Braid walkthrough

World 7: 1

This is accessed by climbing the ladder in the house all the way to the top. You can’t get here until you’ve collected all the puzzle pieces.

7- 1 (No Name)

The first stage has no name, and time is moving backwards. Use one of the monstars to get a boost up to the exit door on the right.

7-2 (No Name)

As time moves backward in the next stage, monstars will eventually move upward to the cannon they fell out of. First, hop on one of the rising monstars on the ground level (or two, for back-up). Then climb the ladder. Standing on the platform with the cannon, jump on a rising monstar to reach the exit in the upper right corner.

7-3 (No Name)

The next level looks almost identical, but the ladder is broken. You need to ride on a monstar as it rises until you’re back on the platform next to the cannon, and then once again jump on another monst

ar in midair to get a boost to the exit on the right.

7-4 – Braid

Climb down the two ladders. Finally, the princess! She’s above, and you must traverse the bottom level to get to her. After the scene above, a platform will fall to allow you to continue to the right. Keep moving right—the flames at the left side of the screen will kill you if you move too slowly.

As you reach the first barricade, the princess will throw the lever above to open it. Hurry through, climb and descend the series of ladders, and keep moving right. Past the snapping plant is another barricade; cross it after the princess hits the lever. She’ll also make a platform rise in the pit of spikes so you can make it across. Depending on your timing, you may have to take a leap of faith and land on the rising platform. Continue to the right.

Descend the small ladder, being wary of backwards-moving projectiles. Climb the ladder to the right and hit the switch to open the barricade for the princess above. She’ll flip the next switch for you. Use the grating to continue right and across the small pit of spikes. Jump on monstars for a boost up to the platform with the lever and hit it to allow the princess to continue above. This is probably the toughest part of the level, so if you find that it’s just not working, try rewinding back further to shave off some seconds before you reach the section with the monstars. The princess will hit the next switch, and then another, allowing a platform to rise so you can continue right (make sure you’re on it before she gets there!).

Climb the stairs, avoiding the snapping plants as you go right. Finally, at the far right, climb the grating to make it up to the second level with the princess. Reunited! Well, not so fast. After the flash, hit rewind to watch the level unfold from a different perspective, until you’re all the way back at the beginning. Watch what unfolds, and when it’s all over, exit through the door.