God of War glitch FAQ v. 1.5. completed 20. 4. 2008 Compiled by AKheon, found out by countless people. See the end of file for more information. 0. Contents: ------------ 0. Contents + abbreviations 1. Introduction & version history 2. General gameplay glitches - Weapon/attack/magic glitches 1. BoA glitches 1a. Homerun and its variations 1b. Strange death delay 1c. Special death effect after magic 1d. Glitched circle action 1e. Fusing BoA and BoC 2. Infinite jump 3. Hermes Rush glitches 3a. HR strange collision property exploit 3b. Passing through large enemies 3c. Rope + L1 something move + HS = trouble 4. Graphical & other weapon/attack/magic glitches - Enemy glitches 5. Enemy out of bounds 6. Infinite orb fountains 7. Throw/grab glitches 8. Shoddy A.I. 9. Enemy-specific glitches 9a. Shielded legionnaires 9b. Archers 9c. Desert sirens 10. Misc. enemy glitches - Crooked surface glitches 11. Gliding 12. "Poseidon Jump" 13. Stance flicker - Loading glitches 14. Music glitch 15. Loading trigger skipping - Water glitches 16. THE swimming glitch 17. Reverse swimming glitch 18. Glitched jump out of water 19. Strange things of dying in water 20. Other water glitches - Misc. glitches & exploits 21. Regen magic 22. Death glitch 23. Magic while grappling 24. Gravity reversal 25. Invisible rope momentum 26. Glitched eye/feather animation loop 27. Graphical glitches in the menus 28. Game freezes 3. Glitch playthrough (level specific glitches) 4. Credits, legal information, contact info, etc. Abbreviations: GoW = God of War GoWII = God of War II BoC = Blades of Chaos BoA = Blade of Artemis PR = Poseidon's Rage MG = Medusa's Gaze AHJ = Apollo's high jump GMG = GodModeGOD HP = Hit point Zf = Zeus's Fury 1. Introduction + version history --------------------------------- Why a glitch FAQ: Because this game has buttloads of glitches and other interesting stuff of which to tell about. Many major ones, useful for skipping entire levels. Countless minor ones, providing amusement or sometimes annoyance to the gamer. Maybe by listing them and publishing the list people will gain new interest in this game. Or appreciation for glitches? By getting to know these strange quirks in the game mechanics, you can endure them with much more lasting patience and grace. And do some heavy exploiting to blow off steam when one feels like it. About the content: I'm purposefully loose in what is allowed in and what is not, simply because the definition of a "glitch" is not a clear one. Rather than just glitches, this guide pretty much lists and discusses anything interesting, random, rare or "unintended by the game developers"-grade phenomena inside the game. NOTE to any God of War-series team member reading this: ------------------------------------------------------- Most of the hardcore GoW fanbase like glitches. Don't you dare take them out of the next game. Version history: v. 1.5. (20. 4. 2008) - added several new glitches, e.g. water glitches - continued the lists File size: 52kt. (see a pattern forming here?) v. 1.3. (13. 4. 2008) - added 1 new small glitch - continued the lists File size: 42kt. v. 1.1. (5. 4. 2008) - added a couple of glitches - started to list enemy-specific glitches - started to list level-specific glitches File size: 32kt. v. 1.0. (23. 3. 2008) - Listed the general gameplay glitches File size: 29kb. What to do for the next versions: - Some videos could be upgraded - Finish the listings 2. General gameplay glitches ---------------------------- --- Weapon/attack/magic glitches: --------------------------------- 1. Blade of Artemis glitches 1a. Homerun and its variations Using certain attack strings, your bouncable enemies can be launched high up in air or bounced across the playfield in unusual ways. This exploit is possible because of some loophole in this game's gravity mechanisms. Double launches are a lot more powerful than they were supposed to be. They in fact corrected this in GoWII. There are three main variations of it, Spike, Punt and Homerun, dubbed neatly after sports terms by this trick's discoverer, GMG. Video demonstration: 1, GMG's and Shinobier's instructional video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=sMTz7ff6O0Q 1b. Strange death delay Instead of instantly falling apart, your enemies will in some circumstances remain alive for about 0.5 seconds before the special death animation kicks in. During this time, they will continue to attack Kratos like normal. This often happens in conjunction with 1c. 1c. Special death animation after magic For no logical reason from Kratos's point of view, all the enemies he kills with magic during when BoA is explicitly equipped get slashed to bits just as if he attacked them physically. EXP bonus from BoA's long combos is also granted. 1d. Glitched circle action BoA has no throwing/grabbing option, only BoC has. Unfortunately the game gets confused on this once in a while, and when around low HP'd enemies (with the circle hovering over their heads), things get unpredictable. A normal attack attempt with circle can end in two ways. 1, Kratos will grab them instead of doing a circle attack. Kratos's weapon switches automatically back to BoA afterwards. 2, Kratos will fumble backwards as always when a grab attempt fails. Enemy may or may not die afterwards. 1e. Fusing BoA and BoC You can "fuse" BoA and BoC temporarily, so that both of them are visible at the same time. This is mostly just a graphical effect, with no influence on the damage Kratos does for example. The easiest method to achieve this effect is to do either Zeus's Fury or Medusa Flash in the air with BoA equipped. Right during the magic animation, press down L1 and try to do one of the special BoC moves Kratos can use while in the air. If things work out, you soon see a familiar move done while wielding a strange weapon... Another way to do this is after a failed grabbing attempt with BoA, described in 1d. This state will last only as long as you have L1 button down, don't cast magics or get damaged. Other than the L1 + (something) moves, you can also do weapon switching and Hermes Stomp without losing this effect. The last one is actually something very useful, because Hermes Stomp adds much length to your jumps, and it is normally unavailable during a BoA long jump. You can really