American McGee reveals Grimm

Game designer American McGee has revealed his new title in the works at his studio, Spicy Horse; Grimm, is planned for distribution by the subscription-based GameTap gaming service.

Grimm is reported to be a series of action/adventure episodes "comprised of no fewer than 24 installments" says Shacknews who caught the designer's post before he deleted it from his blog. McGee also says that Grimm will be "a spiritual sequel of sorts" to American McGee's Alice, which was a good idea on paper but it never really fulfilled its potential.

Above: Grimm should have a similar twisted fairytale atmosphere to American McGee's Alice

"I'm really happy to be once again working on twisted fairy tales," wrote McGee, "and I'm especially excited about having R.J. Berg involved with the project." Grimm should be rolled out in the first half of 2008 and therewill bemore details in an upcoming issue of PC Gamer.

What happened to Oz then?

May 18, 2007