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The best Official PlayStation Magazine subscription deals 2018 – give the perfect gift this Christmas

Why not treat your loved one to something a little different this year, like an Official PlayStation Magazine subscription, where they get a brand new, glossy mag every month jam packed full of wonderful words.Every issue is crammed with the latest features, previews, news, and reviews on the biggest games on PS4, PS Vita, and PS VR, so what better way to stay informed on all the latest gaming goodness?

Just to sweeten the deal, at the moment, there are huge savings (of up to 49%) to be had in the MyFavouriteMagazines store.

Best of all, many of these savings apply worldwide, so everyone can get a great deal: from print and digital magazine subscriptions to bundles, and back issues. There's basically no excuse.

Official PlayStation Magazine publishes 13 issues per year, so a magazine subscription really is the gift that keeps on giving – whether for yourself, partner, friend of family member. 

Every issue comes packed with exclusive gifts, DLC, and editorial treatments to make your favourite games shine. 

Official PlayStation Magazine subscription Get yourself 13 glorious issues of OPM right now from just £2.15 per issue via MyFavouriteMagazines

If you do happen to miss this particular Official PlayStation Magazine deal, don't despair, because in the run up to Christmas there are more deals to be had. We'll keep you updated on all the best ones right here.