mix things up during high jumps as well. An interesting thing to note is that during this kind of fuse long jump you may have a momentum glitch with normal jumps: the jump is at full speed, as if Kratos was running at full speed before jumping. This is useful too. Video demonstration: 1, a BoA and BoC fuse long jump: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=P1_lrGGK8lM 2. Infinite Jump A.K.A. "nth jump" This game has ways for you to jump infinitely high or infinitely towards any horizontal direction. The drawside is that doing it takes a lot of magic (requiring either Dairy Bastard or regen magic) and time. It can be done with either Lv. 4 -> BoC or Lv. 1 BoA, though BoA is in any case the best choice because it's so versatile. This trick is based on the fact that PR in air resets your falling momentum. You've noticed how long attack strings keep you in air worse and worse the longer you do them? Do a PR between the chains and you'll do much better. With BoA air attack strings or Falling Helios you do not only remain in air but also get a bit higher/forward with each consecutive attack and magic. Short variations of this trick are classified as high jumps. They're often mixed up with other attacks (such as Lv. 2 MG air blast) to suit the purpose they're used, and countless sequence breaks are possible because of them. 3. Hermes Rush/Stomp glitches 3a. HR strange collision property exploit During Hermes Rush Kratos's hit/collision box is less wide but longer than during his other stances/animations. This means in effect that you are able to squeeze into tight spots (e.g. behind some chests). Depending on what kinds of walls surround you and how tight the spot is exactly, you may be able to get through them from there. Turning towards a wall is sometimes necessary for this to work (to fully take advantage of his strange collision property). Video demonstration: 1, skipping Pandora's front yard with this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=TahZ0khKQSo 3b. Passing through large enemies Hermes Stomp goes right through some larger enemies such as cyclops. 3c. Rope + L1 something move + HS = trouble If you pass a rope while doing a L1 + something move (e.g. Apollo's Offensive) and at its end perform the Hermes Stomp, a glitch happens. The game thinks Kratos is on the rope while Stomp's animation transports him away. This state has no movement checks, so Kratos is eternally stuck in a silly position. Video demonstration: 1, see the end of this video for this glitch in practise: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=BJh_UCwzV_g 4. Graphical & other misc. weapon/attack/magic glitches - If you enter a moment where time is frozen (e.g. talk to someone or during cutscenes) while in a Zeus's Fury or Medusa's Gaze stance, and then upgrade the magic in question, the graphical effect disappears and Kratos looks like he has nothing in his hands, though the stance remains. - If you spam Gorgon Flash in air fast enough, every other blast will not be visible. I've heard Zeus's Fury does this too. - You can attack through invisible/red walls (you know, the ones that enclose a fighting area) but freezing beams, while not obstructed, become powerless. - Using Army of Hades on stonefrozen enemies will reduce their actual HP, not "during stonefrozen" HP. This means that you can get the minigame circle appear on these creatures. You can't do the minigame while they're stoned though... - If you switch weapons quickly enough, the BoA flash effect is not always seen. - You can shoot both Gorgon Torrent and Gorgon Flash at the same time. - The BoA glow is not seen in some areas. --- Enemy glitches: ------------------- 5. Enemy out of bounds The game has set strict limits for your enemies to wander, for various level design reasons. Some of these limits are extremely obvious and exploitable. F.e. getting on a ladder can cause every enemy in the room forget your presence. If entering a new area, the enemies often act as if there was an invisible wall separating them from Kratos (which, code-wise, may very well be close to truth), and they will not follow him to wherever the path next leads. Rarely the game allows you to send an enemy outside of his regular bounds, causing the A.I. to go wild. They run against walls, hoping to get back to the correct area, in vain. Depending on how some areas are loaded and drawn, you may encounter a phenomena of invible enemies during this kind of out of bounds moment. You can hear the enemies, but can only see or damage them from certain parts of the room. This isn't useful, but it's funny to look and listen at. Air throwing or just launching enemies to strange places can get this to work - though be warned that it's very rare. I've personally seen invisible enemies only at one part during the game (at the Rooftops of Athens). Credits go to the Max Upgrade Guide at GameFAQs, that's where I first heard about this glitch. Check it out for more detailed info. Video demonstrations: 1, invisible minotaur at Rooftops of Athens (part X of this video): http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=YJP3uQsN-Mk 6. Infinite orb fountains The death animation of your enemies can get stuck in a loop where the enemy will give up his red orbs over and over again. It is caused by the animation interrupting and resetting right after the orbs fly free but before the animation naturally ends. This can happen f.e. if the enemy falls on some strange piece of collision which can't accomodate his death throes, like a crooked surface or a ladder. The best enemy to do this with is the harpy: they're small and weak, they fly, they have a quick, stable death animation. I've never seen a large enemy get fountained. Once a minotaur bounced strangely from a wall and it gave two times the orbs, but that was hardly a fountain of any kind. The best known places where this works are the infamous Challenge of Atlas ladder, and the statue room at Temple of the Oracle. Video demonstration: 1, Challenge of Atlas ladder fountain: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=hRxl9yffSdc 2, Temple of the Oracle fountain: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb6CrJYbV5A 7. Throw/grab glitches Doing throws over uneven surface will usually cause both Kratos and his