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12 evil game characters whose names are also evil

So if you're planning on embarking upon a dastardly quest for world domination or undertaking some nefarious plot anytime soon, you might want to take inspiration from this bunch of evil-named evil bastards. They are evil and there names are also evil.

Serial Killer X (Condemned)

Magically conjures an air of mystery while simultaneously defining this character as a potential hazard to your general well-being and state of aliveness. The non-disclosure of this killer's preferred method of murder is a stroke of genius. He's not 'The Strangler' or 'The Ripper'. He's just someone that kills lots of people. Not knowing how he does it makes it all the more poo-in-your-pants sinister.

Nupraptor the Mentalist (Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen)

Most people know someone that has a reputation for being a 'mentalist'. But the name Nupraptor elevates the title to the top tier of bat-shit insane. Like a velociraptor only less predictable. Nupraptor is the kind of mentalist that would wear your disembowelled entrails as an elaborate head garment while eating glass and sewing his eyelids together.

Linda, Hideous Hulking Lungfish of Lake Oblongata (Psychonauts)

Here we see the excellent application of an adopted descriptive title. On its own, Linda has all the impact of cotton wool fairies. But followed by Hideous Hulking Lungfish of Lake Oblongata its menace is multiplied a million fold. There was some lethargic debate in the office as to whether or not the name is actually evil. But we all lost interest before reaching a conclusion, so it made the list.

Charming Handsome Erudite Bastard (Re-Loaded)

We know that's a picture of Jude Law from the remake of Alfie. But we couldn't find an image of the actual Charming Handsome Erudite Bastard from Re-Loaded (an old PSOne game) so it'll have to do. In the first game (just called Loaded) he was called Fat Ugly Boy. Both names resonate with a touch of evilness while also being oddly endearing at the same time.

Roid Rage Psycho (Borderlands)

Instantly hinting at a mad person that is both large of muscle and violently temperamental. A simple "good morning" might be enough to result in ones vital organs being aggressively removed and used to stuff cushions. Which would in turn be employed in the act of smothering you to death.

Cyberdemon (Doom)

A formidable moniker of the highest order that works on two psychologically distressing levels. First, it evokes images of a horned creature that vaporises the souls of men using a missile launcher that is also its arm. Secondly, a 'cyber demon' is a popular term used by sensationalist media outlets to refer to a man that is a patron of the internets and has an unhealthy obsession with children.

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