Animal Crossing: New Horizons September update is all about those autumn vibes

According to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, September 1 is the official start to the Fall season, and with it comes all sorts of new flora and fauna, cozy DIY recipes, and "a crisp breeze" to mark the end of Summer.

You can check out the supremely chill September update video up top, which shows off some of the new bugs, fish, and crafting materials you'll find the next time you check into your Animal Crossing island. You'll be able to hear the familiar tones of chirping crickets in moments of calm, catch salmon as they swim upstream in rivers, and craft new items using pinecones and acorns. There's also a new breed of weeds coloring the scene. Elsewhere, you'll notice Nook's Cranny is sporting a new seasonal look, just like the game's loading screen. And naturally, Isabelle has a few things to say about the changes before you dig in.

The trailer for Animal Crossing's breezy autumn update also gives a gentle refresher on fishing, as if we've all been struggling with that for the last six months. "There's a wide variety of fish available, so try your best not to get distracted if fish nibble a couple of times before biting. It might be good to listen, and wait for the bobber to be pulled underwater with a particular sound. Patience is key to having a real good time," the narrator explains in a trance-inducing ASMR tone.

Animal Crossing might not be dominating the conversation like it was in the weeks after launch, but that definitely doesn't mean people aren't still living the island life. Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently broke a new record and became Japan's second best-selling game of all time, beaten out only by Pokemon Red/Green/Blue.

Here's a fun list of all the completely unnecessary things we all do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Jordan Gerblick

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