enemy to rise up in air for the throw's duration. If the height difference between Kratos and enemy is too big, the grab cancels out disappointingly. Sometimes Kratos acts out the grab without actually holding the enemy, e.g. trying to rip head off nothingness while the gorgon is frolicking somewhere nearby. Your enemies can interrupt Kratos's grabs even while they technically shouldn't be able to. It's all bit unstable. Sometimes Kratos does not suffer any harm from attacks during a grab, sometimes he will. At least in one spot during the game, grabbing a legionnaire will cause another legionnaire in the room slide long ways away. During a legionnaire grab you can see currently spawning legionnaires as targets, but you can't actually damage them. This is especially obvious if the spawning location is not generic, e.g. at Aegean Sea from over the ship's side. During grappling or rope sections, your enemies can do a very glitched looking grab on Kratos. Because of lack of space, their animation becomes juxtaposed somewhere away from Kratos and they may seem as if they're climbing a ladder. If the grab ends against Kratos's favor, the enemy might disappear for no reason afterwards. 8. Shoddy A.I. In some corridors, you may find one of your enemies walking plainly against a wall, usually towards where Kratos is. I've seen this happen at at least 3 different locations, though always with the normal legionnaires. At least in one spot during the game your enemies (normal legionnaires) will try to climb a normal ladder to get to you. Unfortunately their behaviour has a loophole in it and they get stuck in the middle if you quickly change elevation. If you try to climb the ladder again, they turn normal. You can fool some of the enemy A.I. with non-sequitur air attacks or rapid weapon switching. The rapid weapon switching is actually something very useful. Doing it fast enough causes all of your enemies to simply stop attacking. It doesn't work on archers or bosses, though. 9. Enemy-specific glitches 9a. Undead legionnaires There are countless of glitches ready for these guys, mainly because they appear at so many different circumstances (e.g. ropes and grapple sections too) and places. Almost all have already been mentioned at the above sections. 9b. Shielded legionnaires While they spawn, their shields are not 'active'. You can grab them or attack them like normal legionnaires. 9c. Archers If Kratos gets too close to them, they try to do a melee attack with their bows. If Kratos is just slighly below them, they will get stuck in a loop where they do the melee attack over and over again, uselessly. If an explosive arrow hits and shatters something petrified, the arrow sticks in mid-air until it explodes. In unknown circumstances an arrow can get stuck in mid-air, still "mobile", turning towards Kratos if he's moving around it. 9d. Desert Sirens They're the special variety of Sirens who only appear in the desert. They can be killed by petrifying them three times in a quick succession, unlike any other enemy in the game. 9e. Satyrs Their throw, in which they move Kratos to their opposite side, can transport him on nothingness. Kratos bounces once, then falls. (this section is still not completed) 10. Misc. enemy glitches - Enemies' attacks stun other enemies but will not do any damage. - If too many enemies (>2?) are shattered simultaneously not all of them give you orbs. --- Crooked surface glitches: ----------------------------- By a crooked surface, I mean a special type of collision surface which will try to drop Kratos down when he's on it, but which responds to Kratos's different stances in various ways. 11. Gliding When on a crooked surface, if you try to block, roll, enter a magic stance or do a grab, Kratos will not fall down as helplessly as usual, but instead will either remain where he is or move to some direction (depending on momentum). Effects also vary depending on how angled the crooked surface is. Crooked surface does not count as normal ground. Kratos's jump counter will not reset when he lands, for example, limiting somewhat what you can do. You also can't move in other ways than what I just described. This glitch can be abused to move over areas with a lot of crooked surface. If you got a lot of momentum, Kratos's speed is irrationally high and the movement looks completely strange. Gain momentum by doing a well-timed Hermes Stomp or a grab (or other attacks). Video demonstrations: 1, an outdated strategy, but still, it's gliding at it's finest: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2Zad8ne9FyM 12. "Poseidon jump": When on a crooked surface, if you do PR, you may encounter this glitch. Kratos will do the PR as he always does. Afterwards he enters a short animation wherein he descends down but interestingly remains stable, seemingly immune to the effects of the crooked surface. During this time the jump counter resets (as the game thinks you're back on the ground again) and you can jump two times more before again exhausting yourself. If you try to move in any direction before jumping, you will cancel out of this state, so be careful. As foreshadowed, this event does not always follow PR. Sometimes PR just cancels out and nothing interesting happens. Remain vigilant and cast PR again before you are dropped off the crooked surface. Sometimes the PR will not cancel out, but nothing interesting still happens. Be prepared with lots of magic for this one. Being able to jump in the middle of a crooked surface increases your capabilities by a fair amount. If only there were more long stretches of crooked surface in this game... Video demonstration: 1, skipping a large part of Gates of Athens using this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=rhOM5SYFyOk 13. Stance flicker: If you're right at the edge of a crooked surface and blocking, rolling, in a magic stance or doing Hermes Stomp, Kratos will not fall down but will stay on the surface edge and try to do whatever the button press denotes, but failing each time because the game thinks he's constantly starting to fall down. The action starts anew and it gets canceled again. Kratos flickers strangely and makes noises. Video demonstration: 1, see the middle part of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=YJP3uQsN-Mk --- Loading glitches: --------------------- 14. Music glitch: This glitch is not possible with every copy of GoW. I'm not sure if it depends on different regions or versions or what. It might be even rarer than that. Basically, the Rings of Pandora background music will stick whenever you visit that place. It will not end when it should but instead plays alongside with the other musics of the area where you move in. This causes your PS additional strain and everything loads much slower. The only useful thing this is for is for doing a couple of skips: you are able to get past some obstacles before they load and show up. For more information, you can read a full-fledged Music glitch FAQ here: http://akheon.