia - Charming and unique, this is the theme of Mysidia. 26 - Long Way to Go - A solemn and powerful melody that speaks of a terrible purpose. 27 - Palom and Porom - This is Palom and Porom's theme. 28 - The Dreadful Fight - Golbez and his archfiends! A fearsome tune. 29 - The Airship - The song of the airship, and the freedom which it imparts. 30 - Troian Beauty - The beautiful, soothing song of the Troians to whom I owe my life. 31 - Samba de Chocobo - The black chocobo's theme, heard when in flight. 32 - The Tower of Babil - The song of the Tower of Babil, the enemy's base of operations. 33 - Meanwhile... - Meanwhile, elsewhere... 34 - Land of the Dwarves - The underworld arrangement of the main theme. 35 - The Great King Giott - The dwarven theme - bravery and comedy rolled in one. 36 - Dancing Calcabrina - A peculiar and somewhat disturbing song, but charming nonetheless. 37 - The Tower of Zot - An arranged version of Golbez's theme used within his domain. 38 - The Feymarch - The gentle melody of the Feymarch, where Rydia once dwelt. 39 - The Lunar Whale - A song to inspire courage, played upon the legendary ship. 40 - Another Moon - The moon's strangely quiet theme. 41 - The Lunarians - The theme of the Lunarians. It hints at arcane secrets untold. 42 - Within the Giant - This song of determination rang out within the Giant of Babil. 43 - The Final Battle - The final battle agaisnt Zeromus. All of us prayed for your victory. 44 - Epilogue - Part One - After a long and difficulty struggle, at last there was peace again. 45 - Epilogue - Part Two - The other moon was guided forth anew, and so began a new era. 46 - Epilogue - Part Three - You watched until the end, right? This is not some mere movie. 47 - Red Wings - Short Version - A short version of the theme, heard even in the final dungeon. 48 - More Tears - A sad melody used for farewells. 49 - Inn - Sweet dreams! 50 - Fanfare B - This is the fanfare that plays when someone joins the party. 51 - The Paladin - An emotionally charged fanfare. Cecil became a paladin! 52 - Chocobo Forest - The song is pleasent enough, but the odor there offends my senses. 53 - Surprise - What did you say!? __________________________________________________________ VI - Namingway Encounter Dialogue __________________________________________________________ The following section details the exact dialogue for every Namingway encounter. The layout is as follows: Town or area he is found in/Namingway's new name Location - Where within the new area he can be found After Events: Lists the events that happen before being able to meet with him at the earliest point in the story. Item obtained - Any item obtained from meeting with Namingway will be listed here. __________________________________________________________ 01 - Baron Castle/Namingway Location - First floor of the west tower After events: Game opening, comissioned to Mist __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Greetings and salutations, Sir Knight. My name is Namingway! I travel the world, bestowing new names upon those dissatisfied with the ones they already possess. But as of late, I find fewer and fewer wishing to take advantage of my renaming services. What say you? Won't you try a new name on for size? [attempt to rename Cecil] Say what? You can't change your name!? It's almost as though my existence here serves no purpose. I believe it is time I embarked on a new journey to find my proper place in this world. Well then, until we meet again! __________________________________________________________ 02 - Mist Cave/Mappingway Location - Cave entrance After events: Departing from Baron Item obtained - Wayfarer's Map __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Oh, greetings and salutations again! Your name was Cecil, was it not? After we last spoke, I set about mapping out a new course for my life - one that would allow me to help people. But having undertaken the task of mapping, the name of Namingway now seems rather inappropriate. [Namingway became Mappingway the Cartographer] Oh, right! Let me give you this. [Obtained Wayfarer's Map] It's an enchanted map that will draw itself as you travese the floors of caves and dungeons. And that's not all! For each map you complete, you'll recieve a fantastic award! I hope you find it useful. Well then, until we meet again! __________________________________________________________ 03 - Kaipo/Livingway Location - The house in the north east. He will only remain here until you leave the building. After you step outside, you won't see him again until you reach Fabul. After events: Mist Village Item obtained - Bestiary (See Fat Chocobo) __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Oh, hello again, Cecil! What am I doing here, you ask? Well, as luck would have it, I accidentally dropped all of my maps and pens into that huge fissure that opened up near the Vally of Mist. Having lost the ability to