Arkham Knight's Batgirl DLC gets a trailer and she's everything you want her to be

It was revealed yesterday that Arkham Knight's Batgirl DLC will pit her against the Joker and Harley, and now we've got a trailer showing off Babs in action and it looks pretty goddamn (Batman) perfect. A Matter Of Family is part of Batman Arkham Knight's season pass developed by Warner Bros Montreal and sees Batgirl on a mission to rescue her father, Commissioner Gordon, from the clutches of the Joker.

The action all takes place in a theme park called Seagate that the Joker has filled to the brim with death traps and goons. Batgirl's combat, complete with grapple, looks suitably crunchy and there's a distinct retro vibe as the Joker dons a top hat and Harley her traditional red and black suit. Add in some new hacking tech and dual takedowns with Robin and this looks like I should probably start petitioning for a lone Batgirl game. And we don't have long to wait either, season pass holders will get to play as Batgirl from July 14th and she'll be available as stand alone DLC for Batman Arkham Knight on the 21st.

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Louise Blain

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