Analyst reckons HD Wii is on

Nintendo may release an HD capable Wii in two to three years, says Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

Pachter, who is the only analyst whose name we can remember, speculates that Nintendo will launch the hi-def Wii if interest in the console shifts to the graphically superior PS3 or 360.

"Consumers may hope for improved graphics, and my guess is that Nintendo will comply," Pachter told GamePro magazine.

"In two or three years, commodity prices for graphics processors and CPUs may decline to the point that a high-definition Wii could be introduced. If so, Nintendo will likely introduce one," he added.

Will enthusiasm fade for the Wii? A number of industry insiders are already saying it will. In an interview withNext Generation, David Braben said that the Wii "sort of has a novelty problem... I think a lot of people are looking at the Wii, especially as it's not a high-definition machine, as a sort of party game machine," Braben said.

He then went on to compare the Wii to EyeToy, which "lasted maybe eighteen months before people got bored with it, so that's something that we should bare in mind with the Wii."

August 1, 2007