Braid walkthrough

World 3: Time and Mystery

3-1 – The Pit

This simple level introduces glowing green objects—in this case, a key, but it could be a platform or an enemy elsewhere. Things with a green glow are unaffected by time manipulation, which you can use to your advantage. Jump down the pit onto the monstar holding a key. Use X to reverse until you’re standing back at the top with the key. Hop across the gap and unlock the door, then exit on the right.

3-2 – There and Back Again

Avoiding foes, run up and to the right where the lock is. Back out, avoiding being trapped by the falling barrier. Make your way to the top and grab the key. Hit rewind until you are standing next to the barrier and it’s back up—the glowing key will stay in your hand. Unlock it, grab the piece, and quickly run back out. Exit at the bottom right.

3-3 – Phase

Climb the grating just to the right of the entrance. Notice the floating clouds; the glowing clouds will continue to move forward, even when you move time backwards. Use this tactic to manipulate the spaces between them and platform across the clouds to get the puzzle piece. Continue to the right and climb the grating to the first platform. Use the same tactic on the next puzzle piece. Exit to the right.

3-4 – The Ground Beneath Her Feet

Take note of the key to the left of the entrance; you can’t get it just yet. Climb the ladder, and use the lever below to allow the foe to cross. You may need to rewind to make this happen. The enemy will cross the bridge and grab the key; when it comes back out, jump on it to grab the key. Use the lever and cross the bridge. Unlock the door and grab the puzzle piece.

Use the lever again to go back and up the ladder. Hop across and down the next ladder. Walking forward, take note of the glowing bridge, which means it’s exempt from time manipulation. Climb the ladder and stand on the top, then go back down and hit the lever. Immediately hold X until you’ve moved backwards to the top of the platform.

Jump across to grab the puzzle piece. Rewind until you’re near the lever again. Walk across the bridge and exit to the right.

3-5 – Tight Channels

Walk to the right, avoiding and jumping on the psychotic bunnies popping out of the ground. Find the platform with two ladders leading up to it and the cannon above. Climb onto the platform, then back down and backtrack a bit. Notice the foes popping out of the cannon are glowing.

Manipulate time so that the monstar walks to the end of the ledge without being hit by projectiles and falls onto the platform below. As you rewind, you should also find yourself back on the platform with the two ladders on either side. Quickly jump on the foe to grab the puzzle piece.

Continue to the right. A horde of bunnies will pop out of the ground; run from them while avoiding projectiles from cannons. The projectiles should take care of most of the bunnies. To get the last puzzle piece, you need to be quick. Climb the first ladder and wait at the top of it. Immediately after a projectile passes, fall to the right and head to the next ladder. Climb it, and jump to reach the last puzzle piece in this stage. Exit to the right.

3-6 – Irreversible

You can’t rewind right now, or the bridge above will not extend. Carefully make your way across and up, then to the left to grab the puzzle piece. Once the bridge has extended past the glowing barrier, you can rewind, but make sure it doesn’t go back past the barrier.

After grabbing the puzzle piece, make your way back past the monstars, snapping plant, and platform. You’ll see a ladder leading underground. To the left are three plants with a ladder and key in the middle. Ignore that key for now and make your way past all three plants, climbing down the ladder on the left. Grab the glowing key and rewind until you’re near the first of three locked doors again. Unlock the door.

DO NOT REWIND at this point, or you’ll relock the door without being able to use the key again. Grab the key on the platform between plants and use it to unlock the glowing door. Rewind briefly until you have the key and reuse it on the third door. Grab the puzzle piece.

Make your way back up and out, and head to the right, avoiding bunnies and projectiles. There’s another puzzle board for you to insert and manipulate the pieces you’ve collected so far.

3-7 – Lair

As you enter, a foe will fall off a platform to the right and die on the spikes below. Also in the spikes is a glowing key. Rewind and the foe will be holding the key. Jump on him and grab the key as he falls, then quickly rewind to be back at the top with the key. Open the glowing door across the gap.

It’s time for the game’s first boss fight. Stay on the grating and avoid its projectiles, as well as the monstars popping out of the cannon to the right. Use B to drop chandeliers on the monster’s head, and then rewind to bring them back. Repeat five times to defeat the foe.

Drop down and grab the glowing key. Use it to unlock the glowing door to the right. Exit to the right.

3-8 – A Tingling

Eliminate the monstars in the section of platforms and ladders near the entrance, grabbing the key from the last one. Make your way up the right side, and down the left, until you’re at the bottom again. Hit the switch, and rewind quickly, using the left button to speed up your time manipulation. When you’re on the first platform, jump onto the glowing bridge, and then climb the ladder in the middle for a puzzle piece.

Climb the rightmost ladder to hop on the platform and unlock the door. Climb the ladder. Carefully avoiding projectiles, climb across the top grating and down the ladder on the right. Make your way left across the bottom grating, again avoiding projectiles and foes. Hit the switch on the left behind the cannon.

Rewind until you’re back on the grating and hop onto the newly raised platform. When you stand on this, you’ll also glow, meaning that you can rewind time without physically moving back. Rewind to the beginning of the level’s time, and you’ll see a barrier to the left blocking a puzzle piece rise. Quickly make your way back near the locked door, grab the puzzle piece, and continue through the level.

Walk past the flag and you’ll get another dinosaur visit. Your princess, surprisingly, is in another castle.