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Art of Fighting Anthology review

Art isn't dead, but in this classic 2D fighting game compilation, it is old and oddly sparse


  • Feeling nostalgic
  • Smooth animations in AoF 3
  • 33 characters


  • Feels old and unpolished
  • Not much value
  • No extras

Art of Fighting is one of those odd series that helped to define a genre, yet somehow never managed to become even remotely popular itself. It’s kind of the old-school, 2D fighting game equivalent of former Jessica Simpson hubby Nick Lachey’s boy band, 98 Degrees. Only more influential, as if Nick had then taught the far more successful Justin Timberlake how to sing or how to have lots of sex with gorgeous-but-superdumb pop divas back when they were sane enough to be attractive.

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Description2D fighting returns in this collection of the Art of Fighting franchise.
US censor ratingTeen