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50 Worst Movies Of 2011


The Bad Movie: Russell Brand replaces Dudley Moore as the permanent sloshed playboy - and 'permanently sloshed' is what you'll need to be to choose this over the original.

How To Make It Better: Much as we like Russell Brand, his vulgar attitude lacks Dudley's cuddly charm.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

The Bad Movie: An admittedly amazing final act of action-porn… but first you've got to get through two hours of Michael Bay's childish humour, leering misogyny, gung-ho patriotism and join-the-dots plotting.

How To Make It Better: This isn't exactly auteur cinema, so let somebody else direct the talky bits and only bring in Bay for the set-pieces. Oh, and sack whoever hired Rosie Whatshername.

The Hangover Part II

The Bad Movie: What happened in Vegas should've stayed in Vegas. Instead, it pretty much gets copied (albeit with added racism) during another stag do in Bangkok.

How To Make It Better: Adding some new pages to the Xerox of the first film's script would be nice. Oh, and Nick Cassavetes really isn't a replacement for Mel Gibson.

Dream House

The Bad Movie: Director Jim Sheridan and stars Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz disowned their film about a man discovering the skeletons in his seemingly perfect closet and refused to promote it. That kind of bad.

How To Make It Better: To be honest, the silly Donald Kaufman-esque premise would have torpedoed this one no matter how happy the talent was with the final cut.

Swinging With The Finkels

The Bad Movie: A bored married couple (Martin Freeman and Mandy Moore) decide to take up swinging to spice things up. Audiences might wish to try the same by sneaking off to watch other, better movies.

How To Make It Better: There's probably an audience for Mandy Moore masturbating with a cucumber, but it isn't in multiplexes.

Just Go With It

The Bad Movie: Adaptation of 1969 Oscar winner Cactus Flower in which friends Danny (Adam Sandler) and Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) have to pose as a separated couple so Danny can pull his latest conquest. Classy.

How To Make It Better: Try remaking Cactus Flower , a bittersweet farce about attempted suicide and unrequited love that didn't feel the need to cart the cast off to Hawaii or have a character named Dolph Lundgren.

Shark Night 3D

The Bad Movie: A bunch of hillbillies are streaming videos of students being eaten in a shark-infested lake. But who wants to download a PG-13 snuff movie?

How To Make It Better: At least last year's Piranha was honest about its intentions, casting porn stars and filling the screen with GORE!

How Do You Know

The Bad Movie: Always a danger sign when the title is a question WITHOUT A QUESTION MARK. So no wonder Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson can't decide if they're playing comedy, drama or - worse - dramedy.

How To Make It Better: Rather than awkwardly mashing together stories set in the sports and business worlds, why not just make two movies?

Green Lantern

The Bad Movie: The unloved orphan to Marvel's happy family, this bloated origins story for a superhero nobody's heard of wanders between cheesy and dull.

How To Make It Better: Take a leaf from The Avengers , and stick in cameos from Batman and Superman.

Everywhere And Nowhere

The Bad Movie: British Asian Ash (James Floyd) is caught between conservative Indian tradition and wanting to play bangin' anthems as a DJ. Come back when you've made a decision, Ash.

How To Make It Better: This needs to lose the navel-gazing, and kick loose as a Trainspotting -style black comedy.