map, the name Mappingway seems rather inappropriate. ...But I don't really know what to do next. I'm taking some time to reevaluate my life now. [Mappingway became Livingway the vagrant] I've just been spending my days looking over the pages of this Bestiary, with no particular trade to call my own. Would you like to view the Bestiary? Yes - Well then, by all means! No - All right. Well, if you ever decide you'd like to take a peek, just let me know! __________________________________________________________ 04 - Fabul/Recordingway Location - In the Inn, next to the counter. After you leave the Inn, he will disappear. After talking with him, leave the castle and go to the chocobo forest to the North East of Fabul Castle. After events: Damcyan, Antlion's Den, Mount Hobs Item obtained - Event Theater (See Fat Chocobo) __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Oh, if it isn't Cecil! I was wondering when I might see you again. What am I doing now, you ask? Well, I was forced to flee here from Damcyan in the wake of that awful attack. That was when I realized that such horrific events need to be recorded for future generations to remember. So I borrowed this equipment, and set myself to work! Having found my true calling, though, the name of Livingway no longer seems quite appropriate. From here on out, I plan to capture the various and sundry events of the world as they unfold! [Livingway became Recordingway the journalist] Oh, right! I meant to tell you. I passed that Bestiary of mine along to a friend who lives in the chocobo forest. Would you like to see any of the events I've recorded so far? Yes - Well then, by all means! No - All right. Well, if you ever decided you'd like o take a peek, just let me know! __________________________________________________________ 05 - Chocobo Forest/Campingway Location - I suggest visiting the forest north east of Fabul Castle. But if you didn't go to that forest, you can still have this encounter in the forest south of Mount Ordeals. He offers to buy a tent from you. If you agree, he will give you 300 gil but take EVERY tent you have. If you decline, it doesn't effect the game at all other than you get to keep your tents. After events: Either meeting him in Fabul's inn or after reaching Mysidia Item obtained - None __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Oh, greetings and salutations, Cecil! What in the world brings you this far out of the way? What about me, you ask? Well, as you know, I'd been travelling about, recording all manner of events. But after a while, I came to realize I enjoy camping more than filming! It seemed wildly inappropriate to continue journeying as Recordingway once I'd discovered the joy of sleeping beneath the stars! Instead, I've made it my goal to travel around the world camping at all sorts of famous places. [Recordingway became Campingway the ourdoorsman] Oh, but you needn't worry! My friend who lives here in the chocobo forest has promised to take up the mantle, and continue recording the events of our time. Actually, I was wondering if you might do me a favor. I haven't had time to return to town lately with all this camping, and I'm afraid I've run out of tents. If you have enough to spare, might you be kind enough to help me out! I'd be willing to pay top gil. What do you say? Yes - Oh, thank you so much! I didn't think you would be kind enough to give me all of them! [Received 300 gil in exchange] Well then, I must return to my travels. Until we meet again! No - I see. If you have none to spare, I suppose I'll just have to make do. Well then, until we meet again! __________________________________________________________ 06 - Baron Town/Jammingway Location - In the weapon shop, you will need the Baron Key to unlock the door. After events: Mount Ordeals, Devil's Road Item obtained - Music Box (See Fat Chocobo) __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Oh, Cecil! Greetings and salutations! Did you catch wind of my debut? Is that why you've come? No? Oh, excuse me, then. I'd just assumed. You see, I recentky awakened to my own musical inclinations and began to sing while wondering about the world. Having discovered the siren call of music, I have little choice but to abandon the name of Campingway. My passion now lies in imparting hope and dreams to the people of the world through song. [Campingway became Jammingway the bard] Would you like to hear a song or two before you go? Yes - Well then, by all means! No - I see, you do seem rather busy. Well, if you ever get that itch that only music can scratch, you need only say the word! __________________________________________________________ 07 - Troia/Cheatingway Location - Behind the Inn After events: Obtainign the Airship Item obtained - None __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Oh, hello, Cecil! We certainly run into one another often enough, don't we? Are you waiting for someone