Apex Legends mobile will launch next year

Apex Legends
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

The mobile version of Apex Legends will launch next year in 2021, EA just announced.

The announcement comes from company CEO Andrew Wilson during the company's prepared remarks for quarter two of the fiscal year 2021. While speaking about the company's dedication to live service growth, Wilson mentions that "Apex mobile development will be complete in the new year and ready for launch in FY22."

This means that Apex Legends on mobile is launching after March 2021, when the next fiscal year kicks off for EA. We previously knew that Respawn's battle royale game would be arriving on iOS and Android devices, but we didn't know when.

Elsewhere in the prepared remarks from EA, Wilson speaks very highly of Apex's foray into Asia. "Apex in Asia is having great success with each season of content," Wilson states, adding that Japan is now the second biggest region in the world for Apex Legends (presumably behind the US).

It's a big time for Apex Legends. After Respawn launched a brand new studio in Vancouver to focus on developing the live service game earlier this year, Season 7 launched just earlier this week around the world, introducing a brand new hero, a completely new map and Battle Pass, and more.

Additionally, the launch of Season 7 coincides with Apex Legends arriving on Steam. Respawn's game has expanded outside of Origin on PC, but the Nintendo Switch version was delayed into 2021.

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Hirun Cryer

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