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21 Kick-Ass Disney Princesses

Peter Pan (1953)

The Princess: Tiger Lily, the daughter of an Indian Chief and good friends with Peter Pan. When she's kidnapped by the evil Captain Hook, Pan comes to her rescue.

Coolest Moment: When Pan saves Tiger Lily and returns her to her tribe, he's celebrated as a hero - and she gives him a charming nose kiss.

If She Was In An Action Flick: She'd have to grow up a bit first (do Indian children grow up in Never Never Land?), but then she'd become the formidable leader of her father's Indian tribe after his death. Indians vs Aliens anyone?

Enchanted (2007)

The Princess: Giselle, resident of Andalasia and happy friend of various fluffy critters. When she's saved from a troll by Prince Edward, the two plan to marry - until Ed's evil stepmother Queen Narissa banishes Giselle to modern day New York.

Coolest Moment: Giselle transforms into a modern day action heroine as she confronts Narissa (in dragon form no less) atop the Woolworth Building.

If She Was In An Action Flick: She'd be Lois Lane. Oh wait...