here, too? No? My pardons, then. I'd just assumed. You see, I have a date today - or rather, two. I promised two different ladies I'd go out with them. Having abandoned my music for other pursuits, I suppose I can remain Jammingway no more. [Jammingway became Cheatingway the two-timer] I have to extricate myself from this mess somehow. Please, Cecil! You have to help me! I'll make it worth your while, I promise. I just need you to go to the pub for me. Talk to the lady who works at the bar there and buy me a little time. While you keep her there, I'll take my first date someplace else! Please! I'm counting on you! He asks you to talk to the bartender, so go into the pub and talk to her. Bartender: Welcome! Care for something to drink? Cecil: Could I trouble you for some milk? Bartender: Of course. There you are, sir. Cecil: ... Bartender: Is there something on your mind? Cecil: N-no, not really. Bartender: I...I see. (Oh, I hope he gets here soon!) [Cheatingway shows up] Bartender: Ah, there you are! Cheatingway: Sorry I'm late! Oh, Cecil! I really appreciate you doing that... thing for me that time! I gave a music box with all my songs to my friend in the chocobo forest. I hope you'll consider that my way of saying thanks. If you ever want to listen to it, just talk to him! Well then, until we meet again! __________________________________________________________ 08 - Agart/Puddingway Location - In the house behind the well. After events: After the meeting in Troia Item obtained - None __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Oh, greetings and salutations, Cecil! We meet again! I'm really quite ashamed of that whole incident last time. You'll be glad to hear I've cleaned up my act. Now I'm gathering pudding for my new girlfriend. She adores the stuff. And now that I've changed my ways, it's only proper that I change my name. [Cheatingway became Puddingway the naive] For one reason or another, though, I simply cannot seem to get my hands on any rainbow pudding. Please, is there any chacne you would be willing to track down some rainbow pudding for me? Yes - Truly? Oh, thank you! No - I suppose I'd really aught to keep searching for it myself, hadn't I? After giving him the pudding: Oh, you found it! Thank you so much! I'd best go give this to my girlfriend! __________________________________________________________ 09 - Dwarven Castle/Mopingway Location - Lali-ho Pub, a door between the weapon and armor shops. After Events: Tower of Zot Item obtained - Eye Gouge augment __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Oh, hello, Cecil. Are you trying to drown your worries down here? No? Well, good for you. You remember when I went to go give my girlfriend that pudding last time? Well, when I got there I found another man giving her a present of his own. You can't imagine what it's like, Cecil. I've given up on the world. Nothingmatters, I just don't care anymore. [Puddingway became Mopingway the apathetic] At this point, Mopingway ends the conversation. Talk to him again. What do you want, Cecil? Haven't you done enough? Why won't you just leave me alone!? [Fight Mopingway] What was I thinking!? I'd forgotten about everything important in life! You can't win the game if you give up midway through a match! How could I have been so blind? Let me give you this for opening my eyes again. [Obtained Eye Gouge augment] I think I'm ready to get back on my feet. Well then, until we meet again! __________________________________________________________ 10 - The Feymarch/Lovingway Location - West of the save room/Whyt's house After Events: Tower of Babil (first visit) Item obtained - None __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Oh, Cecil! I really must thank you for pulling me out of that slump I was in before. A lot has happened since then, but I finally broke off my relationship with that unfaithful pudding-lover. I've begun dating another lady now, and this time I think it's the real thing. And having tasted true love, I can remain Mopingway no longer! [Mopingway became Lovingway the romantic] Forgive me for prying, but would you tell me the name of the person you're seeing right now, Cecil? [Enter a 5 character name] ____, you say? That's a wonderful name! Trust me, I have a lot of experience with these things. Well, you'll have to excuse me. I was just on my way to ask my girlfriend out on a date. Until we meet again! __________________________________________________________ 11 - Mysidia/Weddingway Location - House of Prayer, west wing After Events: Sealed Cave Item obtained - ????'s Love augment __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Oh, greetings and salutations, Cecil! What brings you out this way? Myself? Well, I'm getting married. We came here to hold out weddign ceremony. I owe it all to you, Cecil. Thanks for everything! I suppose now that I'm getting married, being Lovingway won't quite be enough. [Lovingway became