Assassin's Creed 'twist' revealed in tutorial

Nov 01, 2007

We're pretty sure Jade Raymond got very bored of trotting out the same 'no comment' answer to the question that cropped up in pretty much every interview we attended with the Assassin's Creed producer. "Tell us about the twist," it would begin. "Is the game actually set in the future?"

It all stemmed from one of the game's earliest trailers (shown at X05)that hinted at a present day or even futuristic element to the plot, at odds with the Medieval setting. Raymond was always adamant this wasn't the case - despite the sci-fi fontsand pop-rock soundtrack. And her fingers crossed behind her back.

Well it appears you won't have to play very far into the game to find out the exact nature of this bombshell. In fact, it's revealed in the first 15 minutes of the game, in the tutorial.We're using this as the reason we always foundthe game sohard indemos - wenever hadaccess to the training level.

And while we wouldn%26rsquo;t be so stupid as to tell you what it is here, it's not hard to work out if you take a peek at the*SPOILERS* opening pages of the leaked comic book that will accompany retail versions of the game. It's all in there.