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Another 600 Movie Blogs You Might Have Missed

another 600 movie blogs


You want blogs? We got plenty! As if the last list of 600 Blogs You Might Have Missed wasn't enough, we've found ANOTHER 600 for you to browse at your leisure. Enjoy!

24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog!

8th Circuit

$7 Popcorn

1 Minute Film Review

10 Movies to See Before You Die

10 Things I Hate* About Your Movie

100 Films

1000 DVDs To See

1001: A Film Odyssey

1,416 and Counting

A Life in Equinox - A Movie Lover's Journal

A Matter of Life and Death

A Nerd Like Me

Action Flick Chick

Against the Hype

Alice In Movieland

All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!

All Things Horror

All Things Kocinski


Anchorwoman In Peril!

And All That Film

Angelic Ashes Film Reviews

Anomalous Material

Another Old Movie Blog

Anything Horror

Are You Screening?

Assorted Loaf

The Discordic Adventures of FNord

Auckland Film Festival 2008



Average Film Reviews

Awesome All Day

Bad Lit: The Journal of Underground Film

Bargain Bin Review

Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

Basement Screams

Battle Royale with Cheese

Bearded Weirdo Reviews

Beauty is in the Eye of the Ticket Holder

Because I Saw the Film

Behind the Couch

Beth Loves Bollywood

Big Mike's Movie Blog

Big Thoughts From A Small Mind

Bigger Picture Research

Bill's Movie Emporium


Bitchin' Film Reviews

Black Hole DVD Reviews

Black Sheep Reviews

Blog About Movies

Blog Cabins

Blog of A Dead Dreamer

Blood and Beer


Bohemian Cinema

Boiling Sand

Breathing Movies

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Cane Toad Warrior

Cannelton Critic

Careful With That Blog, Eugene

Carole & Co.

Casey's Movie Opinion Blog

Celluloid Fire

Chained and Perfumed

Champlain Motion Pictures

Chopping Mall Films

Chris's Film Blog

Chuck Norris Ate My Baby

Chud50's Film Reviews


Cinema Beacon

Cinema Comment

Cinema Directives

Cinema Du Meep

Cinema Obsessed

Cinema Romantico

Cinema Splendor

Cinema Takes

Cinema Viewfinder




Cinematic Passions

Cinematically Correct







Classic Movies

Classicfilmboy's Movie Paradise

ColdFusion Video Reviews

Common Sense Movie Reviews

Cool Awesome Movies

Coosa Creek Mambo

Counting Down the Hours

Counting Down the Zeroes

The Pork Chop Express

Critical Mass Reviews

Culture Snob

Cut, Print, Review

Cut The Crap Movie Reviews

Cynical Review


Daily Film Dose


Dave's Blog About Movies and Such

Dave's Film & DVD Reviews

Dave's Movie Reviews

DC Girl @ the Movies

Deadly Movies


Dear Jesus

Deep Dish

Detailed Criticisms

Diary of a Mad Film Fan

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Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill!

Dimension Fantastica

Do You Have a Flag?

Dollar Bin Horror

Doodad Kind of Town


Disaster Movie World

DVD Trash

Effed Up Ess

Electronic Cerebrectomy

Encore's World of Film & TV

Essay Centre

Eternal Sunshine of Ross' Mind

Evil on Two Legs

Exile in Myville

Exodus 8:2

Eye Candy

Fandango Groovers Movie Blog

Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts


Ferdy on Films

Film Babble Blog

Film-Book dot Com

Film Chair

Film for the Soul

Film Forager

Film Gurl

Film Insight

Film Intel

Film Rubbish

Film Under Fire


Filmicability with Dean Treadway


Final Cut

Flappers and Flickers

Flick Rater

Flickering Myth

Foolish Blatherings

Forget The Popcorn

Four of Them

Freddy in Space

Friend Mouse Speaks

From the Front Row

Full Moon Reviews

Fused Film Blog

Gatto Reels

GeekJane: Random Girly Geekdom

Ghost on Screen

Gina Faust, Movie Maven

Go, See, Talk!

Gone Cinema Poaching

Goodies Movie

Gore Gore Dancer Movie Reviews

Goregirl's Dungeon


Gruesome Details

Hal0000's Movie Reviews

He Shot Cyrus

Held Over

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Hell Bent for Taters

Here's Looking Like You, Kid

Hollywood Chainsaw Blogger

Hoping for Something to Hope For

Horror 101

Horror Happenings

Horror Talk

How to Buy and Maintain Your Chainsaw

Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies

I Love Horror

I Luv Cinema

I Think, Therefore I Review

I'm Feeling So Blahg

Igloo of the Uncanny

Ikarus' FilmRezensionsWelt & Unterhaltungskosmos

Illuminate My Eyes

Indie Film Spotlight

Insight Into Entertainment

Intermission at Work

Internal Bleeding

Invasion of the B Movies


Is This Seat Taken?

