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Become a member of team GamesRadar in Football Superstars

Football Superstars is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game where you live the life of a footballer on and off the pitch. And now you can join team GamesRadar to help us achieve footie glory. Below, you'll read about all the details, including how to get your free welcome pack.

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As World Cup fever draws to a close, the status of its most valued players is certain to soar. But taking part in the beautiful game on the world stage isn’t the only way to achieve adulation and recognition. If you missed out on taking part in the Football Superstars PMC World Cup, there’s another opportunity to make your mark. is recruiting players – and we need you to make it happen. Take your player through the ranks and see them reach their pinnacle as they achieve celebrity status by training hard, winning games and being interviewed by journalists. You will receive free boots to get you started, crafting your character as well as your skills.

Everything you need to become a football legend for team GamesRadar is at your disposal; computer controlled coaches, top of the range training facilities and a gym where you can trade your money to enhance your pace and agility are just a few of the beneficial options available. Hone your skills, learn to control your player and develop your passing, tackling and shooting as you rise through the ranks. Once your player is created, you enter the game in a coastal city where footballer’s dreams are made.

The modern day superstar aspect of players is represented through the opportunity to earn Fame Points. Not content with merely perfecting the game, you will also be able to purchase high end clothes from the city’s boutiques, dine in the finest restaurants and trade experience for newspaper, radio and TV interviews. Your Fame Points will in turn determine the amount of money you gain for each match, enabling you to go from lowly paid apprentice to high flying star player.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of the journey is that you only control the player you created, as opposed to controlling all players. Your player is unique to you since every other player on the pitch is controlled by another person. Not only are you battling against another team but you’re also competing against your team-mates for money and experience that unlock new skills. This makes the hard work all the more satisfying as you witness your player’s rise to fame, fortune and football greatness.

Football Superstars is an innovation; it’s the first and only virtual football world. It is also the most competitive football experience on the planet, where team work, skill and focus all combine to recreate the beautiful game on your PC.

Join up now by visiting, choose team GamesRadar, represent and become a Football Superstar!

All players signing up with GamesRadar will receive a bonus welcome pack including some in game money (FS bonds), a pair of Reebok Valde Pro Performance boots and a lion mascot suit, as well as some fancy clothing for your superstar. What are you waiting for? Please note, colours may vary.

July 8, 2010