APB: The MMO you should be excited about

As the perfect excuse to remind you we're well excited for Crackdown dev Real-Time Worlds' new MMO, the Scottish dev has released a pair of concept art pieces of All Points Bulletin (APB).

It is, in a nut shell, an online game of cops and robbers, where player coppers get dynamically dispatched to apprehend player crooks whenever they commit a crime. It sounds fantastic.

The artwork here shows two characters in the game who could be either cops or crooks (we've no idea - they all look equally badass). The idea is that instead of leveling up in APB, your character basically changes appearance to show how wicked you are. So basically, if you're really, really good at APB, you'll probably look like one of the two in these pics.

According to Realtime, this is one way it's got around tedious level grinding, and it hopes that the console audience will find it a bit more appealing that killing orcs and rats for 70 hours. We wish them the best of luck.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 10, 2008