It's A Mad Mad Blog2



Jairam's Jives

Japan Cinema

Jen Reviews Movies

Jigsaw's Lair

Joem18b's Blog

Joel's Ticket Stub

John's Movie Blog

Journalistic Skepticism

Just Chick Flicks

Just Plain Something

Kaatib's Reviews

Keyzer Soze's Place

Kid In The Front Row


Killed by Dreck

Korova Theatre

Lair of the Green Knight

Last Site on the Left

Lazy Eye Theatre


Le Mot du Cinephiliaque

Let's Go To the Movies

Let's Not Talk About Movies

Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile

Lil' Blog of Horrors

Lolita's Classics

Lost Highway: B-movie and cult film reviews


M. Carter @ the Movies

Mantis Fists

Marshall and the Movies

Matte Havoc

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Media Shy

Mendelson's Memos

MiNG Movie Reviews in about 100 words or less

Minty's Menagarie

Mise En Meh

Misplaced Movies

Mistertwister's Movie Nook

Monster Movie DVDs

Motion Picture Underground

Movie Cafe

Movie Dearest

Movie Miscellany

Movie Mobsters

Movie News Movie Trailers

Movie Reviews by Captain D

Movie Reviews (such as they are)


Movie Viewing Girl

Movies and Other Things

Movies et al

Movies Kick Ass

Movies Illustrated




Must Love Movies

My Christmas Movies

My Floating Red Couch

My Life in Film

Napier's News

Narry Borman

Nectrotic Cinema


Nevermind Popular Film

New Movie Buzz

Next Wednesday Instead

Nighthawk News (News from the Boston Becks)

Nik Nak's Old Peculiar

No Smoking in the Skullcave

Noir of the Week

Noirish City

Not Just Movies

Notes of a Film Fanatic

Second Views

Octopus Cinema

Oduction Production's Midnight Timewarp

Online Film School

Only Good Movies

Only the Cinema

Out of the Past A Classic Film Blog

Oscars in Order With Recipes!

Oteki Sinema - Midnight Movies

Oxford Film Freak

Permission To Kill

Peresblancs Movie Reviews

Phil on Film

Planet of Terror

Pluck You, Too!

Plus Trailers - Tom Clift's Movie Blog

Popcorn N Roses

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Porkhead's Horror Movie Hole



Punch Drunk Critics

Pure Movies

Rachel's Reel Reviews

Rach's Media Opinions

RacsO Ledger

Radiation Cinema

Radiation-Scarred Reviews

Radiator Heaven


Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob

Rants of a Diva

Read. Rave. Review.

Red Carpet Crash

Reel Advice Movie Reviews

Reel Artsy

Reel Fanatic

Reel Whore

Remembrance of Things Past

Resident Film Snob

Reviews etc by Bhargav Saikia

Riku Writes

Rita's Romantic Movies

Ross v Ross

Row Three

Rupert Grint Fansite - Ice Cream Man




Scary Film Review

Scare Sarah


Scott Brothers

Screaming Blue Reviews

Screen Insight

Screen Savour


She Blogged By Night

She Likes to Watch

Should I See It

Silent Film Music by Ben Model

Silent Stanzas

Silent Volume

Silents and Talkies


Skeins of Thought

Slasher Film Sanctuary

Soiled Sinema

Son of Double Feature

Soundtrack Geek

Spaghetti Sauce and Sweet Peas


Stop the Planet of the Apes... I want to get off


Sunnyside Kitchen

Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Talking a Lot Without Ever Really Saying Anything

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TFAV...1630...Pure Horror...

The Arid Metropolitan

The Asher Faye Show

The Athletic Nerd

The Audient

The Black Box Office

The Box Office Junkie

The Center Seat

The Cinema 4 Pylon

The Citizen's Blog

The Cultural Post

The Critical Critics

The Cynical Blog

The Dancing Hotdogs Present...

