Astonishia Story

Now, take a deep breath, because we've got to run through the plot, which might have been generated by an online RPG builder script. Our hero is Lloyd von Roiental, a knight from the Province of Palmira. Along with his Commander Lance, Lloyd has to escort the holy Cainan Staff from one area of the kingdom to another. Lance is killed, the Staff is stolen, and a chap named Francis is to blame. We're supposed to be afraid of a dude called Francis? Guess he's got some anger built up.

The story turns serious pretty fast, and after only a few minutes in the first side-quest had reared its head. But there are some weird splashes of humor too. Take the appearance of a big-headed password man, who demands players look up a password in the game manual to prove they haven't pirated the game. He's dispatched quickly (without going to the manual), but hopefully more meta-humor incidents will accent the narration.