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Blow yourself up to farm exotics with Destiny exploit

Another new Destiny expansion, another search by players on how to exploit it. The Destiny community has come up with some clever ways to circumvent developer Bungie's designs in the past (I will always wonder how someone got the idea to unplug a cable to cheese a boss), and now they've found a way to twist The Taken King to their advantage. This time it's an exploit that lets you farm (see: put minimal effort into something that usually requires a long and tedious grind) exotic gear.

It's all thanks to a new item sold by the in-game merchant, Xur. This item, dubbed the "Three of Coins," increases your chances of receiving exotic loot when you kill what's known as an Ultra enemy - they're the ones that have specific names, yellow health bars, and a skull icon above their head. Whittle an Ultra down to low health as you normally would, then get close and finish him with a rocket launcher attack. The splash damage should kill both the Ultra enemy and you, sending you back to a checkpoint. When you return, the boss will be resurrected, but the gear drops will still be there. Here's a video walkthrough from "MeowzaForce Gaming":

This isn't quite like the infamous Loot Cave, since the Three of Coins only increases your chance at receiving exotic equipment and doesn't guarantee it. But regardless, now you know the trick - though Bungie would probably prefer you didn't use it.

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Sam Prell
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