The Dancing Image

The Dark of the Matinee

The Dueling Cavalier

The Fantastic Adventures of Furious D

The Film Brief

The Film Fiend

The Film Nest

The Film Vituperatem

The Filmist

The Final Girl Project

The Flesh Eating Blog

The Flick Chick

The Good Indoorsman

The Good Movie Reviewer

The Harvey Klinger Experience

The Hollywood Shootout

The Horror Club

The Incredible Suit

The Jack Sack

The Jaded Viewer

The Kinetoscope Parlor

The Last Blog on the Left

The Lightning Bug's Lair

The List

The Long Take: Uninterrupted Cinema

The Ludovico Technique: A Film Blog

The Moon is a Dead World

The m0vie blog

The Movie Center

The Movie Encyclopedia

The Movie Coroner

The Movie Fanatic

The Movie Guy

The Movie Mistress

The Movie Projector

The Movie Snob

The Movie Whore

The Moviegoer

The MovieNess

The Moviezzz Blog

The Moving Arts

The One-Line Review

The Pale Picturehouse

The Paradise of Horror

The Peoples Movies Blog

The Powerstrip

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The Reel Ninja

The Rest is Cream Cheese

The Robot Who Likes Pretty Things

The Rocket Video Blog

The Rub: Movie Reviews

The Scandy Factory

The Schleicher Spin

The Screening Log

The Seventh Art

The Shark Guys

The Small Town Critic

The Sophomore Critic

The Spoon

The Stop Button

The Tinseltown Review

The Ugly Cow

The Vast Picture Show

The Watch Instantly Critic

The Wild Ardor Of Things

TheGreatWhiteDope's Mecha-Blog-Zilla

Things That Don't Suck

This Distracted Globe

This Guy Over Here: The Best Films of the 2000s

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

Time Out for a Creative Change


Tractor Facts

Trash Aesthetics

Treadway Writes

Tricky Movie Trivia

Twenty Four Frames

Twisted Flicks



Valley Dreamin'

Vault of Obscurity

Video Store Blues

Video Updates Blog

Walking Taco


We Have Beards


We're not critics, We're Movie Guys!

What I Watched Last Night


What What Would Toto Watch?

Where Danger Lives

Where the Long Tail Ends


World Film

World's Best Films

XX Cinema

YDKS Movies

Z for Zombies

Zola's Movie Pic's

Movie Muser

Fantastic Voyages

The Shiznit

About 3am

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Lets All Go to the Lobby

From Midnight

Movie Viral


Atomic Gadfly

A Petrified Fountain

Film Gordon


Popcorn Monster

Seano 22

The Last Reveal

The Bitter Script Reader

Aspiring TV Writer

Slammed and Dammed


Mcarter at the Movies

Alfred Hitchcock Geek

The Horror Section

Flix chatter: World Press

Jolly Good Show

43 Pounds

Zombie Undead


Subject Cinema

Indie Film Spotlight

A Film Canon

Go See Talk

Paragraph Film Reviews

Bargain Bin Review

OductionProduction's Midnight Time Warp

Cult Sirens

Movie Cat

Uncovered Films


The Hard Cast

Kids in Mind


Cindy Bruce

Comic Book Heroes

Superhero Shows

Ironman Universe

Harry Potter Mania

Michael Mann

The Peter Cushing Collection

Matt Anderson’s Blog

Writing is a Scientific Art

Dan’s media Digest


Riddle Me this, Riddle me that

El Septimo Sentido

The Killer Film Blog

Dex Views

The Intermittent Sprocket

The Culch

El Portal Del Celuloide

My Movie’s World

Chas Andrews’ Movie Blog

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365 Films Later…

Iron Clad Film

The Smell of Napalm

Movie Tickets

Box Office Spy

Strange Kids Club

The Movie Bit

Movie News First

The Man Cave

Sputnik Reviews

Resident Film Snob

Immortal Ephemera

Sugary Cynicism

Movie Feast

The Vault of Horror

The Film Connoisseur

Between the Seats

Cinema Steve

You Talking to Me?


Sugary Cynicism

Movie Man Dan

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Killer Film

Films That Time Forgot

Dan The Man's Movie Reviews

Movie Muse Reviews

The Flickerdrome

Truth On Cinema

Reel Thinker

The Stories That Really Mattered


Movie Critical

The Dancing Image


Movie Porch

Phil's Five Words for Films


Goodfella's Movie Blog

Daily Actor

The Skullbasher

Film Foodie

Film Music Art

From Midnight, With Love

Undy a Hundy

Turn the Right corner

Pompous Film Snob

Joeseph Campenella

The Canadian Cinephile's Reviews

Box Office Predictions

Sound On Sight

Celluloid Moon

Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing

Cinema and Fiction

Should I See That?


John Likes Movies

Review Avenue

Film Foodie

The Third Act

The Hollywood Revue

The Liberal Dead

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