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/gow-music-glitch-faq.doc Video demonstration: 1, one of the skips possible with this trick: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=PACPzKSQXm8 15. Skipping loading triggers: The game loads it's areas mostly in realtime. When Kratos steps to a certain trigger in the level, the next area begins to load. By skipping one of these triggers you will not be able to proceed (in most cases), but instead are confronted with emptiness where the next section should begin. You can skip these either accidentally or, if you know about them, purposefully. At least in one spot of the game skipping a loading trigger saves a considerable amount of time, and it is at the Gates of Athens, where you can enter the gate without loading its innards, enabling you to skip all the obstacles you would otherwise have to clear. But all this can cause problems to new gamers who accidentally skip some crucial trigger somewhere (though unlikely). If something like this happens to you, now you know why. Video demonstration: 1, the Gates of Athens skip: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=rhOM5SYFyOk --- Water glitches: ------------------- 16. THE swimming glitch In GoW, the game doesn't know which areas are water and which air - it simply knows where's the water surface and what happens when Kratos touches it. The only thing preventing Kratos from swimming wantonly wherever he wants are a couple of walls, but with clever methods they can be bypassed... you might've deduced what that means in this case. Yes, while swimming wherever you want, you have absolute reach and capability to move. You see the areas from angles you've never seen before. No physical obstacle will restrict you, for the most part. Enemies can't reach you. But what would an otherwise game breaking glitch be without crippling disadvantages? A lot better, some would say. Here are the reasons for why this glitch isn't more popular: - You need Poseidon's Trident. Without it, Kratos can't control his movement and the game deposits him to outer space. (a water surface cheat protection system, sort of. You have to see it to believe it.) - You can't operate several important switches or other devices or even push anything. This will get you stuck at several parts of the game, so no swimming through the entire game in any case. - There are only a select amount of places you can start the swimming glitch. - You can't stop swimming when you want. You're restricted to finding another water surface or you'll have to swim eternally. What torment! - The camera angles are hideous. At some points you have no way to see where you are going. - You are completely powerless. You can't block or attack. Grabbing enemies causes a fine cloud of blood to appear, but nothing else happens. - You are likely to skip several critical loading triggers while swimming, getting you even more stuck. The state of air swimmingness will stay if you save, which means that you can get completely stuck in the game if you're careless with this. For more detailed information, read a full-fledged swimming glitch FAQ at http://akheon.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/gow-swimming.doc Video demonstrations: 1, swimming at Challenge of Hades: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mmaGwJcSSdA 2, swimming at Challenge of Atlas: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=q9N0MkCQh14 3, how swimming glitch could be used in a speedurn, Challenge of Poseidon: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9E2qMv10kEk 17. Reverse swimming glitch In a surprising turn of events, much like how you can swim above where there's no water, you can run where there's supposedly no air. You just have to avoid touching the water's surface when descending down to an area where you'd normally swim. You can do this f.e. passing through a wall. The uses for this are pretty limited. The underwater passages were not designed for normal type of movement, and you quickly encounter many problems when trying to move there normally. The floors are unstable and Kratos can actually get stuck to the floor. Most of the swimming areas require Kratos to move long distances upwards, which is impossible without regen or infinite magic and a lot of time. Thirdly, you can't operate underwater switches. 18. Glitched jump out of water - A.K.A. "Uber jump" or "XXL jump". Normally the game will not let you cancel an underwaterly charged jump out of water into anything else. We didn't know what caused the exceptions in this rule every now and then until a few days ago (18. 4. 2008) when BigVEE supplied us with an answer: the game keeps track of HOW Kratos enters water. If he enters with a dive animation, you can't do any sort of high jumps out of the water. If he enters any other way (apart from running/walking) he is able to cancel to a normal jump (without Icarus Lift). If he runs/walks into water, he can do the highest of all jumps: "Uber jump" or "XXL jump", etc. The glitched effect is only seen if you do Icarus Lift right as you leave the water. This kind of jump effectively also works as a 'dash', breaking walls or stone beam frozen enemies if you happen to hit them. Video demonstration: 1, see part IV of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=lE0BPM_XtuY 2, usage in a speedrun: (courtesy of Satvara) http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qwFo5vf1xuI 19. Strange things of dying in water If you die and then drop down into water, Kratos's stance is an idle, strange one, as if someone