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The 7 best movie podcasts you should be listening to

For your listening pleasure

There are thousands of movie podcasts covering everything from trivia, classic Hollywood tales, horror, sci-fi, superheroes, bloopers and weekly reviews. With so much variety, we've picked out the very best regular listening that merits your subscription. From the surprising 'making of' insights of HITM, to the warm – but acute – opinions on new releases from Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, we've got you covered. With thousands of podcasts to choose from, it's *possible* – read: certain – that we've missed one of your favourites. Please add your best movie podcasts in the comments below for fellow GamesRadar+ readers to approve of your fine taste, or to dismiss without listening to a single second of them, as Internet protocol demands.

7. How did this get made?

A gloriously NSFW sprint through some of the worst movies ever made, HDTGM is fast paced, funny, and powered by the hosts’ personalities. Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael pull zero punches as they take down some ‘classics’. What makes it work is how in depth they always go too. In fact you get three shows in one feed; the movie discussions, live episodes with an audience and 'prequels'. The prequels are especially great, answering audience questions and doing some surprisingly personal magazine pieces. Hate watching has never been this much fun. I recommend starting with The Avengers or Mortal Kombat episodes.

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6. How is this movie?

If the frantic vaudeville of HDTGM is a bit much for you, try HITM instead. Host Dana Buckler interviews filmmakers, reviews movies, and digs into the history of the classics often with surprising results. For example, the Aliens episode reveals how James Cameron almost made Spartacus II: Spartacus in Space instead. I know, right? I made that face too! HITM is a film fan’s dream show, full of chewy trivia and insight. If you want to try a single episode, go for the Aliens one. If you want something bigger, go for his four part The Business of Film series.

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5. Faculty of Horror

Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West are the definitive podcast horror critics. Every episode they take a movie, or franchise apart and discuss what works, what doesn't, and why. Andrea and Alex question every element of their subjects but never take cheap shots at them. They find new and interesting things to say about every film, good and bad, and it's rare to finish an episode and not want to watch the movie again with their comments in mind. Their love for an often maligned genre is inspiring and positive, making them essential voices in the movie podcast community. Start with their two-part Alien franchise special.

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4. School of Movies

Alex and Sharon Shaw are two of the hardest working people in podcasting. As well as a series of alternate history audio dramas they produce this weekly deep dive into films and TV. Like Subissati and West they come in open minded. Like the HDTGM crew, when something goes wrong they will mock it. Unlike them, they always give context for why a movie doesn’t work. In an industry laden down with endless snark, their inclusive, fair approach is like a breath of fresh air. Start with their Sucker Punch episode, which while nearly 3 hours long, is a masterclass in how to talk critically about movies. 

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3. Black List Table Reads

One of those brilliantly simple ideas that you’re amazed no one thought of sooner, BLTR takes the best screenplays Hollywood hasn't yet made and turns them into 'ear movies'. These are full cast table reads complete with music and narration to describe the action. Each one is followed by an interview with the author, conducted by Black List founder Franklin Leonard. Vital listening for film fans, audio drama enthusiasts and writers, this is a show that manages to both tell stories and teach you about how they work. Start with episode 209, featuring four short ‘ear movies’ and interviews with their writers.

Listen here.

2. Kermode and Mayo's Film Review

Mark Kermode introduced a generation to cult movies on Radio 1 in the 1990s. I was one of them. Now, along with the pathologically laconic Simon Mayo, he presents the best current film magazine show you’ll find. The hosts are one of those double acts that just click; Kermode's perpetual slight annoyance coupled with Mayo's puppy like enthusiasm meaning every episode bounces along at the perfect pace. While it is a standard issue mix of guests, reviews, and chat you won't find it done better anywhere else. Start with any episode, and remember, hello to Jason Isaacs.

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1. You Must Remember This

Karina Longworth's passion project, YMRT is the story of Hollywood. Every story of Hollywood. Longworth’s love for and knowledge of the classics opens up decades of classic movies and the stories behind them. The rise and fall of the studios, the history and consequences of the McCarthy hearings and detailed looks at the lives of classic stars are all here. This is a massive undertaking, but one that’s done with a real lightness of touch. Longworth lets her stories speak for themselves but always gives context when needed, and has unearthed some gems. Start with episode 2: Frank Sinatra in Space about Sinatra's forgotten three disc science fiction concept album.

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