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Apex Legends patch notes for Lost Treasure event include major balancing changes

(Image credit: EA)

The Apex Legends Lost Treasure event starts Tuesday, June 23 and the latest patch notes highlight a variety of major and minor changes heading to the battle royale. You can read them in full here, or scroll below for a neat little summary. 

As we previously reported, Lifeline (Apex Legends' only healer) is getting a major buff that will allow her to revive two players at once. This is a game changer (quite literally), as Lifeline's value took a hit a few weeks ago when Mirage received a buff allowing him to cloak both himself and a downed teammate while he revived them. Now, however, Lifeline will be able to deploy her healing drone to revive a teammate from behind a shield while she revives another teammate on her own. That's two for the price of one, baby.

Another character facing major changes is Wraith, widely considered the best Legend in the game. Wraith's Phase Walk has been adjusted so that players will no longer use it as a "get out of jail free" card but will instead use it as "more of a repositioning and scouting ability." In short, Phase Walk now takes 1.25 seconds to enable, where it used to take 0.4 seconds, and Wraith's movement will slow down by 20% as Phase Walk is enabled. This makes her far more vulnerable during phasing than ever before. 

However, Wraith's Phase Walk will get a 30% speed boost while enabled, and she can see other players while in the Void again. It lasts a second longer and the cooldown is 10 seconds shorter. This rework is certainly a give and take, and may have Wraith mains rethinking their Legend choice. 

Octane is also getting a rework in the same vein as Lifeline and Mirage - his tactical Stim will remove movement-impairing effects and increase his speed by another 10%. This should make Octane a better choice for close-quarters combat, as any type of movement-impairing trap will have less of an effect on him. Plus, Octane's Launch Pad ultimate will now allow players to double jump mid-air aftering using it, and they can easily change direction from the double jump. 

Revenant, Crypto, Loba, and Mirage all get slight buffs, while Gibraltar and Caustic are nerfed, and Wattson gets a bit of both. 

There's one other change on the horizon that's going to drastically alter gameplay - zipline cooldowns. Cooldowns will be applied to re-grabbing ziplines without touching the ground, and that cooldown will increase every time a player disconnects and re-grabs the zipline. So, that clever little trick we all use to avoid getting sniped while ziplining isn't going to be as effective anymore. Protect yo' necks.

Apex Legends' Lost Treasure event is also bringing us a Crypto town takeover on Kings Canyon, the return of the Armed and Dangerous LTM, a Mirage heirloom, and several new rare, epic, and legendary cosmetics (boy do I have my eyes on that Revenant skin). Lost Treasures starts June 23.

Apex Legends is coming to Switch later this year. 

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