Army of Two in action

Thursday 11 May 2006
Set in the Middle East a year in the future, Army of Two sees America%26rsquo;s heavy military losses force a situation where corporate armies send mercenaries to the frontlines. You could call it terrifyingly prophetic, but after our behind closed doors sneak peek we%26rsquo;d prefer to call it a stonkingly exciting, visually superb action blast.

Army of Two is a two-man, third person shooter with an emphasis on teamwork and we got a chance to see how the single-player element will handle this double-teaming action.

The demo began with both characters parachuting from their deployment aircraft over Afghanistan. Your AI buddy steers, while you scope out the ground below. We saw how - by using Microsoft%26rsquo;s brand new wireless headset affixed - you%26rsquo;ll be able to call out %26lsquo;Left%26rsquo; or %26lsquo;Right%26rsquo; and the AI will react accordingly.