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8 games that let you kill animals

Let's get this out in the open. We're all sick of nature. Yes, it's trendy to cry about saving the panda and preserving the precious rainforest, but secretly, we've had enough of plants and animals getting in the way of our lives. Wouldn't it just be easier if we could take a golf club to the face of every panda we see gurning at us from behind their ill-gotten bamboo shoots? Of course it would!

Unfortunately, thanks to The Man, we can't get away with viciously decimating legions of deserving animals in real life. Thank the sweet maker for videogames, which allow us to give these smarmy fauna the kicking they deserve. You still can't punch a marmoset for perceived sarcasm, but you can at least explode a digital cow. Check out our list of top games that let you kill animals. They're asking for it…