Weddingway the groom-to-be] I hope things continue to go well for you and Rosa, too! Let me give you this as a good luck charm! [Obtained ????'s Love augment] __________________________________________________________ 12 - Hummingway Abode/Hummingway Location - Hummingway Abode, to the right. After events: all previous Namingway encounters, first trip to the moon Item obtained - None are obtained from your meeting with Hummingway, but be sure to check the Hummingway Abode in the northeast for the Level Lust augment! __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Cecil? I never thought I'd meet you in a place like this! What are you doing up here? This is where my people live, so I thought we should drop in on owr honeymoon. Of course, now that the wedding is over, I suppose I can remain Weddignway no longer. [Weddingway became Hummingway the Lunarian] Thank you again for everything, Cecil! I hope you can find as much happiness as we have! __________________________________________________________ 13 - ???/Going-my-way Location - To find Namingway now, you will have to search several different locations, which I will list. He appears at random, so you will just have to check all the places listed until you find him. Possible Going-my-way locations - - Any Chocobo Forest Chocobo forest locations: - West of Baron - Northeast of Fabul - South of Mount Ordeals - North of Troia - South and slightly west of Troia - Center of the ocean, north of Mist - Underground Lake B1 (Enter from Damcyan side) - Mount Hobs Summit - Troia (north part of town where the woman is sunbathing) - Sylph Cave B2 (center-north most area) - Lair of the Father B1, northeast corner (by the chest with the Genji shield) After events: all previous Namingway encounters, first trip to the moon Item obtained - Safe Travel augment __________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Oh, Cecil! It's good to see you again! have you been well? I couldn't be better! I've been on a nostalgic journey to remember everything I've lived through. Naturally, though, I cannot remain Hummingway now that I've left the moon. [Hummingway became Going-my-way the free spirit] There are lots of ups and downs in life, but you only live once. it's important to know who you are and live your life to the fullest-even when it's tough. Oh, that's right! I forgot to give this to you last time we met. It's an ancestral treasure of my people, and I want you to have it. [Obtained Safe Travel augment] Well then, I'm going to continue traveling wherever the mood strikes me. Until we meet again! __________________________________________________________ VII - Credits and Thanks __________________________________________________________ CjayC - CjayC became Giving-my-site-away SBAllen - SBAllen became Running-the-show-my-way Square-Enix - I'm loving this game, Sirs. mystery500 - For pointing our the error of a mislabeled augment as the reward for map completion. Sites that have obtained permission to use this guide are: GameFAQs - ( Super Cheats - ( __________________________________________________________ VIII - Version History __________________________________________________________ 08-19-08 - v1.2 - Corrected an error pointed out by mystery500 - Granted hosting permission to: Super Cheats ( 08-16-08 - v1.0 - Finally pieced together the all my information and made this guide. - Submitted it to GameFAQs. - Rico buffday __________________________________________________________ IX - Contact Info __________________________________________________________ If you need to contact me for any reason, feel free to do so by sending an email to Just make sure you identify this game in the subject so I won't mistake your mail for spam. All comments are welcome. _____________________ Free FFIV Remix MP3's - _____________________ So, you're a fan of Final Fantasy IV, are you a fan of the soundtrack as well? If so, let me make a recommendation. Check out: Alexander Liss is an excellent guitarist who has made quite a few remixes from his favorite games, with Final Fantasy IV being one of those. Check out: Dreadful Fight - a remix of the boss battle theme Waltz of the Dolls - a remix of the battle music for the fight with Calcabrena Also check out: Goat has many songs from many games, but he did a remix of Final Fantasy IV's Prelude, called, "The Sky Never Was A Limit." It is by far one of the most beautiful and epic pieces I've ever heard. And the track "Last Man Standing" is a remix of the boss battle theme, set to rock. Also really good, his guitar work is unrivaled. If you know of good quality FFIV remixes that I haven't suggested, then by all means, email me, I'll include them and give you credit and thanks for the tip! And as with all of my guides, I like to promote the site called which offers free mp3's of some very high quality remixes of a lot of the music from the different Metroid games. Good stuff. END OF GUIDE</p>