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Amazon offering limited-time deals on FIFA 12 and Modern Warfare 3

Amazon is offering limited-time deals on Modern Warfare 3 and FIFA 12 today, aiming to corner that all-important “bargains, soccer and massively devastating global conflict” demographic. Besides a discount on both titles, Call of Duty enthusiasts get credit toward new gaming gear, and if you aren't a fan of either, very limited time deals are going down right now too.

Above: Advance as fast as possible to the purchase area!

The standard edition of Modern Warfare 3 is currently $9 off on console and $6 off on PC, which is dollars you could put toward DLC or gaming snacks or what-have-you. You'll also get a $10 off credit on either of Turtle Beach's MW3-branded Ear Force headsets, and Xbox 360 customers will also receive $25 credit toward a one year XBLA subscription, ensuring you'll hear from whiny 8-year-olds for at least another year.

Above: Um, kick it over to Football puns are harder than war ones

FIFA, meanwhile, is Amazon's daily Gold Box game, meaning the game's price is reduced by $20 from the normal retail amount to $39.99 and on top of that are super limited deals on other games. As of this writing, the deal is currently Ace Combat: Assault Horizon; come 3pm PT, that'll be replaced by Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. From 6-8pm PT you'll get a discount on Puzzler World, or wait until 8-10pm PT for a timed price cut on Dead Rising 2: Off the Record instead. And you'll find even more pretty good deals on games here. Plan the rest of your day accordingly.