stuck a huge stick up his ass. You can also have Kratos completely freeze up in a stance, such as "jumping out of the water" but with him not actually leaving the water. You can even achieve the "riding on a BoC-sled"-effect from GoWII with Cyclone of Chaos! Some of the horizontal momentum Kratos had before hitting the water will keep moving his corpse. It seemed to me that the momentum shown no signs of slowing down, unlike when he's alive. Very high speeds can be achieved with this, it's just a shame it's useless. It seems to vary a lot by the attack you die by and what position Kratos was in. 20. Other water glitches (written text courtesy of GMG) Lure? - When skimming water, beasts don't generally attack unless they can see through tricking. When slightly underwater, they keep attacking often enough as if you are on the ground. (you need to be near) Splash - upward grabs at the surface cause a landing splash Crushing - When using Rush you can crush breakable walls/objects. When you leap out of the water using a Ascending Dash, the dive retains the properties of the rush itself so it can break walls/objects OUTSIDE the water. Slope flicker - on a slope between standing and skimming. Whipping out Zf/Medusa will change the effect slightly as will blocking. It is also altered by having Artemis out instead. Slope Rush - Rush into a slope for a brief run Fast skim - rush then ascend to the surface Ascending Dash Dive to Ledge grab - going from dive straight to a ledge grab allows an odd effect where you grab hold of the ledge then if you hold 'away' you will transfer to a ledge (doesn't exist) behind you. You only do this while holding 'away' though. Video demonstration: 1, about half of the mentioned tricks in this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=lE0BPM_XtuY --- Misc. Glitches ------------------ 21. Regen magic Regen magic is a state you naturally encounter at only one part of the game: when you have to shatter several minotaurs in front of Afrodite's mug. In it Kratos stably gains back his magic all the time, essentially resulting in an infinite amount of magic you have at your disposal. During normal completion Kratos would lose it immediately after this task is completed. But the room is not escape proof, and by leaving there on your own accord, the game will forever consider you having not completed the task, and you retain the regenerative magic state 'til the end of time. It's not a glitch, rather just a very powerful exploit. Video demonstrations: 1, Regen magic v2. by KewBew63: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=yOHvvp6Xshg 22. Death glitch Some frames of Kratos's various moves (or something something, random factors?) will not cancel into a death animation. This means Kratos will continue living and moving even while the death phase is on - you hear Kratos's "Orghh." and the screen slowly turns red and everything otherwise works completely normally, as if Kratos really did die. This glitch can be unstably reproduced, but as of now no use has been found for it. Random facts: - You can do this in water too. - You can die several times with it, it's useless. - Saving while dead will yield you an alive Kratos with very little health left. - Untested: dying and activating an FMV. - Untested: dying and activating a checkpoint. Video demonstration: 1, a collection of a few death glitches: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1QF_mfNVVKo 23. Magic while grappling If the collisions around the grappling zone are even slightly unstable (and they usually are), Kratos can cast magic momentarily when jumping towards them. You know it's possible when the magic icon at the upper left corner flashes to active, even if only for a flash. It's not easy to do because the timing is strict, but you can try easily over and over again until you finally get it. Be warned that Kratos may fall afterwards off the grappling zonev 24. Gravity reversal During either a grappling or a rope climbing section, if a legionnaire is in air (e.g. while jumping from a ledge to another), he can be lanched very high with any move that hits several times in a quick succession (Poseidon's Rage, Cyclone of Chaos). 25. Invisible rope momentum If you boost momentum while on rope while right next to and moving towards an obstacle (easy place to try this out: at the barricades before Athens Town Square), Kratos will stop moving but the momentum nonetheless gathers as if no obstacle was there. It doesn't look nice. Video demonstration: 1, watch 'VIII' of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz32PmbZq8w 26. Glitched eye/feather animation loop During the screen which informs you you have collected enough Gorgon Eyes/ Phoenix Feathers to upgrade, if you press start or select so that you enter the menu RIGHT as the little Eye/Feather-animation starts to roll, it will remain looping infinitely. So watch out for this. Video demonstration: 1, watch 'VI' of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz32PmbZq8w 27. Graphical glitches in the menus In the start menu, if you press 'up' and simultaneously press L1 or R1, the following screens will have some entrancing graphical glitches. If you go to the screen where Gorgon Eyes and such is listed, the icons are out of place until you move the cursor. In the case of magic and weapon menu, every icon is empty until you leave the screen or upgrade something. Every magic and weapon is also listed as Lv. 1, even if they weren't. Also, the game may target some other magic than the one right at the bottom. If you move the cursor in a certain way (too fast, while selecting something, e.g. I'm not sure of the exact mechanism) the texts in the menus may overlap. This is really quite rare, and completely useless to boot. 28. Game freezes They're everywhere in this game. I've seen it happen at loading screens, boss fights, before cutscenes, before loading a game, etc. and the reasons are unknown. Your likelihood of encountering one may increase if your game has scratches in it. 3. Level-specific glitches -------------------------- Aegean Sea: ----------- - Skippable door trigger before second hydra If you run by the left-hand wall into the large area with harpies and eventually the second hydra head, the red wall which would enclose the only