Ape Escape 3 Cheats

Ape Escape 3 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Miracle Ninja

    Beat Specter

    Specter's Level

    Specter is a 2 phase battle, so here we go! Kei will be on the Flying Turtle, while Specter is in a giant robot, climbing up a pole. Transform into the Fantasy Knight when Specter grabs the Flying Turtle. Hit his 3 fingers, and he will let go. When you come to Specter's Arm, you can't hit it (unless you're the Wild West Kid). So, you have to deflect the missles that come by you, by hitting them. Once that arm is destroyed, you got to do the same thing to the other arm. Now, Specter is immobile. You will be taken to Specter's Back. You MUST be the Wild West Kid here. Cuz you can't hit it without a projectile. Now you will be on Specter's Head. Keep hitting the sides, until the wind up things on his head, blow up. Now is the 2nd Phase. Simply dodge his attacks, as Specter isn't too hard to kill at this state. When he's uncounsience, capture him, and you win! However... when you beat the game, and you load your file... you will see a cutscene where that one girls lab is destroyed. She will explain that MP (Monkey Pink) came and destroyed her lab. She also rescued Specter as well! But hey, you beat the game... so well done!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Miracle Ninja

    Beat Monkey Blue

    Monkey Blue's Level

    Note: Since I played as Kei, I will be using his name, not Yumi's.

    Monkey Blue is fairly easy, cuz now you have your second transormation: The Wild West Kid! Monkey Blue is on some sort of Uni Cycle, and he's kinda fast. So anyways, transorm into Wild West Kid ASAP, and start shooting at MB (Monkey Blue). Eventually, you will knock him off his Uni Cycle. You have to knock him off his little bike a few times. Eventually, a small cutscene will appear, where he says something, and you get taken to a small alley like area. Before you continue to fight, he will say: We fight at the count of 3... 1... 2... 3!!!! Make sure you're transformed into Wild West Kid, and keep shooting at him. You can jump over the bullets to keep your health up. Eventually, his gun will blow up, leaving him uncouncious. Cancel the transformation and get out your net. Capture MB, and Kei will do his victory dance, and you will beat MB!!!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Miracle Ninja

    Beat Monkey Red

    Monkey Red's Level

    Monkey Red, is really weird... his attacks include hitting you with fire and... well, er... passing gas... ya really weird... but anyways, here is how you beat him. MR (Monkey Red) isn't all that hard. Use the Miracle Ninja, and keep hitting him. He will soon hit you with fire, which will end up with him dizzy. If you get caught up in his gas, you will be dazed for a bit. Eventually, he will go up to the next level of the floor. Shimmy up the little pole, and get to him. This is just like before, but the room is REALLY dark. So repeat it, and get to the next floor. Again, it's the same, except the room is different. It's a long pole in the middle, with blades going back and forth on the left and the right. When you hit him the last time, he will fall out of the building, and get knocked out. Capture him, and Kei will dance, which means you've WON!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Miracle Ninja

    Beat Monkey Pink

    Monkey Pink's Level

    Monkey Pink is a weird customer... but you have to deal with her. Transform into the Miracle Ninja, and try to keep up with her, hitting her along the way. Avoid her attacks, and well... that's it... just hit and run... that's how ya beat her. When the screen fades out (if it's your first time) Kei will try to capture MP (Monkey Pink), but she will jump out of the way. She will swear that next time she will kill you, and she goes away. Even though you didn't catch her, Kei does his little dance, and it's mission complete! You have the Genie transformation, but it doesn't come in handy here, so just forget it.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Miracle Ninja

    Beat Dr. Tomoki

    Dr. Tomoki's Level

    Dr. Tomoki will be fighting you in a robot. Kei will fight in his robot. And Yumi will be in a Flying Turtle. But we'll be using Kei's side.

    Tomoki only has 2 attacks, Missle, and Rifle. All in all, just keep ramming him with Kei's attacks. Note: The robot is the only thing that can damage Tomoki. None of Kei's attacks will work.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Miracle Ninja

    Beat Monkey Yellow

    Monkey Yellow's Level

    Note: Since I played as Kei, I will be using his name, not Yumi's.

    Monkey Yellow is the biggest dork you will fight on this game. By now, you will have the Miracle Ninja transformation. So, transform ASAP, and start hitting MY (Monkey Yellow). He will bounce alot after, and soon he will jump onto a platform that you can't reach... yet. He will then say something like: Ninja Attack!!!! This move is where he throws giant shuriken at you. The last 2 will have ropes attached to them. (you DO need ur Miracle Ninja to reach MY) Make Kei jump on the ropes (as Miracle Ninja) and run up to MY. Hit him, and he will jump down. To the side of that platform is a wall you can walk on. Run across it, and move the giant wooden thing. This will make a Chinese Lamp, fall on MY, CRUSHING HIM! Repeat the process, and when he's uncouncious, cancel the transformation, and capture MY. Kei will do his victory dance, and there you have it!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Miracle Ninja

    Beat Monkey White

    Monkey White's Level

    Notice: Since I played as Kei in this game, I'll be using his name in my hints/cheats.

    When you start this fight, a cutscene will pop up, showing Monkey White appearing. He has some kind of Mechanical Dragon, and then the fight starts. On the opposite side of MW (Monkey White) there is 2 Energy tanks, used for your transformations (as of now, you should have the Fantasy Knight). Robots will show up from time from time, but just avoid them. Transform into Fantasy Knight, and move Kei behind the rocks MW will summon from somwheres. Unless your transormation wears off, don't worry about the rocks. He will say something like: I'M GONNA SHISH COBOB YOU!!!! Before he uses his fire. The Fantasy Knight can simply block this, so keep movin Kei towards him. Keep slinging your sword at his head, and when his attack ends, his dragon will over heat, making him fall to the ground. Hit him while he's like this as well. After he gets back up, he will send you flying back to the other side of bridge. Repeat this until his robot blows up. When it does, cancel the transformation, and capture MW. Kei will do his little victory dance, which means you beat MW.

Ape Escape 3 Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Miracle Ninja

    Get the Mini Game: Mesal Gear Solid

    There is a Mini Game you can unlock, called Mesal Gear Solid. It's sends you, Pipo Snake, out to stop an evil organization. In the end, Snake (not you) is injured. And it's up to you, to destroy Mesal Gear, and save the world! To unlock it, beat the game, and load your file. That one lady, will mention it being available. Go to the Hobbys Shop, and buy it for 500 Coins.