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Are your Street Fighter skills worth cold, hard cash? Pull off an insanely long combo and prove it

Your challenge? A nonsensical 126-hit Chun-Li combo, comprising 125 button inputs and an Ultra Combo finish.

The rules? The combo must be replicated exactly, with no tool assistance, no ininite meter settings and no button bindings. You must provide video evidence of your feat, with hands and screen footage in the same frame, and you must upload the clip unlisted toDesk's YouTube channel via a personal message. By 22:00 GMT on the 27th of October. If you're the first to prove you've nailed it, you'll get $50. If no-one pulls it off, there'a a $20 prize for anything particularly special.

For more details and the full combo input listing, check out the info in the video descriptionhere. Reckon you're up to it?