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3 reasons the Clash of the Titans game might not suck

Clash of the Titans (the movie) hit theaters last Friday, immediately raked in tens of millions of dollars and claimed the No. 1 box-office spot for the weekend. In a rare twist, however, the movie tie-in game is nowhere to be seen. In fact, the only new evidence of its existence in the wake of the movie’s release is a slightly underwhelming trailer, which quietly dropped today.

Some might incorrectly see this as a sign that the game is in trouble, or that it’s a lame afterthought meant to rekindle interest in the movie before it hits DVD. We, however, see it as one of several signs that the game might actually be worth paying attention to. Shrug it off all you like, but the Clash of the Titans game has the potential to be something really interesting, and here’s why:

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