Animal Crossing Switch puts Mr. Resetti out of a job but Nintendo says he's looking for a new one

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, AKA Animal Crossing Switch, has an autosave function for player convenience. With automation comes redundancies, and even in the friendly world of Animal Crossing not even a shouty mole who has spent nearly two decades with the company is safe from corporate layoffs. Mr. Resetti is out of a job in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I can't believe they skipped that part in the Nintendo E3 2019 presentation.

The way Animal Crossing games rely on our real-world clock and calendar to function means they can be messed up if players ever leave the game without saving their progress. Still, some might want to intentionally short circuit the system if they accidentally sell their favorite furniture or piss off an animal friend. To discourage those attempts, Mr. Resetti has stood strong, and halfway out of his molehill, as a guardian of causality.

Resetti couldn't stop you from exploiting the game's intended forward march of time, but he sure could give you an earful the next time you booted it up after shutting it down improperly. His screeds even got lengthier every time (though he did soften up some in Animal Crossing: New Leaf) he caught you messing with the timeline.

"I think this will be a positive thing for the player, because in New Horizons you can stop playing in the middle of your game and it'll still save," Animal Crossing: New Horizons project lead Aya Kyogoku told Mashable. "But unfortunately because there's no necessity to reset the game or reset button on the Switch, Mr. Resetti had a hard time. He was laid off from his position."

I never expected a game series finally implementing a bog-standard video game function to feel so tragic. But don't worry, you'll probably see Resetti again in another role: "We also believe that Mr. Resetti is looking for a new job after his layoff," Kyogoku added. "So please look forward to that."

Whatever Resetti's new gig ends up being, we know that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will let you decorate your entire town (not just your house). And don't forget to watch our preview of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Connor Sheridan

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