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100-hour Patapon 3 demo coming to PSN

Sony is releasing a Patapon 3 demo in Japanwhich itclaims is playable for 100 hours. While we're skeptical, the inclusion of ad hoc and infrastructure multiplayer in the demo helps bolster their claim.

Patapon 3 has been in beta since June, and Sony created this demo in order to address the concerns and issues that testers had.

The single-player campaign will feature the return of the chanting Patapons. Nine character classes are included, with multiplayer revolving around the skill set of a hero character.

The demo will appear on the Japanese PSN store on January 6. No American release date has been announced. If you can't wait, all it takes to get your 100 hours of chanting strategy fun is a Japanese PSN account.


Dec 20, 2010