exit does not activate - you avoid the door trigger. You may also leave the area the same route and leave it open. This has no use unless you want to play around with the second hydra head by leaving the fight prematurely. It just keeps attacking as if Kratos was near it... - Entering the second hydra If you roll just the right moment towards the spot where the hydra appears, and somehow manage to stay in that area after it has emerged (e.g. by jumping in air at a correct time), you've entered the second hydra. You're inside its collisions. Unfortunately this is useless, because it can still attack you from where you are. You can't skip the fight itself because the hole in the floor is purely cosmetic until the creature is gone. The easiest way to try this out is retrying again and again from the pre-second hydra checkpoint. Video demonstration: 1, see part II of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=4scwgmQqc6g - Glitch at the short grapple section after second hydra If you move/jump towards the right side of the wall while grappling, you may activate this glitch. Whenever you press down, Kratos turns 180 degrees around and climbs with his back against the wall. It's just a graphical glitch. - Archer A.I. glitch at the box moving "puzzle" If, after activating the cutscene where the archers are threatening the ship crew, you leave the area and go back where you met the first hydra and then come back, the archers aren't shooting at all anymore. NOTE: not verified. - A camera glitch during the big Hydra fight When a small hydra head dies, the camera concentrates on it for a moment. By doing unknown things there and then, the camera will not depart from the dead head's front and return to Kratos. This is completely harmless, only happened to me once - while doing an infinite jump and being quite far away from the dying head. Video demonstration: 1, see part III of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=4scwgmQqc6g - Dropping through/inside falling platforms during the big Hydra fight: If you're on one while one rises, you can easily drop through it. Also, you can manage to have one fall on you. Both of these instances are useless, just simple lapses in collision. - Tendency to freeze during the big Hydra fight It's happened to me once or twice, and I've heard several other people complain about this too. The screen goes black but you still see the boss health meter at the screen's lower half. The music continues playing, but nothing you do will evoke a reaction in the game. You must restart if this happens. Port of Athens -------------- - A wall breach at the ship The two maps - the innards of the ship Kratos starts from after Aegean Sea and the Port of Athens - are connected a bit loosely. By moving towards the wall at a certain height while jumping, you get through it to the ocean bottom. Doing a Hermes Stomp can be helpful. From the ocean bottom you can fall to nothingness or activate a botched-up swimming glitch. It can also be used in a speedrun for a few seconds win. Discoverer: Satvara. Video demonstration: 1, Satvara's video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2yG1y9J9YeA - A glitched legionnaire, subject to an infinite Orion's Harpoon combo Somewhere at Port of Athens there's a legionnaire who will not die from a Orion's Harpoon. You can keep doing the attack over and over again as long as you like, even make an extremely long combo slowly but surely. Discoverer: Shinobier? Video demonstration: 1, Shinobier's video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=SiEeHwXxD5E Gates of Athens --------------- - An exploitable chasm during the 3 cyclops fight The chasm at the left side of the field is open to them, while it's not to Kratos. Lure them right next to it if they're not, then run towards them or attack them when they're facing you. They will stumble backwards and fall. Video demonstration: 1, see part I of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=z-Wo42I1oEk - Skipping a small cutscene with Achilles' Flip Right as you enter the room where you acquire Medusa's Gaze, you activate a cutscene in which the camera pans through the whole room. To prevent the player from escaping witnessing this small clip, there are high walls around the small box - though overcomeable with Athens High Jump, it's slower and thus not recommended. However, with Achilles' Flip you can in some circumstances just fly through the box and not get hindered by the walls. I don't know how this is possible. - Defeating Medusa with pure damage The actual HP value Medusa has is 10.000, which is extremely high. To activate the minigame you need a lot less, and that's what virtually every player does during their playthroughs. If you exceed the 10.000 damage limit, Medusa dies by herself, and I've heard that the game doesn't consider it a victory. If you don't know how to escape the room, you might get stuck there. NOTE: not verified. - Regen magic and ceiling collision oddities Medusa room. This is the infamous room where you will gain regen magic. If you escape it at the correct time, you get to keep it too... Basically, look at the video demonstration below. It will show everything on doing it. The collision at the ceiling is strange. First of all, it seems Kratos can only grab the ceiling right above the door frame. There's some extra grabbable ground to the right of the frame too, not visible to the player. It makes me think that the developers put it all there intentionally to enable regen magic. To me it's just too big a coincidence that just the right type of collision exists at the exact spot you need it to to escape the room, and it exists nowhere else in the vicinity. Original discoverer: Satvara. However, Kewbew63 (and f.e. Zalo159 at the same time, independently of each other) discovered the easier way out. Video demonstration: 1, Kewbew63's example: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=yOHvvp6Xshg 2, Satvara's example (note: the old method, is very difficult to do): http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtc_YpAPULs - Skipping a major loading trigger After the Medusa room, get on top of the small platform which holds one chest. Get on top of the chest and do a high jump against the wall - if correctly performed, Kratos