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50 Greatest Spider-Man Villains

Will O' The Wisp

The Villain: A villain who can change his genetic make-up at (ahem) will, Will O' The Wisp can either make himself almost transparent and ephemeral, or weigh a ton.

Originally an electromagnetic researcher called Jackson Arvad, he's involved in an explosion in a magno-chamber, which massively traumatises his molecular make-up. He becomes a right-hand man to criminal genius Dr Jonah Harrow.

Movie Version: A villain who Spider-Man alternately can't hit and then can't move because he's so heavy? Why the hell not!

Would require suitably scrawny/lean actor for the role. What's Shia LaBeouf upto these days?


The Villain: Sort of resembling the most terrifying bowl of spaghetti you've ever seen, Scream is the supervillain name of Donna Diego, a security guard at the Life Foundation who's infected by a Venom symbiote.

Her most impressive act as a villain is attacking a mall in California and then surviving a huge explosion that should have destroyed her.

Movie Version: Well, if Venom's ever looking for a girlfriend…


The Villain: One of the creepiest bad guys in Spidey's ouvre, Styx is a tux-wearing baddie who sort of looks like Death himself.

Which is appropriate, because he's able to reduce anything he touches to a rotten, decayed mess simply by touching it. Even more terrifying, he can stretch his fingers over great distances, meaning he's almost impossible to escape…

Movie Version: Jackie Earle Haley would be magnificent in this role - and the concept of a bad guy who can destroy anything by mere touch would make for a spine tingler of a Spidey movie.

Living Brain

The Villain: First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #8 , Living Brain is a construct of International Computing Machines.

It's a complex computer that goes on a destructive rampage when it's stolen by a group of kids who attempt to use it to predict the outcomes of horse races. Gambling bad, kids.

Movie Version: Though he causes some damage in the comics, we can't help imagining Living Brain as a misunderstood aid to Spider-Man.

Spidey with a robot pal? Yes please.


The Villain: The son of Daily Bugle publisher J John Jameson, John Jameson aka Man-Wolf has all the powers you'd expect of somebody with that moniker.

When he briefly becomes Man-Wolf, he basically transforms into a werewolf - though he's not vulnerable to silver.

Movie Version: Werewolves in a Spidey movie might be pushing things slightly, though we'd love to see what Ryan Gosling would do with the role.


The Villain: A super-smart mechanic, Abner Jenkins turns himself into Beetle when he uses hydraulic technology to create a special suit of armour.

Though he initially worked in an airplane factory, his self-serving ambitions of fame and fortune prompted him to enter a life of crime - and hence go up against Spider-Man.

Movie Version: The lack of a substantial conflict within the character means Beatle is probably more suited to the comics than the movies.


The Villain: Though Juggernaut is best known as an alternate ally-villain of the X-Men, and he hasn't battled Spidey much over the years, his fight with ol' webhead in Amazing Spider-Man #229 and #230 remains a series stand-out.

Movie Version: The one time Juggernaut's appeared in a movie is in X-Men: The Last Stand , when he was played by Vinnie Jones.

Yeah, he wasn't met with a particularly warm reception…


The Villain: Aka The Living Vampire, Morbius started out as Dr Michael Morbius, a scientist who discovers he has a rare blood disease.

In an attempt to cure himself, Morbius actually transforms himself into a vampire, giving him super-speed, strength, agility and a craving for blood.

Movie Version: We almost got a movie version of Morbius when Guillermo del Toro planned on making him the villain of Blade II - but then Sony vetoed that idea and we got an ex-pop star instead.

A movie version would probably toy around with the vampire rules while giving them a scientific spin.


The Villain: As you probably guessed from the name, Hydro-Man has a special gift for water - he can transform himself into puddles at will, and uses water as a weapon (think devastating jet sprays).

He's basically Sandman with water, though minus Sandman's sticky-fingered inclinations.

Movie Version: A villain who can be stopped by sponges? Don't expect Hydro-Man to make it onto the big screen any time soon, even if he is awesome in the comics.

The Shocker

The Villain : Herman Schultz is a bank robber with a seriously heightened IQ who discovers that he can make his livelihood that much easier by creating a super-suit that sends out shockwaves and opens safes for him. Nifty.

He's one of Spidey's more resilient villains and member of the Masters Of Evil. His comeback in 'Unscheduled Stop' gifted him an awesome new look, too, courtesy John Romita Jr.

Movie Version: Though he has an awesome suit, it's unlikely he'll make it to the big screen anytime soon - he's sort of an amalgam of Sandman and Electro, both of whom have been in movies in the last decade.