Angry Birds bringing their rage to 3DS and Wii

If you've played Rovio's inexplicably-popular bird-slinging game and thought, "This is cool but it needs to be in 3D," your prayers have been answered. The sleeper hit has been confirmed for the 3DS. In fact, Rovio has so much Nintendo love that a console version is also in development for the Wii.

The developer sent out a message on Twitter over the weekend to say "Wii and 3DS" versions of Angry Birds will be available "later in the year."

Although the game has been heralded as one of the best-selling titles in the history of Apple's iPhone App Store, it remains a meager 99-cent game (or $1.99 for the HD iPad version). Rovio has been expanding its presence to increase profits and gain even more exposure.

Recently, Angry Birds was released as a "mini" title for the PS3 and PSP, but that was just a direct, identical port of the iPhone game. Many of the PlayStation minis are smartphone games re-coded for the Sony platforms.

However, the 3DS and Wii versions would most certainly be brand new adventures featuring everyone's favorite or least favorite ill-tempered flying creatures.

When asked over Twitter whether the 3DS/Wii games would be retail titles or downloadable, Rovio responded, "downloads and digital distribution on all platforms, it's green like the pigs."

[Source: Twitter and Twitter (Rovio)]

Feb 7, 2011