will grab an invisible ledge near the ceiling. Jump towards the set of ladder up ahead. If you were high enough, you missed a loading trigger, and the outside areas will never load until you retrace your steps and touch the trigger. Doing this it's actually possible to do a major sequence break at this location. Video demonstration: 1, see part IV and V of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa08uFO5OmY Road to Athens -------------- - Strange collision of the pile of junk blocking the road You know the rubble which appears after a short real-time scene where Ares's fireball destroys a building? Here's elaboration on its strange collision. The upper level of it is mostly something like crooked surface, except it doesn't respond to anything like crooked surface does. The rubble can be crossed over in a normal game, though it's not easy because of this special property. Video demonstration: 1, see part I of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Ktp4Mf9MIoo Athens Town Square ------------------ - Skipping the cyclops fight (and its consequences) There's an invisible ledge to the left before the cyclops fight. You can reach it by doing a high jump. By going over there you skip activating the cyclops fight trigger, though with a great price: you can't proceed into the Greek house (where's the "suicide lady") because the area will not load. The cutscene after the cyclops fight would've been the loading trigger! Video demonstration: 1, the skip itself, not its dreadful consequences: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Ktp4Mf9MIoo - "Suicide lady" mechanics In several places the game uses "prop" characters with which you can only interact in a very limited number of ways. JFCalibur88 has made a cool video showcasing the mechanisms of the lady here, and a couple of glitches too. Video demonstration: 1, JFcalibur88's video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ASavchszXQg - Skipping most of the Athens Town Square You can reach the balcony with several chests from the large yard by doing a variation of high jump, "Athens High Jump". From there you can just proceed to Temple of Oracle without doing anything to the "suicide lady" or even visiting Rooftops of Athens. Another skip is getting to the balcony through the Greek house, and doing a long jump from there to the high path towards the middle of the yard. The pole connecting the two sides is intact though invisible. Discoverer: Satvara, later Kewbev63. This isn't a glitch but just mentioned in commeration of the interesting work that has been put into cracking this particular location. Video demonstration: 1, see II of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Ktp4Mf9MIoo 2, doing a skip from the balcony (Kewbev63's video): http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=91QrJUfRyAs - Trying to get to Rooftops of Athens the wrong way You can use the elevator on the upper level which would lead you back down to the rooftops, but during the trip something will always go wrong. Kratos will fall down to his death after some strange camera angles. Temple of the Oracle -------------------- - Strange collision at the yard area You may haven't noticed, but you can get on top of the pillar sections from the right side of the yard where there is a chest. Do a high jump and you grab a ledge. No use has been found for this area, but still... - Harpy glitches Inside the temple harpies will spawn infinitely. While one might think that them stopping giving orbs is a glitch, it isn't. It is a mechanism implemented by the game designers to prevent too much orb farming. If you put a statue in front of the hole they come from you can control their spawning rate/formation. You can f.e. get them all to spawn at once, which looks creepy in all its symmetricity. Note that if you start stone beaming them now you will not get all the orbs you should: simultaneous shattered enemies do not yield more orbs than just one or two shattered. One harpy will always get "stuck" hovering over one of the fountains if you hang around that area a bit. If you want, take a go at creating your very own harpy orb fountain with the statues here. Video demonstration: 1, a pretty easy but not too efficient way: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb6CrJYbV5A - Strange inner yard statue collision + what abuse it enables Unlike at any other locale at the game, this place's statues do not move if Kratos jams himself between them and the wall. This means that you can create your own cramped space conditions enabling wall passage... in theory. For some reason you most likely won't see any success with this other than against the outer balcony walls. Using them you can get inside the wall, but navigation from there to anywhere else is extremely difficult, so there's not much you can do with this. Video demonstration: 1, "food for thought" http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=IPzWNw1I83o - Oracle voice glitch If you save Oracle before activating the latter part minigame (in which a countdown starts), you hear her shouts echoing in the area even after she's safely on the ground. - Why Oracle shouted so loudly? Because the rope she was clinging on to was insubstantial, that's why. Try to grab it with Kratos if you want to see for yourself. Video demonstration: 1, or see this video if you're in a hurry: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6svnq6PDPDM Suicide Bluffs + Sewers ----------------------- - Holes in collision at this area If you do Hermes Stomp to the uneven walls at the upper parts of the Bluffs Kratos may drop through them to his death. I know at least 3 spots where this happens. Video demonstration: 1, see the end parts of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6svnq6PDPDM - Holes in collision at sewer stairs You can skip going the stairs by doing a high jump on top of the doorway and jumping over it. You fall in the sewers instead of ending back to the Bluffs. Challenge of Atlas ------------------ - THE famous spot for infinite orbs Yes, you've seen it a million times already, the most popular spot of garnering a full set of orbs: the ladder at Challenge of Atlas. Instead of repeating what has been said already, I implore you to read an earlier section of this