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Assassin DVD review

Danny boy...

Danny Dyer’s cinematic rehab is not quite complete, but since Vendetta he’s been getting closer to the Neeson-style reinvention he surely deserves. In this gangland thriller from J.K. Amalou (Deviation) he’s a hitman working for Kemp brothers Gary and Martin (The Krays), “a cocky fucker” who falls for his target Holly Weston (Splintered).

It’s not a stretch for anyone, and continuity problems abound, but the cinematography’s crisp, the Kemps’ exchanges crackle with charisma, and anyone looking for po-faced, paunch-free action could do much worse. Dyer certainly has.


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DVD release30 March 2015
DirectorJ.K. Amalou
Starring"Danny Dyer","Martin Kemp","Gary Kemp"
Available platformsMovie