guide, the one about infinite mana orb glitch. - Graphical glitch while picking up the Architecht's Son's skull If you stand at the edge of the coffin and not on top of it, Kratos will grab at nothingness and tear away a piece of nothingness to use as a skull. Video demonstration: 1, see VII of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_IDg1l3pJes Challenge of Poseidon --------------------- - Quickly getting to the cage The cage inside of which is the object of sacrificial is lowerable by two ways: one is by turning the crank, one is by jumping right next to it to an invisible platform up high and pushing it to the ground. Just an odd/clever piece of level design. Video demonstration: 1, Kevbew63's demonstration: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wTmnsDH87yw - Insta-death trap glitch The corridor with the whirling array of all sorts of blades and spikes will not always kill Kratos instantly when it closes shut. He might get stuck in there for a longer time, losing his life little by little. You get to see the buzzsaw animation right to the end, and it is not a pretty sight - it goes nowhere, they just freeze strangely and look messed up. Video demonstration: 1, see part I of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=rPox7ti-XM0 - Moving metal slab/grating corridor glitch You know the part where there's a long sideways corridor and these strange slabs of metal that run through it periodically? You're supposed to go to left, but going to right is actually more useful. This is because you get two of the slabs appear at the same time, causing the trap to lose its lethality and turn into a fast method of transportation. The glitched doubleslab will drop Kratos off at the left end of the corridor, right next to the exit. Very convenient. NOTE: This might only happen if your position is as low as possible. Video demonstration: 1, see part III of this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=z-Wo42I1oEk - Passing elevator's ceiling The underwater elevator at the end of CoP will suck Kratos in through the ceiling if you're close enough or swim upwards. It looks a bit strange but does nothing harmful. - An event glitch if returning to Challenge of Poseidon The elevator you used at the end of it works the other way around too, so you can return there. But after you swim out of the elevator at its upper end and then try to re-enter it, it disappears to thin air and you have to go pull the nearby switch to get it up and working again. Challenge of Hades ------------------ - Chance to mess up a cutscene camera angle If you roll/maybe do something else the instant you see the Hades statue's eyes flash (after depressing the button), the camera will not follow the statue as it rises up but instead Kratos's roll. This is mildly useful because you don't have to start the next section so disoriented. - Shouting trigger abuse during swimming As you know, during the parts of CoH when you're at the upper parts of the chamber, Kratos will emit a shout when falling down. If you're swimming in air you can safely reach the trigger where he switches animation and starts shouting. Basically, he starts flailing his arms and legs and screams, nothing happens. Then he does it again, and again and again... NOTE: during my first playthrough I thought Kratos was so tough a guy he never ever screams, not even as he dies. Well, this place is an exception... Video demonstration: 1, somewhere in this video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mmaGwJcSSdA - Blind spot "Pandora's Guardian" has If you stand at a correct spot during the minotaur boss fight's last form, your opponent will get stuck doing something useless. Video demonstration: 1, GMG's demonstration: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=5Pst3Hm4p3U - A glitched movement loop "Pandora's Guardian" has If you somehow get behind him, he will become stuck doing only one move indefinitely: the "backing away" rocket swoop. This is not useful and getting behind him in the first place might not be possible other than swimming there. Cliffs of Madness ----------------- - Magical elevator activity If Kratos reaches the upper end of a long elevator section before the elevator itself, the elevator will catch up and slam up to the upper end instantly, bringing Kratos up too if he's in the way. This is most noticeable when swimming up the elevator "shafts". (this section is still under construction) 4. Credits, legal information, contact info, etc. ------------------------------------------------- ==================================== Copyright © 2008 Hannu Ratilainen All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html#SEC1 All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. ==================================== Additional thanks: ------------------ GodModeGOD (a.k.a. the-creeper, BigVEE, etc. etc.) - being the vet in this game series, he supplied me with info on many of the glitches. Wrote a small part of this guide. Satvara - A mysterious gamer who used his impeccable deducing skills to completely break many sections of this game. Founder of many exploits. Shinobier - gave video help and inspiration. Shenminiu - Did a GoW speedrun with all the essential exploits in. KevBew63 - Video help & a couple of glitches. JFCalibur88 - participated in glitch seeking and gave video help. Euqinunique - invented a place to use swimming glitch at CoP. HelloKittyKingxS - small glitch help (the second arrow glitch). --------------------------------------------------------------- If you need to contact me with suggestions, criticism, new strategies, etc. then message my Youtube-account. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=AKheon For PMs/E-mails: 1. Don't ask me questions you can easily find an answer elsewhere. 2. Don't ask me things you personally wouldn't want me to answer to. 3. Stay true. \m/ 4. "think before you post", the classic rule of many a forum in the net. Wordpress-account with more gaming-related text files available: http://akheon.wordpress.com/ Shameless plug: Me and the guitarist of Serpenthia have established a label called Ture Productions. Support us, if you will, by taking a listen of our releases. A real website is on the way. http://www.last.fm/label/Ture+Productions/ FIN.</p>